Posted Queries 2006

December 14, 2006
-- I'm looking for the burial cemetery for Stroud Family that would have been born before 1860. In 1860 they were the largest slave owners in the county with 36 slave houses.  The next generation is in Faulkenberry but I can't find the previous generation.  Paul Burney

November 13, 2006
HAWES -- I'm looking for information on a relative of mine.  Her name was Sibley Hawes.  She died 29 Sept 1877 and was buried somewhere in Limestone County TX (Groesbeck).  Her first name could be spelled Syble or Sibly or something like that.  Her husband re-married after her death and moved north and is buried in Leonard TX.  I don't know if the date is totally correct.  I do know the year is very close.  Comparing it to the dates of her childrens births.  I have a copy of a government pension record of her husbands that he wrote she was buried in Limestone Co.  Anything you can find to help me would be greatly appreciated.  Her husbands name was Corolanus Hawes.  Her maiden name was Martin.  Matthew D. Hawes

September 13, 2006
--I started researching the family history about a year ago.  My greatgrandparents and grandparents were from the Limestone Co. area.  Unfortunately on this side of the family the brick walls came early.  My grandfather, David Clinton Carter, was relatively easy to trace but my grandmother has proven very difficult.  She was E. L. Reedy, daughter of John Henry Reedy and Nora Leora Nickels.  I know the names of her parents and that is it.  Is there anyone who might have information on the Reedy's or the Nickels (Nichols)?  I saw aposting for J. M. Sanders that contained some Reedy information.  Email is the primary method of communication for me.  I live outside the US and any other form of communication is a little difficult. I contacted one person on this site who offered assistance but the email address was undeliverable.  Thanks for any assistance  JesseCarter

August 21, 2006
McCOY -- Seeking info on McCoy family.  Lived in Kosse, had two sons Robert and Roger McCoy.  Know he is buried in a cemetery some where around Kosse with several of the same tombstones or monuments which say Woodsman of the World.  Robert and Roger went to Kerr Co. after Kosse.  I loose Robert in Kerr but Roger had two kids Louise and Roger McCoy.  Louise had two kids Susan and Ricky Byrd.  Roger had two kids Bobby and Craig McCoy both born in San Antonio.  I am Bobby McCoy and I am trying to trace my ancestors back.  I don't know first name of McCoy but know about the cemetery.  If you can help that would be greatly appreciated.  Bobby McCoy

August 21, 2006
-- Seeking information on George Issac (Ike) Andrews b. abt 1854 in SC (census records), d. Jan 4, 1928 in Limestone Co.  Married to Loduska (Lola) Hazeltime (Unknown maiden name) b. Feb. 17, 1858 in TX & d. Dec. 12, 1831. She married a Garner & a Taylor before marrying Ike on Dec. 29, 1887 in Limestone Co.  They had three girls named Lily, Lelia, & Alma.  They are listed in Armour in the census, said to have had a store near Honest Ridge.  Their son George is buried at Honest Ridge and it is rumored that George SR is buried at the Central Institute Cemetery at Honest Ridge, a cemetery close to Honest Ridge?  Lola is buried in Mexia Cemetery.
My wife's aunt found some of the info in a book entitled "Limestone Co. TX, A Family History of Limestone Co. Vol 1"  I am having difficulty tracing both of these folks back any further than that.  Is it possible that Andrews Hill is named after these folks? Any suggestions??? I contacted the Mexia Library with no avail for Obit's.  I have ordered Lola's death certificate but am afraid that since the author of the article named her a "Garner", the name of one of her husbands that I still may be stuck.  They also mention that Ike ran awya from home in Alabama, where he was born.  The census records are consistent that he was born in S.C.
They supposedly owned a bunch of land on both sides of the Navasota River south of Coolidge around Cedar Island if that means anything to anyone.  Any help or direction would be appreciated.  Tom Seefurth

August 18, 2006
-- I am looking for information on Bradley Phifer and Williams and Nancy (Phifer) Glover and their son Edmund Jones Glover.  Thanks for any help.  Kathy Williams

July 11, 2006
Pauper Cemetery
-- Does anyone know of a Pauper's Cemetery in Limestone Co.?  If so please contact either Doris Castelberry or CBurks

July 7, 2006
BRAY family
-- I am seeking any info on the BRAY family.  Ed Bray b. 1875 in TX. Emily Bray b. 1845 in AL. Beth Bray b. 1884 in TX.  Luther Bray b. 1890 in TX.  Emma Bray b. 1883 in TX. and married Eugene Polk Campbell.  Both died and are buried in Thornton, TX.  Emma and Eugene had 2 known children, a son Luther Campbell and a daughter Virgie Hendrix.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Joyce Campbell

June 11, 2006
-- I am looking for a cemetery named Mustang Cemetery.  It should be close to Kosse.  The graves I am looking for are not marked, I do no think.  My great great grandparents where Levi and Margaret Rhodes and daughter Virginia P. & Braxon Myatt.  If you have any information of where this is located at or other cemetery records I would appreciate hearing from you.  David Shelfer

