Obits from the Groesbeck Journal


Limestone COUNTY, TX - Obituaries from GROESBECK JOURNAL from 1896 to 1924

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Index to Obituaries from GROESBECK JOURNAL from 1896 to 1924
NAME                                   AGE/DOB            DOD             CEMETERY/TOWN                   DATE OF JOURNAL

Acosta,  Manuel                                           08-Feb-1908     Groesbeck                       13-Feb-1908
Acosta,  Manuel                                           09-Feb-1908     Faulkenberry                    07-Jan-1909
Adair,  Sam                            76                 19-Jun-1923     Big Hill                        22-Jun-1923
Adair,  Alley Eliza                    84                 10-Mar-1912     Big Hill                        21-Mar-1912
Adair,  S. M.                          76                 19-Jun-1923     Big Hill                        27-Jul-1923
Adams,  Dudley                         19                 03-Dec-1908     Posey Graveyard/Horn Hill       10-Dec-1908
Ainsworth,  Mrs. Helen                 63                 19-May-1921     Groesbeck                       03-Jun-1921
Alcraft,  Mrs. F.T.                    62                 14-Jan-1916     Faulkenberry                    04-Jan-1917
Alewine,  Geneva                       28                 20-Aug-1905     Farrar                          31-Aug-1905
Alexander,  Culliam                    23                 17-Mar-1912     Mexia                           25-Mar-1912
Alford,  Noel W.                       77                 07-Aug-1915     Horton Hill                     19-Aug-1915
Allen,  Edgar infant of                infant             07-Jun-1923     Mexia                           08-Jun-1923
Allen,  Walter                                            16-Apr-1903     Kosse                           23-Apr-1903
Allison,  A.B.                         69                 05-Feb-1910     Marquez                         10-Feb-1910
Allison,  A. infant of                 infant             27-May-1909     Faulkenberry                    06-Jan-1910
Allison,  Estra Virginia                                                                                  Tribute of respect 08-Feb-1917
Allison,  Mrs. W.L.                                       26-Jan-1917     Ben Hur                         01-Feb-1917
Allison, Mrs. Mattie E.                                   13-Oct-1904     Marquez                         19-Oct-1904
Alston,  John W.                       76                 12-Dec-1917     Thornton                        14-Dec-1917
Anderson,  A.M.                        14-Dec-1886        10-Nov-1917     Thornton                        16-Nov-1917
Anderson,  Christina                   70                 06-Oct-1924     Thornton                        17-Oct-1924
Anderson, James                        68                 16-Jan-1904     Lewisville                      24-Jan-1904
Anderson, John                                            20-May-1913     Big Hill                        22-May-1913
Anderson, Mrs. Esther                                     29-Apr-1921                                     10-Jun-1921
Anderson, Mrs. Sarah                   70                 03-Dec-1910     Faulkenberry                    06-Jan-1911
Anderson, Pearl                        24                 03-Aug-1912     Cedar Hill                      29-Aug-1912
Anderson, Rhoda                                           21-Jul-1914     Mexia                           23-Jul-1914
Anderton,Bob infant of                 infant             21-Oct-1915     Faulkenberry                    06-Jan-1916
Andrews, George                        25                 07-Mar-1907     Delia                           14-Mar-1907
Andrews, Mrs.Elizabeth                 85                 18-Dec-1916     Faulkerberry                    04-Jan-1917
Andrews, Robert M.                      8 mo.             12-Oct-1903     Armour                          28-Oct-1903
Anglin J.G.                                               23-Mar-1905
Anglin, A.                             62                 06-May-1916     Faulkenberry                    04-Jan-1917
Anglin, W.K.                           41                 14-Sep-1922     Faulkenberry                    22-Sep-1922
Anglin, W.K.                                              14-Sep-1922                                     15-Sep-1922
Anglin, Mrs. M.W.                                         15-Sep-1903     Faulkenberry                    17-Sep-1903
Anglin. A.                             65                 20-May-1915     Faulkenberry                    06-Jan-1916
Archer, Eva Brown                      23                 17-Oct-1923     Oletha                          04-Jan-1924
Archer, George                          9                 22-Apr-1908     Frosa                           23-Apr-1908
Archer, Gilbert                        56                 05-Jan-1917     Union                           11-Jan-1917
Archibald, Annie                                          14-Jun-1914                                     25-Jun-1914
Archibald, Violet                       8                 22-Jul-1910     Faulkenberry                    06-Jan-1911
Archible, Grandpa                      83                 02-Apr-1923     Shiloh                          06-Apr-1923
Aredondo, Musio                        55                 07-Jan-1924     Mexia                           18-Jan-1924
Arendale, Thomas J.                    62                 23-May-1917     Hollywood Ceme. Houston, Tx.    24-May-1917
Armstrong,Barbric                      53                 05-May-1912     Big Hill                        09-May-1912
Arnold, Annie                          87                 24-Dec-1913     Mexia                           22-Jan-1914
Ashburn, Sim                                              WWI death       Faulkenberry                    30-Sep-1921
Ashell, John W.                                           01-Mar-1916     Kirk                            09-Mar-1916
Ashworth, Frank                        17-Apr-1904        02-Apr-1920     Faulkenberry                    09-Apr-1920
Aspley, L.G.                           74                 27-May-1902     Faulkenberry                    01-Jan-1903
Aspley, Rev.G.G.                       79                 27-May-1902     Faulkenberry                    Obituary 29-May-1902
Auglin, Mrs. E.W.                      49                 25-Sep-1903     Faulkenberry                    07-Jan-1904
Ayala, T.R.                             1 yr.             05-Nov-1915     Faulkenberry                    06-Jan-1916

Backer, R.J.                            7 mo              16-Feb-1923     Mexia                           06-Apr-1923
Bailey, Charles B.                                        05-Nov-1912     Houston, Tx.                    07-Nov-1912
Bailey, Lonnie                          27                01-Jun-1921     Hubbard                         08-Jun-1921
Baker, Mrs.Mamie                        28                                Varella                         23-Jan-1908
Baldwin, Rev. J.W.                      70                05-Aug-1914     Lost Prairie                    Res. of Respect 20-Aug-1914
Baldwin, W.L.                           48                18-Dec-1915     Faulkenberry                    06-Jan-1916
Baldwin, W.L.                           46                22-Dec-1915     Faulkenberry                    Obit.& Res.of Res. 23-Dec-1915 30-Dec-1915
Barkwell, M.E.                          11-Jul-1835       07-Mar-1908     Kirk                            02-Apr-1908
