Will of Mrs. H. E. Barber


Will of Mrs. H. E. Barber - 1916 [Widow of Robert Sanford Barber]

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Surnames: Barber, Milligan, Talbert, Parker, Hand, Windsor, Talbot,
Cotton, Montgomery

Limestone County Texas
Probate Book Q
Page 424

I, Mrs. H. E. Barber being of sound and disposing mind and good memory and desiring to dispose of my earthly possessions, do make and execute this my Last Will.

1st) I desire that all my just debts be paid out of my estate after my death.

2nd) I bequeath to my son Joe Barber the sum of five (5.00) Dollars and direct that the executrix, herein below named, pay the same out of my estate after my death.

3rd) I bequeath to my daughter Allie Milligan the sum of five (5.00) Dollars and direct that the same be paid out of my estate after my death.

4th) I bequeath to the heirs of my daughter Hodges Talbert: namely, Ben Talbert, Dick Talbert, Hattie Talbert, Mollie Talbert, May Talbert and Lillie Talbert, each the sum of five (5.00) Dollars, and direct that the same be paid out of my estate after my death.

5th) I desire and hereby bequeath the resort my estate that I may possess at the time of my death, both personal and real of every kind and nature to my daughter Laura Montgomery and her son Oscar Montgomery to shear and shear alike, after the above bequeaths are paid, and direct that after my death my herein below named executrix shall have the proper court to place title to said property in them.

6th) It is my wish that my daughter Laura and grandson Oscar have the major part of my estate at my death because they have taken care of me and my husband in our old age, and to show my appreciation for their kindness I have bequeathed article No. 5, herein.

7th) I hereby appoint Mrs. Mattie Cotton as executrix of this my Last Will and testament and desire that after my death that she will have this will probated and after giving bond and taking the oath that she take charge of my estate and divide it according to my wishes as above expressed.

8th) This is my last will and testament, and I hereby Revoke all former wills and testament heretofore made by me.

Witness my hand at my home near Cedar Island this the 2nd day of June A. D. 1916.

H. E. Barber, Testator

Dr. J. S. Driver
Mrs. Lula Chambers

[This will was contested by J. W. Barber, Allie Milligan and her husband W. H. Milligan, Hattie Parker and her husband D. D. Parker, Lilly Hand and her husband R. L. Hand, Mollie Hand and her husband J. H. Hand, Mary Windsor and her husband John Windsor, S. G. Talbot, B. A. Talbot, against Mattie Cotton, Laura Montgomery and Oscar Montgomery, 2 May 1917. Court ruled in favor of Laura and Oscar
Montgomery. Apparently Mrs. Barber didn't have any grandchildren from her deceased son Ross Barber]

Will of Ross Barber -- 1896, 1897

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Surnames: Barber, Montgomery

Will of Ross Barber
Limestone County, Texas
Probate Book I, page 88

The Last Will and testament of Ross Barber, of Limestone County, Texas. Considering the uncertainty of the moreal life, and being of sound mind and memory, (blessed be almighty God for the Source) do make and publish this My Last Will and Testament in manner and form following, that is to say

First) I give and bequeath unto my father R. S. Barber of the State and County above named, a two thousand dollar policy No. 566397, in the New York Life Insurance Company.

Second) I give and bequeath unto my wife Ella Pearl Barber one half interest in all my other property, consisting in one michell wagon and two horses, one a gray 10 or 11 years old branded M. B. on the left shoulder, and one brown horse 6 years old branded on the right shoulder. and one gray mare not branded, 4 years old and twenty-four head of cattle in the possession of R. C. Montgomery, 12 head branded
XX on the right hip, one cow branded O, one branded R, and one NCY, unbranded known by flesh markes, and all property that I may be possessed of at the time of my death.

Third) I give and bequeath to my bodily heirs the other half of the above named property, except the first above named policy in the New York Co.

It is my will and I hereby appoint my father R. S. Barber as the executor of this my Last Will and I direct that he shall not be required to give any bond and the court shall have no further control over my estate, or executor, except to probate and record this will
and require all ______ and appraisement of my estate. I further direct and wish that my father R S. Barber shall be appointed the guardian of the estate of my child or children and my beloved wife Ella Barber shall have control of the person of my children. Witness my hand th August 5, 1896

Ross Barber

J. W. Blake
Jack Wormack