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Queries from June 2002 thru August 2002

Kirkham/Williams  Connie  8:58 am Monday August 12, 2002
   T. J. Kirkham married Mary E. Williams.  Must be the second marriage for him and possible her also.  On 1880 census, Falls   County, Texas they lived near Kosse.  He had children older than their marriage and there was a daughter, Mary M. Williams older than their marriage.  Other children were George, Susan, Dora, and Plesat (Sp.?)  I believe T. J. and Mary E. are my Great Great Grandparents.  Any information would be appreciated.  I have been looking for a  long time. Connie
            Connie...In your Williams family history, do you have Thomas Jefferson Williams or Oliver Elmore Williams?? I have a Thomas Edward Jefferson Williams born 1861 in Georgia, had an older brother known to us at "Bud". I don't know that they        were in this area, half my descendants are from Limestone Co at one time. Teresa Cunningham

Allen Henderson Family  Billy C. Medders  0:42 am Saturday August 3, 2002
   I would like any info on the Allen Henderson family that lived in Falls Co. and Limestone Co. Allen and his wife Tempy are buried in the Phifer Cemetary in Limestone Co. Allen Henderson b.1/11/1828  d.2/7/1908 Tempy Henderson b.9/29/1835   d.12/10/1912 these are my great great of their daughters Missouri b.3/5/1864 d.7/19/1914 was my great   grandmother.....she married William David Johnson (Rev.Billy Johnson) in 1881. He was born Jan.5,1852 d.2/27/1893 his son   George Leland Johnson b.1889 d.1975 is my grandfather.....Billy C. Medders

Elliott family  Cindy Pair  3:09 am sunday august 4, 2002
   I am looking for any info on a Nathan Elliott.  He might be buried somewhere around Limestone Co.  I found an obituary listing for a Mrs. N. Elliott and infant in 1902.  I need to know who this is.  It was in a Groesbeck Journal for 2/13/02. Can anyone help me?    Cindy Pair

Steel-Rae  Nancy Lechner  8:47 am Wednesday July 31, 2002
   I am in the process of writing a RAE FAMILY GENEALOGY and am hopeing to have a book printed before next year.  I have a Mary H. Rae daughter of Alexander Rae and Elizabeth Helen (Black) Rae.  My records have her birthdate as July 15, 1872.  Her parents settled first in Austin Co. and finally in Leon County.  I assume she was born in Austin Co.   Record also shows her buried in Olethia (Limestone) Texas. She married ??? Steel. I have no information on husband. I would appreciate any   information concerning Mary H. and family. Thank you.  Nancy Lechner

Johnston/Hudson  S. Ellis  6:38 am Sunday July 14, 2002
   We are seeking information on Thomas Johston and Mary Hudson. We believe they were both born in MS but married in TX.   Any...any leads are GREATLY appreciated!   S. Ellis

Busby  Family  of  Falls  County  Texas   Robert (Bob) Busby  7:50 am Saturday July 13, 2002
   Looking for information on the BUSBY family from the area around Mooreville, Falls county texas. The line I am looking for starts with me: Robert W. BUSBY; my father Jack BUSBY; my grand father Charles Cloy BUSBY; my great grand father George Washington BUSBY; and so on. The BUSBYS have been in Grimes county; Falls County; Limestone County; Thornton, TX; Frosa, TX; Mart, TX; Riesel, TX; Waco, TX; and so on. Any information on this line of BUSBY would be of great help.  Robert (Bob) Busby