Barrett. Mrs.J.D.                                         08-Dec-1912     Point Enterprise                12-Dec-1912
Bartee, Mary                                                                                              card of thanks 25-Jan-1917
Barton, W.M.                                              19-Apr-1907     Old Armour                      25-Apr-1907
Basden, Mrs. Tina                       19-Nov-1848       25-Jun-1917     Faulkenberry                    28-Jun-1917
Basden, W.H.                            15-Jan-1849       30-Oct-1921     Faulkenberry                    04-Nov-1921
Bass, Ceasar                            56                03-Sep-1924     Mexia                           14-Nov-1924
Bassett, Jay C.                                           08-May-1907     Kosse                           09-May-1907
Batchelor, Mrs. Lottie                                    26-May-1916     Groesbeck                       01-June-1916
Bates, Glena                             2                31-Jan-1924     Thornton                        08-Feb-1924
Bates, Mrs. Emma                                          14-Feb-1922     Lewisville                      17-Feb-1922
Bates, Mrs. Emma                        08-Nov-1861       14-Feb-1922     Glenwood                        24-Feb-1922
Bates, Silas T.                         31-Jul-1892       18-Jan-1905                                     Obituary 19-Jan-1905 02-Feb-1905
Baulkhana,Mrs. Ruth                                       24-Jan-1903     Prairie Grove                   29-Jan-1903
Beard, Elizabeth                        38                06-Jan-1916     Faulkenberry                    04-Jan-1917
Beaver, L.D. infant of                  infant            27-Jan-1924     Mexia                           29-Feb-1924
Bech, James Henry                        4 days           19-Mar-1912     Mexia                           25-Apr-1912
Beckham,Guy                                               30-Aug-1914     Mexia                           02-Sep-1914
Beene, D.H.                             77                15-May-1923     Mexia                           08-Jun-1923
Bell, Mr.                                                 04-Nov-1920     Prairie Hill                    05-Nov-1920
Bell, George A.                         58                19-Jul-1913     Kingsville, Tx.                 24-Jul-1913
Bell, Oma M.                             6 mo.            28-Jan-1914     Faulkenberry                    07-Jan-1914
Bennett, B.T.                                                                                             Res. of Respect 19-Mar-1908
Bennett, E.G.                                             23-Jun-1916     Groesbeck                       29-Jun-1916
Bennett, E.Z.                           84                24-Jun-1916     Faulkenberry                    04-Jan-1917
Bennett, Elijah                                           24-May-1917     Groesbeck                       24-May-1917
Bennett, Elsie Eugene                    2                09-Nov-1911     Faulkenberry                    16-Nov-1911
Bennett, Maurett                         5                02-May-1912     Datura                          09-May-1912
Bennett, Mrs. Lee                       40                20-Apr-1910     Faulkenberry                    05-May-1910 06-Jan-1911
Benson, infant of                       infant            23-Sep-1909     Faulkenberry                    06-Jan-1910
Berkley, F.                             infant            15-Oct-1898     Thornton                        20-Oct-1898
Berry, Mrs. Flora                       29                19-Apr-1909     Faulkenberry                    06-Jan-1910
Berryman, H.C.                                            07-Mar-1908     Prairie Grove                   12-Mar-1908
Berryman, Osborne                       19                15-Jan-1904     Prairie Grove                   21-Jan-1904
Bessling, Theo                                            08-Jan-1916     Mexia                           13-Jan-1916 p 1, c 3
Bevill, Robert W.                       71                06-Oct-1917     Horn Hill                       12-Oct-1917
Bickman, John                           57                24-Oct-1917     Groesbeck                       26-Oct-1917
Bigony, Florence Fay                    infant            06-Jan-1909     Hornhill                        14-Jan-1909
Bird, Kathleen                                            05-Jan-1916                                     10-Feb-1916
Black, Hugh                                               07-Sep-1901     Thornton                        12-Sep-1901
Black, John                             65                27-Jul-1908     Faulkenberry                    07-Jan-1909
Black, W.R.                                               20-Aug-1908     Lewisville                      21-Aug-1908
Blackmon, Lucy J.                       70                08-Apr-1924     Groesbeck                       25-Apr-1924
Blackmon, Lucy J.                       71                08-Apr-1924     Faulkenberry                    11-Apr-1924
Blair, Will Irvin                       51                02-Jul-1923     Mexia                           27-Jul-1923
Bluitt, Harriet                         56                22-Jan-1912     Mexia                           01-Feb-1912
Bluitt, Mrs. Ida                        37                05-Jul-1921     Mexia                           22-Jul-1921
Blulit, Charlotte                       77                15-Aug-1924     Mexia                           29-Aug-1924
Boatler, Geo. W.                                          29-Nov-1916     Davis Prairie                   07-Dec-1916
Bond, W.L.                              18-Dec-1865       16-Jan-1903     Mexia                           22-Jan-1903
Bond, Will. Frosa                                         29-Jan-1902
Bouch, Jessie                           45                22-Jul-1923     Thornton                        17-Aug-1923
Bounds. Rev.Hill                        92                05-Feb-1914     Wortham                         12-Feb-1914
Bowens, Willie M.                        6 mo.            17-Mar-1912     Mexia                           25-Apr-1912
Box, S.A.                                                 04-Nov-1920     Mexia                           05-Nov-1920
Bradfute, W.B.                          70                13-Jun-1914     Thornton                        18-Jun-1914
Bradley, C.R.                           50                07-May-1921     Thornton                        20-May-1921
Bradley, Laura Lorene                    5                24-Sep-1902     Thornton                        25-Sep-1902
Branch, Jesse                           33                01-Sep-1913     Mexia                           18-Sep-1913
Braseal,Mrs. Burchie A.                 17-Jun-1880       21-Dec-1914     Shiloh                          04-Feb-1915 Obit:18-Feb-1915
Braxton, Emma                           25                12-Feb-1912     Groesbeck                       28-Feb-1912
Bray, Bennie Chico                       8 mo. 10 da.     12-Jun-1916     Horn Hill                       22-Jun-1916
Briggs, M.E.                            76                                Kosse                           23-Jan-1908
Brooks, Robert.                         33                28-Apr-1912     Kosse                           09-May-1912
Brougherton,Sally                                         17-Mar-1899     Eureka                          23-Mar-1899 p2c4
Browder, Billy T.                        1 yr.            16-Nov-1916     Faulkenberry                    22-Nov-1916