May 16, 2006
-- I am Helen Richardson, looking for death info on a Susan Carroll.  I found her in the 1930 census Mexia City living with a George R. Smith on Roberta St.  Susan is listed as an aunt, age 71, widow, black female, her maiden name I believe is Roan born in Alabama.  Her husband's name was Lewis Carroll, married Sept. 30, 1866 in Grimes Co., TX.  Anything wil be greatly appreciated.  Helen

May 9, 2006
-- In addition to research for the Burney Family below I am also very interested in Peeples from mid 1800's til now.  Rufus Darby Peeples is a Great Uncle and brother to two wives of James Lawrence Burney Sr. and proceeded them into Limestone Co. He is buried in Springfield Cemetery.  Estimated personel worth by todays standards at his time of death (1860) was two million dollars.  Looking for current relatives at this time.  My father was named after him in 1887....
Paul E. Burney  Spokane, WA

May 8, 2006
-- I am researching Martin Jensen/Jenson, born in Norway.  Relocated from New Hampshire to Limestone Co., TX early 1900's.  Had 13 children.  Any info would be appreciated.  Kathryn Oyler

May 7, 2006
-- My cousin Paul and I are both doing research on the Burney Family.  James Lawrence Burney, Sr. born Jan 24, 1814 in Morgan Co., GA moved his growing family to Limestone Co. in the late 1850's, where he was elected twice to serve as County Judge. He died in Limestone Co. in 1874.
Two of his sons, Thomas and James Lawrence, Jr. were among many family members to fight in the Civil War. His son, Thomas fought with Terry's Texas Rangers.  Both survived and returned to raise families in Limestone County.  Paul and I are both descendants of James Lawrence, Jr.
We are in possession of many 19th century photos and Civil War letters.  Many family and friends wrote to James L. Burney, Sr. during the war since he was the judge and it was expected he could get messages to different County families (in thesse letters sent to him in Springfield, he is sometimes addressed as "Colonel" -- an honorific title.)
We would be very eager to correspond with anyone interested in Burney Family research.  Thanks Stacy Brightman or
Paul Burney

April 26, 2006
Springfield, TX
-- Looking for exact location of Springfield, TX, county seat of Limestone Co., TX prior to 1878.  Also looking for someone who has access to person or persons who are willing to hire out to do Cemetery cleanup and search for old headstones. Thanks, Paul Burney Spokane, WA

April 21, 2006
Lodis Stanford -- Does anyone know anything about Lodis Stanford.  He was supposed to have been a civic leader in Mexia in 1932.  He also supposedly started The Stanford Insurance Company in Mexia in 1932. Email me if you have any info

5/9/2006          REPLY:  I lived in Mexia, TX during the 1940's, 50's, and 60's and knew of Lodis Stanford and his son James Stanford when they were in the insurance business together there.  I know that the older Mr. Stanford had been
a County Commissioner during World War II and served in the country's war effort and that his son James joined
him in the business after finishing college and when I left Mexia he was the town's Mayor.  It is well known there that the Stanford's are one of the founding families of Mexia and Limestone County.
                       I'm sure that if you needed any additional information you could contact Lodis' son James who I understand is still alive and living in Mexia and I'm certain he would be more than happy to provide you with any additional information he has.   Regards Jonathon Green

April 1, 2006
Clifton Cemetery
-- We would like some informtion on the Clifton Family Cemetery.  It is on the homeplace of Reese Alexander Clifton.  Martin, his son, later owned the farm before selling out around 1900.  There are several graves of the Clifton family and some of the Steele family who married into the family.  Reese was a Baptist minister and was murdered in 1872 when martial law was declared in the county.  I just found out aout the martial law thing from the county judge.  I would like to know more about the trouble in the county and what could have caused him being shot.  Several family members are researching Reese and would appreciate any information you could share.  Regards, Dana Funk

March 28, 2006
-- I am researching my Grandfather, Sammie D. McClellan 1882-1919 (Armour West Cemetery) and Great Grandmother, Pinkie McClellan 1861-1898 (Armour West Cemetery).  I am trying to gain more information regarding my Great Grandmother,  I believe she was an Armour.  My father was born in Coolidge in 1918.  My grandmother was Maybelle Ives.  I have some original Limestone Co. Abstracts which describe the old family home place at Coolidge. Maybe someone in the area can provide me with further information regarding my Great Grandmother's birth origin.  Thank you.  Glynn S. McClellan, Jr.

January 28, 2006
-- I am trying to research the Harrington (Herrington)'s, trying is all I seem to be doing.  I know my Harrington family lived in Groesbeck and Kosse.    I will also in future start working on researching the Grahams from Kosse as this is my maternal grandmothers family.  Thank you   Missy Lehman

January 20, 2006
Walsh / Tipps
-- I'm researching Harry D. Walsh & Pleasant Ann Tipps.  They married 9-1-1907.  They also had a daughter Bonnie Delle Walsh b. 10-7-1908.
   Any info will be greatly appreciated.   Marva Beck