Absalom  Hicks  family  (in  Limestone  Co  18  Paula Yount  11:48 am Tuesday July 9, 2002
   Seeking information on the family of Absalom and Elizabeth Marney Hicks, who came to Limestone County from Boone Co MO after the Civil War and prior to the birth of their son Sterling Price Hicks (3 Jul 1868). Absalom was born 5 Oct 1822 and died in Limestone County 2 Oct 1888, and is buried at Prairie Grove Cemetery in Limestone Co. Tx. His wife Elizabeth was born 21 Jan 1825 and died 27 Aug 1874 in Limestone Co, buried Prairie Grove Cem, Limestone Co TX.
   Children included:
   1) Luther C
   b) 9 Nov 1845 MO
   d) 18 Nov 1937 Boone Co MO
   m) 9 May 1864 Randolph Co MO to Louisa Stogdal
   2) Dr. Young E.
   b) 6 June 1849 MO
   d) 13 May 1883 Limestone County TX
   m 1) date/place unknown to Gertrude ??
   m 2) date/place unknown to Rhoda L. Pendergast
   children: Young E and Mattie E Hicks
   3) Marion F
   b) ca 1852 MO
   d) unknown
   m) unknown
   4) Jeannette Marney
   b) 2 Nov 1852 MO
   d) 23 Dec 1910 Limestone Co TX
   bur) Mexia Cemetery, Limestone Co TX
   m) 28 Sept 1876 Limestone Co TX to Joseph M. Waller
   children: Edgar, Bessie, and Mary
   5) James W
   b) ca 1855 MO
   6) Susan Flora
   b) ca 1858 MO
   7) W. Elizabeth
   b) Aug 1859 MO
   8) Stonewall Jackson
   b) ca 1861 MO
   9) Sterling Price
   b) 3 Jul 1868 TX
   d) 14 May 1943
   bur) Prairie Grove Cem, Limestone Co TX
   m) date/place unknown to Eula Mae ???
   Absalom served in the Civil War, was a Confederate Captain. He went by "Capt Absalom".  Hoping to connect with some descendants of this family, and to fill in missing pieces. Any information would be greatly appreciated, especially obituaries and marriage/death dates, etc. Will be happy to share info on this family! :)  Also, does anyone have the name and address of the current newspaper or newspapers for Limestone County (that I could write to), and/or a local historical/genealogical society? Please feel free to email me at THANK YOU!  Paula Yount

Oliphant, Michaels  Marie Harrell  11:13 am Monday July 8, 2002
   My Gr Grandfather, David R. Oliphant died 1870 in Limestone Co. For years I have been searching for his grave.  He lived in   Tehuacana at the time of his death and was a teacher at the School there. Does anyone have info about him or the Michaels   families that lived there. Marie Harrell

Mount Calm Cemetery  Sarah  8:21 am Saturday June 22, 2002
   I am looking for someone that has information on Mount Calm Cemetery and possibly a photo of my great great grandmothers headstone.  Her name was Anne Choate Hand, she moved to Texas from Arkansas during or right after the civil war.  My information says that she is buried in the Mount Calm Cemetery. I am hoping someone would take a picture of her headstone for me.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.   Sarah

Samuel  Williams  Family - Limestone Co,  L. Trout  10:58 pm Sunday June 23, 2002
   Searching for information on Samuel and Catherine Williams family, Daughter, Ella. I have his family history.  Any information is appreciated.  L Trout

Samuel Williams Family - Limestone,  Teresa Cunningham  11:41 pm Tuesday August 6, 2002
   Searching for information on Samuel and Catherine Williams family, Daughter, Ella. I have his family history.  Any information is appreciated. Teresa Cunningham


Queries from Oct 2001 thru Dec 2001

JACKSON/BECK  F JACKSON  5:53 pm Saturday December 8, 2001

Maud Shows obit  Yvonne  6:34 am Wednesday December 5, 2001
   I need to see if someone could look up obit for Maud Shows who died Jan 15, 1962 in Limestone County. Her daughter was Inez Bounds who lived in Wortham and died this year. Any help would be appreciated. Also if you want to, you have permission to post this on Limestone Co. site in your obits. Happy hunting  Yvonne