Browder, Billy T.                        8 mo.            17-Nov-1916     Faulkenberry                    04-Jan-1917
Browder, W. H.                          25-May-1849       05-May-1923     Faulkenberry                    18-May-1923
Browder, W.H.                           73                05-May-1923     Faulkenberry                    11-May-1923
Brown, Capt. J.P.                                         23-Jul-1897     Kosse                           29-Jul-1897
Brown, Dina                             85                12-Jan-1913     Groesbeck                       20-Feb-1913
Brown, Florence                         32                10-Dec-1913     Mexia                           22-Jan-1914
Brown, Howard                           27                10-May-1903     Faulkenberry                    07-Jan-1904
Brown, Howard W                                           09-May-1903     Faulkenberry                    14-May-1903
Brown, Howard Wilcox                     1yr.11mo.7da.    01-Jul-1905     Faulkenberry                    06-Jul-1905
Brown, James A.                         66                15-Feb-1923     Mexia                           02-Mar-1923
Brown, Jess                                               06-Feb-1913     Thornton                        13-Mar-1913
Brown, Mrs. Charles                                       01-Mar-1904     Shady Grove                     10-Mar-1904
Brown, Mrs. M. Z.                       69                22-Oct-1913     Faulkenberry                    Obit:30-Oct-1913 23-Oct-1913 01-Jan-1914
Brown, Mrs. M.M.                        04-Nov-1996       20-May-1922     Faulkenberry                    26-May-1922
Brown, Troy                             16                14-Sep-1916     Faulkenberry                    04-Jan-1917
Brown, W.P. infant of                   infant            14-May-1908     Faulkenberry                    07-Jan-1909
Brown, W.R.                             55                11-Nov-1916     Thornton                        16-Nov-1916
Brundridge, Dick.                       37                21-Jul-1921     Mexia                           29-Jul-1921
Brussard, Joseph G.                     30                15-Aug-1921     Groesbeck                       26-Aug-1921
Bruton, D.C.                                              16-Feb-1916     Mexia                           17-Feb-1916
Bryan, James infant of                  infant            18-Jul-1903     Faulkenberry                    01-Jan-1904
Bryan, Mary J.M.                        20                20-Oct-1903                                     28-Oct-1903
Bryan, Thelma                           16 mo             17-Dec-1902     Faulkenberry                    01-Jan-1903
Bryant, Bella                           58                26-May-1924     Groesbeck                       06-Jun-1924
Bryant, Immajene                                          09-Aug-1902     Mexia                           14-Aug-1902
Brysen, W.H.                                              18-Sep-1905                                     28-Sep-1905
Bulmoshi, Alma John                                       09-Apr-1912     Groesbeck                       25-Apr-1912
Bunch, W.J.                                               01-Sep-1913     Honest Ridge                    04-Sep-1913
Bunn, Julia Ellis                       18-May-1838       17-Jun-1899     Kosse                           22-Jun-1899 p2c2
Burgower, M.                            90                06-Mar-1917     Mexia                           08-Mar-1917
Burleson, Will, infant of               infant            10-Sep-1909     LaSalle                         16-Sep-1909
Burnett, Mrs. Walter                                      03-Jun-1911     Faulkenberry                    08-Jun-1911
Burney, Ellen                           62                01-Jul-1924     Teague                          29-Aug-1924
Burney, James L.                                          07-Dec-1907     Central Institute Cemetary      12-Dec-1907
Burney, Minerva                         83                14-Mar-1907     Honest Ridge                    13-Apr-1907
Burrow, Banks                                                             Catholic Cemetery Corsicana     30-Jul-1896 p2c4
Butler, H.H.                            66                18-Mar-1920     Faulkenberry                    26-Mar-1920
Buttolph, Charlie                                         08-Jan-1898                                     13-Jan-1898
Buttrell, Mrs. Wilkins                  22                17-Aug-1905     Moss Springs                    24-Aug-1905
Byers, Frank                            17                                Thornton                        15-Oct-1903
Byford, Mrs. Clem                                         17-Mar-1920     Cobb                            19-Mar-1920
Byford, Wes                             53                12-Mar-1920     Cobb                            19-Mar-1920
Byrd, C.F. infant of                    infant            25-Aug-1924     Thornton                        05-Sep-1924

Calhoun, James K.                       69                11-May-1921     Oletha                          20-May-1921
Calloway, John daughter of               8                04-Aug-1901     Point Enterprise                08-Aug-1901
Camp, Ray Leach                          1 yr             22-May-1913
Campbell, Josie                         18                03-Apr-1924     Mart                            25-Apr-1924
Campbell, W.T.                                            08-Sep-1917     Mexia                           14-Sep-1917
Cannaday, Wm.S.                         26                09-Oct-1923     Mexia                           19-Oct-1923
Cannon, Willis                                            14-Nov-1916     Thornton                        16-Nov-1916
Capps, Lena                             26                11-Jun-1921     Thornton                        22-Jul-1921
Carley, Warren                                            18-Apr-1915     Oletha                          22-Apr-1915
Carlyle, John                                             06-Jul-1924     San Antonio, Tx.                11-Jul-1924
Carmichael, John Birch                  07-Sep-1893       14-Sep-1911     Lavender                        21-Sep-1911
Carpenter, G.W.                                           08-Mar-1920     New Hope                        19-Mar-1920
Carr, W. infant of.                     infant            08-Feb-1909     Faulkenberry                    06-Jan-1910
Carroll, Dr.B.H.                        70                11-Nov-1914     Waco                            12-Nov-1914
Carroll, E.Z.                           38                27-Apr-1921     Mexia                           20-May-1921
Carroll, Georgia A.                     67                31-Oct-1923     Groesbeck                       30-Nov-1923
Carroll, Guya                            4                23-Aug-1905     Prairie Grove                   31-Aug-1905
Carson, Ed                           ca 25                02-Aug-1902     Faulkenberry                    07-Aug-1902
Carson, Ed                              24                01-Aug-1902     Faulkenberry                    01-Jan-1903
Carter, Henry                                             08-May-1924     Mexia                           30-May-1924
Carter, T.C.                            28                05-May-1921     Mexia                           20-May-1921
Castelschodt, infant of                 infant            26-Oct-1910     Faulkenberry                    06-Jan-1911
Castelschodt-Davis Mrs.                                   12-Jun-1908     Faulkenberry                    18-Jun-1908
