Some McMullen County Cemeteries were moved in 1982 to make way for Choke Canyon Reservoir. 
Cemetery notes contain information on cemeteries that have been moved and some burial notes for
small family cemeteries located on private property that have been found in other resources.  
Please check out Cemetery Notes submitted by Renee Smelley.

Cemetery Photos Submitter
Boothill Cemetery - 2010
Boothill Cemetery - 2007
yes Marti Brown
Renee Smelley
Byrne Cemetery --- -   -   -
Calliham Cemetery Robert & Christina Barritt
Cross Cemetery ---
Fowlerton Cemetery ---
Hasette Family Cemetery --- -   -   -
Hill Top Cemetery yes Renee Smelley
Johnston Cemetery --- -   -   -
Kay Family Cemetery --- -   -   -
Latham Cemetery --- Marti Brown
Martin Luther Taylor --- -   -   -
Morgan Cemetery --- -   -   -
Osborn-Clauch Cemetery --- -   -   -
San Miguel Cemetery
San Miguel Cemetery
John D. Tanner, Jr
Renee Smelley
Weaver Family Cemetery --- -   -   -
William B. Morris --- -   -   -
Yarbrough Bend Cemetery
aka Yarbrough Cemetery
yes Renee Smelley
... If you have ancestors buried on private property or government land that the law (at least in Texas) says that you have the right to visit their graves at least twice a year (First Sunday in April & First Sunday in October) from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Read more about Cemetery Visitation Days 

The Texas Historical Commission
General information about Texas cemeteries, including how to record and preserve them.
You can also apply for the Historic Texas Cemetery designation at the website.