Morse-Glon?-Horn  Betty A. Rygiel  7:07 am Sunday December 2, 2001
   I am looking for information about my g-grandfather, George W. Morse m Margaret E. Glon or Horn in 1885.  My grandfather,   William F. Morse was born in Limestone County in 1887.  There were other siblings born around the general area.  Farl W.,   Ruby, Joe, and perhaps Bess.  Margaret was also known as Mollie I believe.  Gathering information on the Morse Clan has been very difficult.  I was informed that a marriage record in the name of G. W. Morse and M. E. Glon is on file.  I have not been able to verify this.  Please, if anyone has any information on the Morse family, I would appreciate it very much.  Thanking you in advance.   Betty

James  A.  Alsobrook  Family   Sandra  12:22 pm Thursday November 29, 2001
   HI, I am looking for decendants and information about the James and Mary Alice Smith Alsobrook family.  James died in Mexia in April 1932.  He was the son of Robert Alsobrook. James and Mary married in Caldwell County in the 1880s and had about ten  children, including one with the unusual name of Voll Dean. Hope to hear from a cousin!

John  W.  Neely  (Neelly)  Family   James Richardson  12:12 pm Sunday November 25, 2001
   I am seeking any info or decendants of John W. Neely and wife or wives.  He lived in the Personville area and died in 1879. John was born in Tn. 28 Mar 1826.  Married to possibly Elizabeth ? and Susan F.  Children:  Sarah Lee A. (Neely) Moore, Thomas Neely,Elizabeth Adeline (Neely)Richardson, Mary Eugenia (Neely) Yates and Minnie A (Neely) Pipins Beene.  Elizabeth Adeline Richardson was my great grandmother.  I am at a brickwall and sure could use a little bit of luck.
James Richardson

CAPEHEART,  CAPEHART   Minnie  Hawkins  9:54 am Saturday November 24, 2001
   Searching for CAPEHEART or CAPEHART in Limestone Co., Anyone with any info on this name please contact me at the following e-mail address.  Thanks, Minnie Hawkins

James  C.  and  Celia  Green  Steel  Dorinda Marum  12:11 pm Thursday November 22, 2001
   Looking for information in regard to James C. and Celia Green Steel who are listed on the 1860 census in Limestone County.   This couple moved to Texas from Arkansas and from Cape Giredeau County, Mo. before that.

Jorden/Pennington/Titsworth/Roberts/Wigg    Linda Towers 11:16  pm Friday November 16, 2001
   Looking for information on the Jorden/Jordan families.  James Oliver Jordan/Jorden and his wife Chalista Cason were in  Thorntown, Limestone Co., Texas in 1888.  They had the following children:  John W m. Cora Pittman, Elizabeth Jane, Frances m. John W. Pennington, Susan m. W. D. Tittsworth, Henry M. m. Minnie (?), Ella m. James Roberts, James m. Lena Wiggins, George m. Mug Petty, then tehre were 4 other children.  James Oliver was a minister in the Methodist church and they were in the Thornton area.  Any help on these lines would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!!! Linda:)

Burch  --&--  Adams Families  Jimmy Rosamond  2:48 am Monday November 12, 2001
   I am seeking information on my grandmother, and great grandparents who were living in Limestone County in 1900. My    grandmother's maiden name was Annie Sarah Burch, born in 1886. Her parents according to the 1900 census were Joe A. Burch (born in Georgia) and Lucy Adams (born in Louisiana). At the time of  the census they were living in E.D. 55. Any additional information on this family, especially Annie Sarah Burch or Lucy Adams, will be greatly appreciated.
Jimmy Rosamond

Judy  Dorman  O'Casey  --  are  you there?  Stephanie Althof  3:08 am Friday November 9, 2001
Hello!   I found an old query from Judy Dorman O'Casey seeking information on the Dorman family and mentioning John Edward   Dorman as an ancestor (born, by her records, in 1884). Judy, there is a John Edward Dorman who was born, by our records, in 1878, studied at Upper Iowa University, then Georgetown University, then returned to Fayette, Iowa, where he was a dentist  and coached football, basketball, and baseball at UIU for over 50 years. He earned a spot in the Helms Athletic Hall of Fame for longest tenure by a coach to a single university team. I don't know if this is a relative of yours (the Mexia-born man himself, even, possibly) or not, but I thought it might be of interest to you. Best wishes!  --Stephanie