Cates, J.W.                                               15-Jul-1913     LaSalle                         24-Jul-1913
Cavanaugh, Mrs. John                    25                21-Apr-1924     Ben Hur                         25-Apr-1924
Cayton, Amanda                                            28-Jun-1924     Faulkenberry                    18-Jul-1924
Cayton, James B.                                          21-Aug-1901     Faulkenberry                    22-Aug-1901
Cayton,Amanda                           73                28-Jun-1924     Faulkenberry                    04-Jul-1924
Chambers, Joe                                             13-May-1919     Thornton                        16-May-1919
Chambers, Judge E.C                                       12-Jan-1912     Thornton                        18-Jan-1912
Chambers, Mrs. E.M.                     77                10-Apr-1914     Faulkenberry                    07-Jan-1915
Chandler, W.D.                          13-Jul-1850       11-Feb-1915     Delia                           25-Feb-1915
Chatham, I.R. infant of                 infant            22-Jul-1924     Mexia                           23-Aug-1924
Chatman, Emma                           13                11-Jan-1910     Faulkenberry                    06-Jan-1911
Christopher, aged father in law of Kirk 12-Apr-1897
Clark, H.M. infant of                   infant            02-Feb-1903     Faulkenberry                    07-Jan-1904
Clark, Champ                            72                02-Mar-1921     Washington, D. C.               04-Mar-1921
Clark, J.W. infant of                   infant            12-Jan-1922     Mexia                           20-Apr-1923
Clark, James P.                                           01-Oct-1916     Little Rock, Ar.                05-Oct-1916
Class, Chester D.                       31                17-Apr-1923     Mexia                           20-Apr-1923
Class, Chester Dean                     31                17-Apr-1923     Mexia                           27-Apr-1923
Clay, Fay Juanita                       20                18-Aug-1924     Groesbeck                       29-Aug-1924
Clay, Grant                             12                02-Dec-1922     Mexia                           16-Feb-1923
Clay, James Talbert                     04-Sep-1845       19-Oct-1917     Groesbeck                       14-Dec-1917
Clay, James T.                          72                19-Oct-1917     Faulkenberry                    26-Oct-1917
Cleaver, A.M.                                             27-Nov-1899     Faulkenberry                    30-Nov-1899
Cleaver, Tom                            18-Jun-1877       25-Jun-1917     Faulkenberry                    28-Jun-1917
Cleveland, J.B.                          3                29-Dec-1922     Mexia                           16-Feb-1923
Climer, Robert.                          6 mo.            16-Nov-1902     Faulkenberry                    01-Jan-1903
Cloud, H.G.W.                           1807              05-Aug-1897     Hempstead                       12-Aug-1897
Cobb, Grandma                                                             Ben Hur                         19-Dec-1907
Cobb, L.B.                              30-Mar-1849       27-Mar-1922     Corsicana                       31-Mar-1922
Cobb, Mrs.Evelyn                                          28-Aug-1910     Corsicana                       01-Sep-1910
Cockran, Mrs. W.T.                                        08-Apr-1917     Arkansas                        12-Apr-1917
Coe, Mattie                             03-Jan-1908       02-Jan-1911     LaSalle                         12-Jan-1911
Coeder, E.W.                            01-Sep-1872       24-Feb-1924     Faulkenberry                    29-Feb-1924
Cogdell, J.L.                           73                22-Apr-1924     Mexia                           06-Jun-1924
Coker, I.P.                             16                16-Oct-1923     Mexia                           25-Apr-1924
Coker, Mabel                             1 yr 6 mo.       16-Sep-1905     Farrar                          21-Sep-1905
Coker, Mrs. Janie                                         29-Aug-1921     Thornton                        02-Sep-1921
Colburn, infant of                                        17-Apr-1913     Personville                     08-May-1913
Colburn, Mrs.                           50                02-Dec-1903     Faulkenberry                    07-Jan-1904
Cole, J. W.                             49                27-Jun-1916     Faulkenberry                    04-Jan-1917
Cole, J.W.                                                27-Jun-1916     Groesbeck                       29-Jun-1916
Coleman,Sallie                          26                07-Feb-1923     Mexia                           02-Mar-1923
Collins, Norrid                         19                22-May-1913
Cone,Ruth infant                                          18-Jun-1924     Tehuacana                       23-Aug-1924
Conner, John C.                         80                12-Nov-1923     Coolidge                        30-Nov-1923
Conner, William Edward                  63                08-Aug-1912     Mexia                           06-Oct-1912
Cook, Dr. J.P.                                            01-Oct-1910     Mexia                           06-Oct-1910
Cook, J. D.                                               28-Nov-1899     Faulkenberry                    30-Nov-1899
Cook, J.B.                              infant            30-Sep-1924     Dallas                          10-Oct-1924
Cook, Leitha                            42                22-May-1913
Cook, Will                              50                24-Feb-1912     Mexia                           21-Mar-1912
Cook, Will                              24                02-Apr-1924     Groesbeck                       11-Apr-1924
Cookerly, Alma Mrs. C.S.                                  28-Nov-1897     Faulkenberry                    02-Dec-1897
Cooper, Wilmer, infant of               infant            26-Jun-1924     Groesbeck                       11-Jul-1924
Corley, Frank M.                        48                26-Nov-1907     Faulkenberry                    28-Nov-1907
Corley, Mrs. Mary                       85                27-Aug-1910     Faulkenberry                    06-Jan-1911
Cornelius, Carey                        12                04-Oct-1919     Groesbeck                       10-Oct-1919
Cosnahan, Mrs. C.W.                                       15-Oct-1914     Mexia                           15-Oct-1914
Costello, Mrs.                          64                15-Jan-1904     Oletha                          21-Jan-1904
Cotton, Hite                                              29-Nov-1914     Mexia                           03-Dec-1914
Cotton, Mrs. Frank W.                                     04-Nov-1905     Lewisville                      09-Nov-1905
Cotton, Sullivan                        34                21-Apr-1921     Mexia                           20-May-1921
Cove, James Wallace                      1                17-Jul-1924     Mexia                           23-Aug-1924
Cowan, Mrs. S.M.                                          23-Jun-1897     Kosse                           24-Jun-1897
Cowart, Laura                           41                                Oletha                          26-Mar-1904
Cox, Calvert                                              02-Jun-1913                                     19-Jun-1913
