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A Study of Five Historic Cemeteries at Choke Canyon Reservoir, Live Oak and McMullen Counties, Texas by Anne A. Fox.  Center for Archaeological Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio, Choke Canyon Series: Volume 9, 1984 Renee will send a copy of of the pages of 1 cemetery per request.  In the email you must state that you are requesting a Lookup from the this book and include which cemetery you want information from.      

Renee Smelley


Johnston Cemetery - No assessment of sex made, but probably female buried in the late 1800s.  Taken to the New Calliham Cemetery to be re-interred.  William Cavitt and John Brown are mentioned briefly.

Morris/Taylor Burials - William B. MORRIS  (1802 - 1969) and son -n-law Martin Luther TAYLOR  (1842 - 1969).  Re-interred at Hill Top  Cemetery, Tilden, TX.

Morgan Cemetery - near old townsite of Calliham. 5 Graves total mid to late 1800s.  Grave identities are unknown.  MURPHY surname briefly mentioned as a possibility for who was buried in cemetery.  Another possibility is a group of people traveling through area that died of diphtheria.  


Yarbrough Bend Cemetery - Total 6 graves found and only headstones of John S. and Frances Yarbrough remained.  Located on the Edna Henry Ranch.  Re-interred at Hill Top Cemetery in Tilden, TX.  John Swanson (age 88) and Frances YARBROUGH (age 55), Infant Daughter of Joseph and Amanda (Yarbrough) WALKER, Sorrow ZAVISCH died July 2, 1847.  Other suggested burials are for William C. WALKER, Sarah WALKER, Frank DRAKE (brother of Mrs. Walker), infant child of Benjamin F. WINTERS, Amanda HARRISON and a member of the WILLIAMS family.

Content Submitted by visitor about this cemetery.  


Byrne Cemetery - 20 Graves located.  Located on the old Byrne Ranch, approximately 6 km west of the old townsite of Calliham.  Dr. and Mrs. George DILWORTH, 1894 and 1868, Eliza BYRNE, 1911; HENRY family infant 1913; Jasper HARRISON, aged 3, 1969.  Mary Clapernia DILWORTH (age 7) and Clara Dilworth Wyatt)  Other burials believed to be located in cemetery were Charles T. TAYLOR, Joseph T. CALLIHAM, and a member of the O'CONNOR family.  George DILWORTH Family main subject.  Charles Roberson BYRNE, Eliza BYRNE  (1911) and infant of the HENRY Family (1913) mentioned briefly.  Re-interred at Hill Top Cemetery in Tilden, TX. 


Marriage Record Book No. 1, Marriages October 1856 - 3 March 1870

Marriage Record Book No. 2, Marriages 7 May 1868 - 14 August 1876
Please check the following indexes for a list of brides and grooms before requesting a lookup.  The marriage book contains date, person performing the marriage and sometimes additional notes.  (index 1, index 2)  Thanks.

Renee Smelley

Marriage Records, Live Oak County, Texas 1856 - 1876
Copied by: Mrs. James L. Nance
And Presented through Captain John Sale Chapter, George West, Texas

Mrs. Reinhard Vos, Regent Texas Society Daughters of the American Revolution
Mrs. Billie Joe Lovett, State Regent
Mrs. John E. Shouse, State Chairman
Genealogical Records Committee
South Texas Genealogy Society Quarterlies Spring 1989 - Winter 2001.  The STGS comes quarterly--spring, summer, fall, winter No more than 2 names per request and each name must contain dates and other helpful information.  All requests will be done by date and please allow six weeks for the research to be done.  Any information found will be sent via email.  If the information is of a limited amount it will be copied and emailed.  If the information is too long to be copied and emailed then you will get full details on where to locate the source that STGS used for the info and you can then send for the copies or go to a library and get the STGS if available or use an interlibrary loan.

Place Live Oak Look up in the Subject line followed by the names and email them to Debbie Neubauer





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