Mainord/Maynard/Mainard  Ray  0:29 am Tuesday November 6, 2001
Still looking for information concerning the Samuel Kelly Mainord (various spellings) family.  His first wife, Priscilla, and a daughter, Effa (Effie), are buried in Faulkenberry Cemetery at Groesbeck, Limestone County.  This family settled in Limstone before 1900.  ANY information appreciated.

Simpson/Pollard  Charma  5:12 am Monday November 5, 2001
I am looking for information on my gggrandmother and her parents. Her name was Viola Simpson, born april 18, 1889 in Limestone Co, TX. Her parents were General(his name not rank) Wheeler Simpson and Martha Dove Pollard.  I know very little about them other than that. I know Viola married a William Newton Standlee but I am not sure of the date and she was married several times. Martha Pollard was supposedly full blood indian. Not sure. Any help would be great. Email me at

Odom/Cayton/Hardie/Oliphant/Bryant   John C. May  12:14 pm Thursday November 1, 2001
   Has anyone researched these Limestone County families?  Thanks.

FOSTER  MASSEY  and  HARLEN/HARLAN   Evelyn Massey  10:44 am Saturday October 27, 2001
   I am searching for any information on FOSTER MASSEY, born 1889, died Jan.30, 1974 in Mexia, Texas.  I am also searching for information on the HARLEN/HARLAN family that resided in Limestone County. THOMAS HARLEN and his wife MARY HARLEN, with two children RUTH BELL HARLEN and a son(couldn't read name on 1900 census.) Ruth Bell was married first to a GARDNER and they had a son.  She married James ROBERT MASSEY and they lived in Navarro County. I would appreciate any information. I am sure there is someone out there that can MAKE MY DAY with some information. Thank you for reading this message even if you can't help me. Have a good day.   Evelyn Massey

Coker/Early 1893 Groesbeck  Limestone   Carolyn  7:18  am Saturday October 27, 2001
   I am anxious to have any information concerning a John Wesley Early married to Mattie Coker. I have a note indicating they
   were in Groesbeck, Limestone Co. TX around 1893. John was a tall, scrappy man with red hair. Please email me

Francis  A  Herring Pendleton  Lou Childress  12:57 pm Friday October 26, 2001
   In 1892 my ggrandmother was in Limestone County.She had lived in Hill County 20 years or more. After my ggrandfather died,she bought 10 acres in Hill County. Later she sold the property .  She signed the deed in Limestone County. Her name was Francis A Pendleton ,widow of Andrew J Pendleton. Would like to know why she was in Limestone County at this stage in life? Was she related to someone in this county? The other names that would be associated with her are, Herring, Dodd, Job. she possibly could be living with one of her children. Would like any information you might have . Thank you Lou

Nuz cemetery  Martha Duke  1:30 pm Wednesday October 24, 2001
   Will GARNER YOUNG , who posted a query June 6, 2001 about the Nuz cemetery & BENJAMIN YOUNG , contact me. I was at the NUZ cemetery Oct. 6, 2001 and can help you.

Old Obits from Mexia  Diana Jeffries  1:29 pm Wednesday October 24, 2001
   Could someone please tell me how to find old (1930's) obits from Mexia? I tried, but the library said they didn't have them, and the    newspaper says their microfische reader is broken. Thanks for ANY suggestions!  Diana Jeffries
    re:  Old  Obits from Mexia  Joan E. Rambo  3:56 pm Monday November 5, 2001
                       If you know the exact date of death contact the University of TX at Austin, they have the largest collection of TX newspapers.  They will not do research, but if you have exact date of death they will look for an obituary.  If they find one, they will make a copy and send along to you, for a nominal fee.