Cox, Carl                                2                24-Sep-1923     Thornton                        12-Oct-1923
Cox, Charles C.                         45                22-Nov-1916     Faulkenberry                    04-Jan-1917
Cox, Dr. William T.                     04-Dec-1820       26-Nov-1898     Faulkenberry                    01-Dec-1898
Cox, Jesse                              infant            03-Sep-1917     Old Reunion                     07-Sep-1917
Cox, Mrs. A.J.                          62                03-Sep-1909     Waller Graveyard /Prairie Grove 09-Sep-1909
Cox, Mrs. J.W. (Ada)                                      22-Mar-1921     Faulkenberry                    25-Mar-1921
Cox, Samuel                             70                25-Jul-1921     Thornton                        19-Aug-1921
Crabb, Mrs. Martha                      26-Mar-1826       05-May-1916     Faulkenberry                    11-May-1916
Crabb, Mrs. Martha                      91                07-May-1916     Faulkenberry                    04-Jan-1917
Crabtree, J.H.                          64                13-Apr-1913     Personville                     08-May-1913
Craig, Florence                          6 mo.            12-Jun-1912     Dawson                          29-Aug-1912
Crawford, John Edwin                     3                23-Jul-1900     Faulkenberry                    26-Jul-1900
Crenshaw, infant of                     infant            12-Aug-1907     Old Battle                      15-Aug-1907
Criesman, E.B,DD                        68                12-Jan-1899     Faulkenberry                    16-Jan-1899
Crim, Churchill Wilbur, Jr.              1                11-Nov-1923     Mexia                           23-Nov-1923
Croft, Lee                                                13-Jan-1904     Mexia                           22-Jan-1904
Crowson, H.A.                                             06-Jun-1922     Horn Hill                       30-Jun-1922
Crowson, Mrs. W.J.                      30-Nov-1856       30-Apr-1903     Horn Hill                       14-May-1903
Culpepper,Carl infant of                infant            27-Jan-1924     Horn Hill                       08-Feb-1924
Cundiff, Ollie                           6 mo.            17-Feb-1913     Tehuacana                       06-Mar-1913
Cunningham, I.N.                                          02-Sep-1912     Greenville                      05-Sep-1912
Cuny, Jones                             15                23-Feb-1912     Mexia                           28-Feb-1912
Currington, Tom infant of               infant            24-Jun-1921     Prairie Hill                    01-Jul-1921
Curry, Mrs. Ira                                           10-Jun-1914     Personville                     25-Jun-1914
Curtis, Mrs. Mollie                     43                06-Jan-1904     Kirk                            21-Jan-1904

Dance, B.M.                             24                20-May-1924     Mexia                           30-May-1924
Dancer, Mattie                          80                26-Sep-1924     Mexia                           14-Nov-1924
Daney, William                          59                09-Aug-1921     Mexia                           19-Aug-1921
Daniels, Willie                         10                26-Nov-1902     Faulkenberry                    01-Jan-1903
Darwin, W.R.                            35                03-Mar-1904     Thornton                        10-Mar-1904
Davenport, Addie                        17                13-Nov-1903     Faulkenberry                    19-Nov-1903
Davenport, Addie                        17                17-Nov-1903     Faulkenberry                    07-Jan-1904
Davidson, Annie                                           08-Mar-1904     Houston                         10-Mar-1904
Davis, Mr. & Mrs.                                     18-Apr-1917     Leonard                         19-Apr-1917
Davis, S.J.U.                                             05-Apr-1916     Cobb                            Res. of Respect 13-Apr-1916 27-Apr-1916
Davis, Addie D.                         25                11-Nov-1903     Condor                          03-Dec-1903
Davis, Alice Baker                      24                26-Nov-1902     Mexia                           04-Dec-1902
Davis, Annie Mel                                          22-Jul-1911     Groesbeck                       03-Aug-1911
Davis, Ezra H.                          24                01-Jun-1923     Wortham                         22-Jun-1923
Davis, Frank T.                                           19-Jun-1901     Groesbeck                       23-Jun-1901
Davis, Jasper                                             17-Dec-1916     Freeman                         21-Dec-1916
Davis, John T.                          infant            31-Aug-1905     Mt. Calm                        21-Sep-1905
Davis, Lynn M. infant son of            infant            02-Apr-1923     Mexia                           20-Apr-1923
Davis, Mrs. S.A.                        47                12-Jun-1908     Faulkenberry                    06-Jan-1910
Davis, Verna                                              25-Jul-1909     Faulkenberry                    06-Jan-1910
Dawley, Leon                             9 mo             14-Oct-1923     Groesbeck                       19-Oct-1923
Dawley, Ray                              6 mo.            16-Nov-1916     Faulkenberry                    04-Jan-1917
Dean, S.E.                              76                23-Feb-1924     Kosse                           29-Feb-1924
Dean, Tallie                                              02-Aug-1922     Kosse                           04-Aug-1922
DeLaro, S.N.                            63                19-Nov-1902     Dallas                          20-Nov-1902
DeLeon, Jacinto                         50                20-Feb-1915     Faulkenberry                    06-Jan-1916
DeLeon, Martina                          3                27-Feb-1914     Faulkenberry                    07-Jan-1915
Demmons, Henry                                            09-Oct-1907     Groesbeck                       17-Oct-1907
Denman, J.W.                            20                16-May-1923     Mexia                           01-Jun-1923
Dennis,T.H MD.                          88                01-Apr-1921     Glenwood                        08-Apr-1921
Denson, Martha M.                       70                                Eutah                           26-Mar-1904
Denton, A.G.                            60                30-Aug-1923     Coolidge                        21-Sep-1923
Derden,Homer infant of                                                    Ben Hur                         07-May-1914
Dickerson, Mr.                                            27-May-1914     Horn Hill                       28-May-1914
Dickey, Mrs. Etta                                                         Faulkenberry                    21-Jul-1917
Dickey, W.Guy                                             24-Sep-1911     Faulkenberry                    28-Sep-1911
Dillard, Lee                            19                15-Apr-1912     Groesbeck                       09-May-1912
Dobbs, William J.                                         29-Mar-1917     Groesbeck                       12-Apr-1917
Dosier, Ellen B.                        23                29-Dec-1922     Thornton                        12-Jan-1923
Douglas, Katherine                       7 mo.            22-Jan-1908     Ben Hur                         30-Jan-1908
