This page has been created to help you in your research and contains links to free content on the net.  There are many links to sites that contain tips and tools to help you.  I will be adding tips when I come across them.  You will also find helpful genealogy research tools that you can download or print for your own personal use.



Researching Your Family Tree

                    § Rootsweb Guide to Tracing Family Trees

                        § How-to Articles from

                        § Genealogy Classes from

                        § Glossary of Genealogical Terms & Abreviations

                        § Genealogy Research Directory

                        § Free Genealogy Products


Tools For Your Research

Free Genealogy Software 

                        §  Ancestry Family Tree  

                        §  GenoPro Picture Your Family Tree

                        § Bygones for laptops and desktops


Record and Preserve Your Heritage 

                        §  Ancestral Charts from

                        §  A Chart for Figuring Relationships

                        § Cyndi's List Supplies, Forms, Charts, Ect....

                        § Relationship Chart

                        § Census & Genealogy Charts to Print or Download

                        § Family Tree Magazine Charts to Download

                        § Free Genealogy Charts and Forms

                        § Some Nice Charts You can Display or use for Gifts


Genealogy Tips & Helpful Hints

                        § Tips for Dating Old Photographs 

                        § Tips for Preserving Your Photographs and Documents

                        § Free Genealogy E-mail Newsletters

                        § The Complete Guide to Scanning

                        § A Few Scanning Tips

                        § ScreenGenes Restoration and Presentation

                        § Reading Hebrew Tombstones

                        § Name & Word Spellings

                        § Examples of Letters of the 17th Century 

                        § Deciphering Old Handwriting

                        § Old-English Mailing List A mailing list for anyone who is deciphering old English documents.  To subscribe type only the word "subscribe"  in the text of the email.

                        § Search Engine - At google when you make a search query and the page no longer exists click the cache link to view the page.  If the page is written in another language click the translate link.

                        § Language Tools - Translate text from another language to english or translate english into another language.

                        § Advanced Search - You can use this page to search a website that does not have a search engine.  In the "Domains" field make sure that only is selected in the drop down menu.  In the "Return results from the site or domain"  field insert the URL of the site you want to search.  (example:  Then inter your keywords in one of the "Find Results" field and click the Google Search button.



Cyndi's List - Find links to just about everything pertaining to genealogy on the net.

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