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1870 Mortality Schedule

Transcribed by Renee Smelley in July 2002

The mortality schedule was transcribed from the 1870 mortality schedule microfilm and only contains one page. I have transcribed this to the best of my ability.

You can view the 1870 Mortality Schedule Image here.

Schedule 2 ------Persons who died during the Year ending 1st June, 1870 in ________________ in the county of Live Oak, State of Texas, enumerated by me, R. Dempsey, Ass't Marshal.

Column Descriptions

Column 1 = Number of the family as given in the 2nd column of Schedule 1.

Column 2 = Name of every person who died during the year ending June 1, 1870, whose place of abode at the time of death was in this family.

Column 3 = Age last birth-day. If under on year, give months in fractions.

Column 4 = Sex--Males (M.) Females (F.)

Column 5 = Color---White (W.), Black (B.), Mulato (M.), Chinese (Ch.), Indian (I.)

Column 6 = Married (M.) or Widowed (W.)

Column 7 = Place of Birth, naming the State or Territory of the U.S., or the country, if of foreign birth.

Column 8 = Father of Foreign birth.

Column 9 = Mother of Foreign birth.

Column 10 = The Month in which the person died.

Column 11 = Profession, Occupation, or Trade

Column 12 = Disease or Cause of Death.

Notes and Definitions

* The link in the family column will take you to the 1870 Live Oak Census Index page that the family is listed on.

Family Name Age Sex Color Marriage Status Birth F-F B M-F B Month Profession Death
12 McMurrey, William 16 M W M Ireland | | Nov Farmer Pnumonia
23 Dolen, Ellen 66 F " W Ireland | | March Keeping House Burnt to Death
27 Jefferson, George 37 M "   Maryland | | Jan Merchant Note 1
"" Wright, Henary 60 M M M Virginia     Oct Farm Laborer Note 2
"" Durant, Franklin 2 M "   Texas     Aug   Note 3
"" Frezer, Frederick 24 M B M "     Feb Farm Laborer Note 4
50 Ricks, William 32 M W M Mississippi     " Stock Raising Fall from Horse
126 Hagy, Darthuli 27 F " " Texas     Jan Keeping House Consumption


Note Section

Note 1 - Dropsy of Heart. Dropsy has been crossed out and Acs. has been written above. Acs. maybe short for ascites.

Note 2 - Dropsy of Bowels. A quotation mark " has been placed indicating the word Dropsy. Dropsy of the Bowels have been marked through and another word has been written above. The word ascites has been written above.

Note 3 - Apaplictics - pretty sure the spelling is correct. This maybe a epileptics.

Note 4 - The word assassinated has been crossed out and the word murdered has been written above.

Definitions come from Austin County TXGenWeb and can be found at the Nineteenth Century Diseases page.

Ascites - See Dropsy.

Dropsy - A contraction for hydropsy. Edema, the presence of abnormally large amounts of fluid in intercellular tissue spaces or body cavities. Abdominal dropsy is ascites; brain dropsy is hydrocephalus; and chest dropsy is hydrothorax. Cardiac dropsy is a symptom of disease of the heart and arises from obstruction to the current of blood through the heart, lungs, or liver. Anasarca is general fluid accumulation throughout the body.

Consumption - A wasting away of the body; formerly applied especially to pulmonary tuberculosis. The disorder is now known to be an infectious disease caused by the bacterial species Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Synonyms: marasmus (in the mid-nineteenth century), phthisis



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