Doylr, Mrs. W.E.                                                          Mexia                           02-Apr-1903
Dozier, E.C.                            46                29-Mar-1902     Faulkenberry                    01-Jan-1903
Drinkard, Allen M.                                        10-Jul-1905                                     13-Jul-1905
Driver, Willie J.                       10 mo.            01-Aug-1905     Coolidge                        17-Aug-1905
Dugan, Mrs. Lydia                       66                29-Mar-1915     Lewisville                      01-Apr-1915
Duke, S.T.                                                28-Jan-1910     Dawson                          03-Feb-1910
Duke, Tom Allen                         78                25-Dec-1923     Oletha                          04-Jan-1924
Duncan, T.J.                            71                17-Feb-1924     Groesbeck                       29-Feb-1924
Durham, Laura                            9                20-Sep-1908     Faulkenberry                    07-Jan-1909
Durham, Mrs.                            90                15-Jan-1904     Oletha                          21-Jan-1904
Duvall, William H.                      73                  -Dec-1903     Condor                          17-Dec-1903
Dyer, John D.                           33                25-Feb-1917     Prairie Hill                    08-Mar-1917

Easley, Joe                             52                13-Dec-1923     Mexia                           28-Dec-1923
Easley, Susie                           67                15-Mar-1923     Groesbeck                       13-Apr-1923
East, Ellas                             83                11-Dec-1923     Coolidge                        28-Dec-1923
East, unknown                                             24-Sep-1905     Coolidge                        28-Sep-1905
Easterly, Joe                           52                16-Dec-1923     Mexia                           21-Dec-1923
Eaton, Uncle John                       28-Sep-1828       11-Oct-1909     Thornton                        14-Oct-1909
Echols, Sarah                                             08-Jun-1913                                     19-Jun-1913
Edmond, Jane                            86                04-Oct-1924     Groesbeck                       14-Nov-1924
Elliott, Mrs. N. and infant                                               Prairie Hill                    13-Feb-1902
Ellis, Prof                                               27-Jun-1907     Kirk                            04-Jul-1907
Emert, James H.                          5 mo.            24-Dec-1902     Faulkenberry                    01-Jan-1903
Eperson,Mrs. R.L.                                         06-Oct-1917     Bighill                         12-Oct-1917
Estes, J.G.                             31                21-Sep-1903     Delia                           15-Oct-1903
Eubank, Kate                            1829              09-Aug-1901     Forrest Glade                   13-Aug-1901
Eubanks, L.E.,Jr.                        4                13-Sep-1914     Faulkenberry                    17-Sep-1914 07-Jan-1915
Ezell, Mrs. Ed.                                           02-Sep-1907     Lost Prairie                    03-Oct-1907

Fain, Victor Alvin                                        14-Mar-1924     Hubbard                         11-Jul-1924
Fairburn, James L.                      41                26-Oct-1908     Kosse                           12-Nov-1908
Fairchild, Quincy                        3                27-Jul-1905     Ben Hur                         10-Aug-1905
Farmer, Caroline                                          18-Apr-1913                                     19-Jun-1913
Farrar, Maj. Lacklin J.                 27-Dec-1837       15-Jul-1901     Faulkenberry                    18-Jul-1901 26-Jul-1901
Farrar, Mrs. Irenee                     31-Mar-1881       12-Jul-1917     Faulkenberry                    21-Jul-1917
Farrar. Jno.H.                                            03-Sep-1910     Oklahoma                        15-Sep-1910
Faught, Clark                            7 1/2            08-Feb-1902     Faulkenberry                    01-Jan-1903
Faust, Mrs. Mattie                      79                06-Feb-1923     Hockley                         16-Feb-1923
Favors, Sealy                           60                02-Feb-1912     Groesbeck                       28-Feb-1912
Fayle, Ivy Russell                       2                04-Dec-1922     Mexia                           16-Feb-1923
Feals, Gertrude                         22                14-Jun-1921     Groesbeck                       15-Jul-1921
Ferguson, Mrs. Lulu                     31                27-Mar-1920     Groesbeck                       02-Apr-1920
Ferguson, Ruby                          infant            27-Mar-1920     LaSalle                         26-Mar-1920
Ficklin, Frank                                            26-Jan-1914     Bremond                         29-Jan-1914
Fife, Hugh infant of                     7 mo.                            Kirk                            16-Jan-1898
Fife, Jim infant of                     infant            12-Jun-1924     Mexia                           23-Aug-1924
Fite, John Thomas                                         16-Dec-1922     Groesbeck                       22-Dec-1922
Fitts, Mrs. W.K.                                          25-Jun-1907     McGreggor                       27-Jun-1907
Flaniken, Janie                                           22-Nov-1899     Tehuacana                       30-Nov-1899
Fontaine, I.A.                          74                22-Dec-1913     Mexia                           22-Jan-1914
Forester, Margaret Elizabeth            68                17-Feb-1912     Prairie Hill                    28-Feb-1912
Forrest, Hazel B.                        9 mo.            10-Mar-1912     Mexia                           21-Mar-1912
Foster, Ed J.                           55                14-Jan-1923     Mexia                           16-Feb-1923
Foster, Louise                           3 mo             recently        Mexia                           21-Dec-1923
Foster, Mrs. Sallie                     77                22-Dec-1908     Faulkenberry                    07-Jan-1907
Foster, S.J.                            22-Jul-1821       08-Aug-1908     Faulkenberry                    13-Aug-1908
Foust, Maggie E.                        78                11-Sep-1905     Thornton                        21-Sep-1905
Fowler, John                            63                08-Feb-1910     Pottershop                      10-Feb-1910
Fox, W.H.                                                 02-Jan-1910     Groesbeck                       06-Jan-1910
Frank, T.J. infant of                   infant            09-Jun-1923     Mexia                           22-Jun-1923
Frazier, Tom                            21                11-Sep-1909     Mt. Calm                        16-Sep-1909
Freeman, Tom                                              18-Nov-1916     Faulkenberry                    04-Jan-1917
Frisbie, Mrs.M.A.                                         26-Nov-1899     Faulkenberry                    30-Nov-1899
Fritz, Mrs. Bettie                      20                06-May-1924     Mexia                           13-Jun-1924
Frumas, Mrs.                                              08-Sep-1903     Thornton                        28-Oct-1903
Fuller, Milton C.                       65                16-Apr-1905     LaSalle                         08-Jun-1905
Fulmer, J.R.                                              12-Nov-1899     Kirk                            16-Nov-1899
