Posted Queries 2007


October 30, 2007
Christoffer -- I am looking for the name of Christoffer.  Best I can tell his name was Rinco and she Emelia or Amelia (nee
Stiewert).  They were in the county 1900-1930.  Any information will be helpful.  Thank you  Mikki

October 27, 2007
Ogilvie -- George Allen Ogilvie b. 1849 d. 1906 was my grandfather.  John Randolph Sr. b. 1878 was his son.  My father Carl Herbert b. 1896 d. 1956 was George's son by a second marriage.  I will share what information I have.  SandyBee

October 6, 2007
Rogers -- I am a descendant of Martha Wilkinson Rogers (who is buried in the Lost Prairie Cemetery).  I am interested in other sources which would provide lineage to her father or mother (Gen. James Wilkinson and Ann Biddle Wilkinson) or other information pertaining to her husband.  I do have information from a 'Family History of Limestone County', but would like to find out more if possible.  Any help you could give me, or if some other members of the Rogers family might contact me, it would be very much appreciated.  Kathryn E. Lantrip
     Reply: October 27, 2007
          I saw your query on the Limestone Co., TX website.  My late husband, James E. Petty, was also a descendant of Martha Wilkinson Rogers.  We also persued the General James Wilkinson/Anne Biddle lineage.  I was never able to confirm that this information is accurate.  On the contrary, I received a letter from Ann White of Shreveport, LA which included a copy of a letter she had received from John B. Wilkinson, a direct descendant of Gen James Wilkinson.  The letter is dated August 14, 1984 on letterhead from Wilkinson & Wilkinson Attorneys At Law in New Orleans, LA.  He includes information on the only four children of Gen. Wilkinson and Ann Biddle, none of which is Martha Wilkinson Rogers.  I have seen the historical marker in Lost Prairie Cemetery in Limestone Co., TX and I know it contradicts what John B. Wilkinson said in his letter.   I also did a great deal of research in libraries on Gen. Wilkinson and could not find a shred of information that said he had a daughter named Martha.
          I am not trying to discourage you, but I wanted you to know that this is a difficult area to research and you may not find any corraborating information.  If you do, I would be very interested in learning about it.  I do know that Gen. Wilkinson spent time in Mississippi during the territorial period which is where my documentation on Martha Wilkinson Rogers begins with her settlement with her husband, Benjamin Rogers, in Kemper Co., MS.
          I have research on the descendants who remained in Mississippi after Martha and some of her sons moved to Texas.  I have a little information on some of the descendants in Texas that I would be willing to share if you are interested.
Dixie Wiggins Petty

September 29, 2007
Kennon -- I am looking for someone who could possibly give me some information on C. W. Kennon and wife Ann Kennon.  They died with no heirs and left everything to a cousin named David Bond who lived in Florida at the time (1989).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Peter Biglane

Aug 14, 2007
Burks -- Looking for information on my great-grandfather, Robert Lee Burks, b. abt 1868 in ?, married Ida Lee Ennis in 1889 in Madison Co., AL and died before 1900 (he is not listed with his wife and children in the 1900 Limestone Co., TX census).  DNA project proves that his ancestors were Jonathan Joshua Burks, Elisha Burks, Harrison Burks, all from SC, IN and GA.  Thanks in advance for any help.  Debra Parker Burks

August 9, 2007
Thompson -- Looking for information on Glen Newton Thompson born Feb 1937 to Walter and Mamie Thompson.  Thanks
Marie Anderson

July 17, 2007
Echols -- Trying to locate information about a Lon T. Echols. about 1920.  Any help?  Richard Starke

July 9, 2007
McGee -- I am trying to find out some information on an ancestor of mine named E. A. McGee.  I am afraid I have very little to go on, and he has been a brick wall in our family research for many years.  E. A. was born in either NC or MS in about 1816.  He was in Limestone Co. before 1846, because his daughter, Nancy E. McGee was born in Springfield, Limestone Co. on 22 Jan 1846.  She married John Wesley Buckleu in Limestone Co. on 26 Jan 1872.  She may have been previously married to a Scruggs, because in the 1880 Limestone Census, a stepdaughter named Kate Scruggs, age 19, is listed.
Family legend has it that her father, E. A., ran a ferry somewhere in the county and was shot down in cold blood by a Union Cavalry officer during or shortly after the War.  The story goes that the Union troops then rode over the McGees' crops in the fields and then rode up to the house to find Mary, then a teenager, standing in front of the farmhouse.  Having seen what they had done, she commanded the officer to take his soldiers and get off their land. Whe he laughed in her face, she pulled a large pistol out of the folds of her skirt, stuck it up at his face, and repeated the command.  This time he didn't laugh, and they left the property.
I have not been able to find any evidence of the validity of the story, or any record of E. A. McGee in Limestone Co.  When were the Union soldiers in Limestone Co.? It is such a great story that I'd love to be able to validate it, but so far have found nothing to confirm it.  Nancy and John Buckeleu are present in the 1880 (Bucklow), 1900 (Buckelew), and 1910 Census' in Limestone Co.  Nancy died in 1929 in Bishop, Nueces Co.  John died in 1923 in Bishop as well, so I don't know when they left Limestone.
I don't see either McGee or Buckeleu (sometimes spelled Buckelew or Buckalew or Bucklow) on the list of names being researched in the county, so I know that this is a very long shot, but any help would be aprreciated.  Thank you,  Dr. Jon G. Fuller

June 29, 2007
Ross -- I'm looking for Joe Ross & family.  I saw them in the census for Limestone 1900.  Thanks,    K. Thomas

May 27, 2007
Johnson B -- I am looking for info on Edwin Johnson who was married to Sally Carter Duncan and then to Mary Elizabeth Jolley.  He was the son of Samuel Johnson and Malinda Kitching.  Would like to know where they are buried.   Juan Delgado

March 27, 2007
McGuyres -- Looking for information on the McGuyres of Limestone Co.  I know that my great great grandfather Mortica C. McGuyre died in 1901.  He was married in Groesbeck, TX in 1890.  He married Stella Shepperd.  I believe that he might be buried in Thornton, or King Cemetery.  Any further information would be appreciated.    Patricia McGuire Griffith

March 19, 2007
Hobbs/Owens -- I am trying to get information on my family that resided in Mexia, TX.  My grandfather's name is Shannon Noble Hobbs.  I know my great grandfather was S. Q. Hobbs.  Moreover, my grandmother from the same area is named Gladis Owens.  Any information would be appreciated.  Marshall Hobbs

March 5, 2007
Ebenezer Cemetery -- I was wondering if there is someone that could photograph some graves at the Ebenezer Cemetery in Limestone Co.  I live in NC and don't know when I will be in that area of TX, but would love to have pictures of some tombstones.  Let me know.  Thank you Lori Cook-Folger

February 27, 2007
Mustang Prairie cemetery -- I am looking for Mustang Prairie Cemetery.  I thought it was in Limestone County right outside Kosse on Hwy 14.  Any help would be appreciated.  Also interested in ifo on the private cemetery on 147 in a pasture fenced etc.  Thanks for the help.  Joan Fraticelli

February 20, 2007
DAVIS -- I am trying to find information on Thomas Jerden Davis of Big Hill, TX.  I know there were two Davis families at Big Hill.  Any information on either family would be greatly appreciated.   James Davis