Fulton, Annie Williams                  35                07-Sep-1923     Mexia                           12-Oct-1923

Gant Miss Ara                                             01-Nov-1891     Ben Hur                         14-Nov-1891
Gant, Bessie Lee                        10                05-Feb-1913     Mexia                           06-Mar-1913
Gardner, Lucy Mae                       14                29-May-1924     Mexia                           06-Jun-1924
Gardner, Mary S.                        86                10-Feb-1913     Farrar                          20-Feb-1913
Garner, Mrs. S.A.                       55                19-Sep-1902     Faulkenberry                    01-Jan-1903
Garrett, C.A. infant of                 17 mo.            16-Feb-1910     Faulkenberry                    06-Jan-1911
Garrett, Geo.W. infant of               infant            01-Aug-1924     Thornton                        10-Oct-1924
Garza, Christofer                       72                02-Sep-1912                                     26-Sep-1912
Gates, Nelson                           72                02-Aug-1923     Ben Hur                         17-Aug-1923
Gatlin, Fannie                          83                17-Oct-1913     Mexia                           22-Jan-1914
Gatlins, J.A.                                             30-Nov-1912     Teague                          05-Dec-1912
Gayden, Mrs. John F. (Ella May)         32                25-Jul-1921     Prairie Grove                   29-Jul-1921
Gerald, Judge G.B.                                        29-Jan-1914     Cremated                        29-Jan-1909
Gerding, F.F.                           79                09-Dec-1015     Faulkenberry                    06-Jan-1916
Gerding, Fred E.                        32                06-Jun-1924     Groesbeck                       27-Jun-1924
Gerding, Frederick E.                   33                07-Jun-1924     Faulkenberry                    13-Jun-1924
Geren, W.S.                             85                22-Jul-1921     Homer, La.                      29-Jul-1921
Gibson, Capt. Thomas J.                 Apr-1843          04-Feb-1914     Mexia                           05-Feb-1914 Obit: 12-Feb-1914
Gibson, Child of                        child             25-Jun-1899     Thornton                        29-Jun-1899
Gibson, Mrs. Matilda                    91                10-Jan-1909     Lost Prairie                    28-Jan-1909
Gibson, Sarah Alice                     63                16-Jun-1924     Thornton                        11-Jul-1924
Giilbert, Mrs. Sue E.                   60                07-May-1910     Faulkenberry                    12-May-1910
Gilbert, W.C.                           10                10-Jun-1915     Faulkenberry                    06-Jan-1916
Gill, P.M.                              62                05-Jun-1924     Groesbeck                       27-Jun-1924
Gillespie, Katherine                    20                19-Apr-1908     Faulkenberry                    07-Jan-1909
Gilpin, Mrs. Bettie L.                  28                25-Aug-1914     Lewisville                      27-Aug-1914
Glass, Judge A.P.                                         29-May-1911     Faulkenberry                    07-Jan-1909
Godfrey, O.A.                           47                06-Jan-1908     Faulkenberry                    07-Jan-1909
Golden, Lula                                              09-Jun-1913                                     19-Jun-1913
Golden, Martha                          63                11-Sep-1913     Mexia                           18-Sep-1913
Gonzales, Felix                                           09-Aug-1924     Ben Hur                         15-Aug-1924
Gonzales, Juan                                            29-Aug-1913     Groesbeck                       04-Sep-1913
Goodman, Rev. G.W.                      1860              22-Dec-1915                                     23-Dec-1915
Goodrich, Vera Katie                     4                04-Apr-1912     LaSalle                         25-Apr-1912
Goolesby, Jake                                                            Big Creek                       04-Jul-1912
Goolsby, A.L. infant of                 infant            03-May-1908     Faulkenberry                    07-Jan-1909
Gorman, Wm. infant of                   infant            09-Nov-1924     Groesbeck                       14-Nov-1924
Grace, John W.                                                            Personville                     12-Feb-1903
Graham, Mrs. Mary                       18                03-Oct-1916     Faulkenberry                    04-Jan-1917
Graham, James Alexander                 65                25-Feb-1923     Thornton                        23-Mar-1923
Graham, Joe infant of                   infant            01-Oct-1916     Faulkenberry                    04-Jan-1917
Granville, Fred infant of               infant            11-Jul-1924     Tehuacana                       23-Aug-1924
Graves, Sallie                          27                25-Oct-1903     Faulkenberry                    07-Jan-1904
Green, unknown                          60                27-Feb-1904     Co. Farm                        10-Mar-1904
Gregory, Martin                         17                21-Aug-1905     Big Hill                        31-Aug-1905
Gresham, Algie                          28                04-May-1909     Faulkenberry                    06-Jan-1910
Gresham, J.E.                           34                09-Sep-1908     Faulkenberry                    07-Jan-1909
Gresham, Joe E.                                           09-Sep-1908     Faulkenberry                    10-Sep-1908
Gresham, John                           65                23-Aug-1916     Faulkenberry                    04-Jan-1917
Grimes, John                            63                05-Jan-1914     Faulkenberry                    08-Jan-1914
Groves, Sallie                                            04-Nov-1903     Faulkenberry                    28-Nov-1903
Groves, Thomas                                            21-Aug-1914     Corsicana                       27-Aug-1914

Hagans, George                          23                27-Jun-1924     Mexia                           23-Aug-1924
Hager, Dee                                                13-Nov-1913                                     06-Nov-1913
Halder, Elias                           83                29-Feb-1904     Ben Hur                         10-Mar-1904
Haley, Robert                           65                01-Apr-1923     Mexia                           20-Apr-1923
Hall, Miss W.Era                                          09-Mar-1898     Longview                        10-Mar-1898
Hamilton, Mrs. Jayne                    88                11-May-1921     Groesbeck                       03-Jun-1921
Hamilton, Vivian                         4                23-Feb-1904     Thornton                        10-Mar-1904
Hammet, Mrs. Mary Kate                                    06-Jun-1911     Oakwoods                        08-Jun-1911
Hancock, C.J.                           80                                Island                          26-Nov-1903
Hankins, Clint                                            29-Dec-1914     Callina                         30-Dec-1914
Hanna, Charley S.                       42                26-Sep-1923     Mexia                           02-Nov-1923
Hanna, Mrs Annie                                          17-Dec-1915     Faulkenberry                    23-Dec-1915
Hanna, Mrs. A.                          41                18-Dec-1915     Faulkenberry                    06-Jan-1916
Happ, Sip                               71                07-Dec-1923     Tehuacana                       21-Mar-1924
Hardin, Alexander Hamilton              22-Mar-1848       27-Jan-1916     New Hope                        03-Feb-1916
Hardin, Dr. D. W.                       02-Oct-1910       06-Oct-1910                                     Obit:13-Oct-1910
Hardy, James                            09-Mar-1810       21-Mar-1901     Kirk                            04-Apr-1901
Hardy, Mrs. Elizabeth                   90                08-Dec-1912     Mexia                           12-Dec-1912
Hargrove, Edward                                          25-Oct-1917     Kosse                           09-Nov-1917
Hargrove, Holton                         2                15-Oct-1903     Thelma                          28-Oct-1903
Hargrove, Jim                                             10-Sep-1921     Prairie Hill                    16-Sep-1921
Hargrove, Lena                           8 mo.            28-Feb-1913     Kirk                            06-Mar-1913
Harison, E.T.                           43                14-Jul-1909     Faulkenberry                    06-Jan-1910
Harlan, Pat                             22                07-Oct-1903     Thornton                        28-Oct-1903
Harlow, William H                       12-Feb-1852       21-May-1909     Kirk                            27-May-1909
Harper, J.W.                            52              18-Feb-1924     Kosse                           21-Mar-1924
Harrell, E.O.                                           21-Dec-1899     Faulkenberry                    28-Dec-1899
Harringer, Mrs. Louise                  41              18-May-1908     Faulkenberry                    07-Jan-1909
Harringer, Oscar                        11-Apr-1890     06-Nov-1918     Faulkenberry                    14-Jan-1921
Harrington, Judge John A.               11-Oct-1850     18-Oct-1899     Groesbeck                       10-Aug-1899
Harris, Douglas                         14              03-Oct-1910     Groesbeck                       06-Oct-1910
Harris, J.G.                            13-Nov-1824	06-Oct-1908	Groesbeck			08-Oct-1908
Harrison, R.L.infant of			infant		07-Sep-1922	Mexia				16-Feb-1923
Harrison, E.T.						13-Jul-1909	Groesbeck			22-Jul-1909
Harthcock, Martha			75		22-Jan-1912	Mexia				01-Feb-1912
Harvell, C.C.				78		26-Jan-1923	Mexia				02-Mar-1923
Harwell, Mrs. Sarah.			68		30-Oct-1913	Faulkenberry			06-Nov-1913
Hastings, Charlie			13		02-Dec-1903	Tehuacana			17-Dec-1903
Hatcher, Mrs. Oliver					20-Mar-1917	Forest Glade			22-Mar-1917
Hawkins, Arleigh			15		03-Dec-1908	Faulkenberry			07-Jan-1909
Hawkins, J. infant of			infant		21-Feb-1915	Faulkenberry			06-Jan-1916
Haynes, infant				infant		11-May-1924	Mexia				13-Jun-1924
Haynes, Sallie Lee			32		11-May-1924	Mexia				13-Jun-1924
Hays, Mrs. T.H.						11-Sep-1901	Faulkenberry			12-Sep-1901
Heester, infant				infant		03-Jun-1913					19-Jun-1913
Heffington,Nina				28		11-May-1921	Lexington			13-May-1921
Heflin, Emma				08-Jan-1877	10-Feb-1901	Horn Hill			07-Mar-1901
Heflin, James L.			26-Apr-1840	17-Feb-1901	Horn Hill			07-Mar-1901 21-&
													28 Feb 1901
Heflin, Mrs Gayten			04-Jan-1881	07-Feb-1901	Horn Hill			07-Mar-1901
Heflin, Mrs. Fannie			76		04-Jun-1922	Horn Hill			30-Jun-1922
Heller, Mrs. C.						14-Oct-1912	Richland			16-Oct-1912
Henchiliffe,Cora G					13-Feb-1912	Mexia				21-Mar-1912
Henderson, Mrs. Ada Ette.		09-May-1887	04-Mar-1917	Faulkenberry			08-Mar-1917
Henderson, Mrs. Margarite				07-Jul-1916	Davis Prairie			20-Jul-1916
Henderson, Mrs. Tempe C.				01-Sep-1904	Faulkenberry			08-Sep-1904
Henderson,A.				11-Jan-1828	07-Feb-1908	Philfer				13-Feb-1908
Henry, Parthenia.			68		31-Jul-1924	Mexia				08-Aug-1924
Hensley, L.W. infant of			infant		28-Jun-1913	Mexia				24-Jul-1913
Henson, A.S.						12-Oct-1913	Coolidge			16-Oct-1913
Hernandez, Julius					09-Aug-1924	Ben Hur				15-Aug-1924
Herod, J.A.						22-Feb-1917	Bethel				01-Mar-1917
Herod, Mrs.				35				Big Hill			23-Jan-1908
Herrad, Sidney				3		01-Jul-1924	Oletha				18-Jul-1924
Herring, Elisha				78		30-Aug-1912	Mexia				12-Sep-1912
Herring, M.						04-Apr-1904	Mexia				07-Apr-1904
Herring, Marreno											Res. of Respect 15-Feb-1917
Herring, Marreno											Mem. Services 15-Mar-1917 p 1
Herring, Marreno							Mexia				08-Feb-1917
Herringer, Louise			24-Dec-1866	18-May-1908	Faulkenberry			21-May-1908
Hewill, Millie				26		11-Nov-1914	Faulkenberry			07-Jan-1915
Hewitt, W. infant of			infant		09-Jul-1910	Faulkenberry			07-Jan-1911
Hewitt, Mrs. Ben			17-Aug-1847	10-Apr-1922	Faulkenberry			14-Apr-1922
Hichenar, J.P.				63				Mexia				26-Mar-1904
Hickley, Lois				60		09-Jun-1924	Mexia				27-Jun-1924
Hickman, Annie				2		15-Sep-1912	Big Hill			26-Sep-1912
Hiedleburg, Lum				50		04-Mar-1924	Coolidge			07-Mar-1924
Hill, Mrs. C.				34		17-Dec-1916	Faulkenberry			04-Jan-1917
Hillman, Charles			62		06-May-1916	Faulkenberry			04-Jan-1917
Hillman, Mrs. Wm.			27		21-May-1912	Groesbeck			29-Aug-1912
Hillman, Orlena				51		22-Feb-1910	Faulkenberry			06-Jan-1911
Hillman, Sadie				60		07-Mar-1914	Faulkenberry			07-Jan-1915
Hillman, W.H. infant of			infant		08-Oct-1910	Faulkenberry			07-Jan-1911
Hillman, W.H. infant of			infant		07-Nov-1910	Faulkenberry			07-Jan-1911
Hinson, J.R.				38		04-Jul-1913	Prairie Hill			10-Jul-1913
Hitt, Ray.				17		16-Feb-1916	Mexia				17-Feb-1916
Hobbs, Ada				2 mo		24-Aug-1910	Faulkenberry			07-Jan-1911
Hobbs, Preston				3		27-Sep-1908	Faulkenberry			01-Oct-1908
Hobbs, Preston				3		28-Sep-1908	Faulkenberry			07-Jan-1909
Holand, Lindsey				14		28-Jul-1905	Frosa				14-Sep-1905
Holcomb, Jane				73		11-Sep-1912	Lost Prairie			03-Oct-1912
Holloway, Andy				60		20-Jan-1924	Mexia				01-Feb-1924
Holmes, Bennie				75		08-Dec-1923	Mexia				21-Dec-1923
Holmes, Mrs. Sam					12-Jan-1916	LaSalle				20-Jan-1916
Holt, A.R.T.				78				Tehuacana			26-Nov-1903
Holt, Mrs. A.R.T.					20-Mar-1917	Prairie Grove			22-Mar-1917
Holt, Mrs. Rebecca			22-Dec-1831	20-Mar-1917	Prairie Grove			29-Mar-1917
Holton, J. O. MD.			45		02-Apr-1924	Prairie Hill			18-Apr-1924
Hood, Grace.				16		12-Apr-1905	Faulkenberry			13-Apr-1905
Hoots, Jake						15-Jun-1897	Prairie Grove			17-Jun-1897
House, Mrs. Elizabeth Frances		24-Feb-1825	21-Jun-1917	Springfield			28-Jun-1917
Houston,Leona				15		16-Aug-1905	Frosa				14-Sep-1905
Howard, R. infant of			6 weeks		28-Apr-1909	Faulkenberry			06-Jan-1910
Howard, R.A. Daughter of				25-Jun-1911	Faulkenberry			30-Jun-1911
Howell, John				31		27-Sep-1910	Faulkenberry			07-Jan-1911
Howell, John				31		27-Sep-1910	Faulkenberry			29-Sep-1910
Howell, Mrs.Addie			58		26-Jun-1916	Faulkenberry			04-Jan-1917
Howton,D.A.				1869		26-Aug-1910	Prairie Grove			01-Sep-1910
Hudson, Donie E.			17-Jan-1886	27-Sep-1914	Lost Prairie			08-Oct-1914
Hudson, Neva				7 mo		18-May-1909	Faulkenberry			06-Jan-1910
Hunt, Grandpa						21-Mar-1908	Mart				26-Mar-1908
Hunter, T.S. infant of			22 mo		22-Jan-1912	Frosa				20-Feb-1913
Hunter, James												Memorial 01-Feb-1917
Hunter, James												Memorial 08-Feb-1917
Hunter, John				41		23-Feb-1904	Thornton			10-Mar-1904
Huntet, James				16		20-Jan-1917	Cox				25-Jan-1917
Huntley, Ace						15-Sep-1907	Lost Prairie			03-Oct-1907
Hurley, Pat				58		14-Sep-1923	Mexia				02-Nov-1923
Hutchinson, G.W.			76		26-Oct-1913					01-Jan-1914
Hyler, Ella				8		29-Sep-1907					03-Oct-1907

Ingle, F.C.				37		29-Sep-1907					03-Oct-1907
Ives, Mrs. J.M.						06-Nov-1892	Armour				06-Nov-1892
Ivy, Ethel				22		14-Aug-1905	Island				31-Aug-1905