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Ancestral / Family Photographs


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Kuykendall, Walker & Tope

Left to right in front row. Curtis L.WALKER,  Tom WALKER
Second row, l to r.  Thomas B. TOPE, James H.TOPE,  Hal KUYKENDALL. Man on extreme left rear is unknown. 
Date: between 1900 and 1910 in or near McMullen County, TX Photo courtesy of Michael Tope

Dunn Girls

L - R: Cynthia Ann (Dunn) Robinson, Amanda R. "Mandy" (Dunn) Cude, Mariah Annie (Dunn) Montgomery Johnson, daughters of Cynthia Ann Yarbrough and John McAlister Dunn.  Date unknown.  The Dunn family was living in McMullen County in the 1870s and 1880s.  Owner: Renee Smelley

Lorenzo Dow Yarbrough Family

L-R: Seated is Lorenzo Dow Yarbrough holding grandson Lu Cullus Tilley, Nancy (White) Yarbrough holding grandson Hollie Norman Tilley, Rufus Napoleon Tilley, back: L - R: Nancy Pairlee (Yarbrough) Tilley and Tennessee "Tennie" Althea (White) Winters.  Dow came to McMullen County with his father, John Swanson Yarbrough, circa 1858.  He served in Company K 2nd Texas Cavalry during the Civil War.  Dow and Nancy married November 30, 1863 in Live Oak County, while Dow was home on furlough from the war. The family lived in McMullen County from 1863 - to the late 1880s.  This photo was taken circa 1904 in possibly LaSalle County, TX.  Owner: Renee Smelley 

William Penn White & Susan Jane Smith

Son of Lydia J. Wright and Headley Coburn White.  The White family lived in McMullen County in the 1870s and 1880s.  Owner: Jean Jones

Nancy White Yarbrough & Tennie White Winters

Nancy White Yarbrough and her sister Tennessee "Tennie" White Winters.  Nancy wife of Lorenzo Dow Yarbrough and Tennie wife of Oran Lemon Winters.  The Winters, Whites and Yarbrough's were all early settlers of McMullen County.  Oran Winters first married Nancy Elizabeth Dunn.  Owner: Renee Smelley

Thomas Benjamin Tope & Lydia Elizabeth White

Thomas and Lydia married on May 01, 1895 in McMullen County. Thomas is the son of James Henry Tope and Dorcas Salina Winters and Lydia is the daughter of William Penn White & Susan Jane Smith.  Both are buried in the San Miguel Cemetery.  Owner: Jean Jones

Sirletha "Letha" Y. Yarbrough Ratcliff

Serletha Yarbrough was born December 31, 1864 in McMullen County, oldest child of Nancy White & Lorenzo Dow Yarbrough married Samuel Houston Ratcliff on December 27, 1883 in McMullen County.  Samuel is the son of Samuel Ratcliff & Margaret Ann Little.  Owner: Linda Salinas 

Betty Ann Yarbrough & Thomas Clinton "Clint" Edwards


Betty Ann Yarbrough, daughter of Lorenzo Dow and Nancy White, born August 03, 1869 in McMullen County.  Betty married Thomas Clinton "Clint" Edwards on March 22, 1892 in Castroville, Medina Co., TX.  Owner: Betty McKinnerney  Clint and Betty with their grandchildren Jessie & Billie Jean Edwards. taken 1/11/1934.  Owner: Mary Nuttall

Neely Ratcliff & Lorenzo Skidmore "Skid" Yarbrough

Skid and Maggie Jane Cleary


Neely and his uncle Skid.  Skid, son of Lorenzo Dow and Nancy Yarbrough was born August 24, 1885 in McMullen County.  Neely is the son of Serletha Y. Yarbrough & Samuel Houston Ratcliff.  Possibly taken circa 1900 - 1905.  Owner: Linda Salinas  Skid married Maggie Jane Cleary on April 02, 1908 in La Salle County.  Owner: Renee Smelley

John MacAlister Dunn

John MacAlister Dunn (1804 AL - 1903 Burnett Co., TX) married Cynthia Ann Yarbrough on January 26, 1854 in Gonzales County.  Cynthia (circa 1838 TX - circa 1880) is the daughter of John Swanson & Cynthia Yarbrough.  We know that in 1880 John and Cynthia's children were living with a older sister in McMullen County and presumably John and Cynthia lived in McMullen for a time until her death circa 1880 prior to the census being taken.   Part of the caption with this photo read "In Capt. Thomas K. Carmack's 1st Battery Texas Partisan Rangers Cavalry."  Owner: Judy Mount.

Nancy Pairlee Yarbrough Tilley & Rufus Napoleon Tilley

Nancy Pairlee Yarbrough was born on April 28, 1877 in McMullen County, daughter of Lorenzo Dow and Nancy White Yarbrough.  She married Valentine Harris Tilley on June 01, 1898 in La Salle County.  Their first child born November 17, 1899 in Frio County, was Rufus Napoleon "Buz" Tilley.  Owner: Renee Smelley

Joseph Duncan Yarbrough & Nina Alice McDonald

Joseph Duncan Yarbrough was born on October 16, 1862 in McMullen County, son of Alfred Yarbrough and Caroline Ethyl Dodd.  He married Nina Alice McDonald on February 10, 1886 in Frio County. Owner: Susan Lee

McDonald Brothers

These are the McDonald brothers, sons of James C. McDonald & Elizabeth Ellen Forrest.  One of their sisters, Laura McDonald, married Chirstopher Columbus Davis on January 20, 1881 in Atascosa Co., TX.  Another sister, Nina Alice McDonald, married Joseph Duncan Yarbrough on February 10, 1886 in Frio Co., TX.  Received from Joan Bigbee  

George Washington Dunn & Susie Rebeckah Jane Griffin

George Washington Dunn was born June 15, 1870, son of John MacAlister Dunn and Cynthia Ann Yarbrough.  He married Becky Griffin on October 28, 1892 in Medina County.  Owner: Susan Minton

Joseph W. Walker

Joseph W. "Joe" Walker was born June 30, 1818 in Chester Co., SC and died June 18, 1888 in McMullen County, buried in Hill Top Cemetery.  He was first married to Mary Walker.  His second marriage was to Amanda Arminda "Mandy" Yarbrough on May 02, 1864 in Atascosa County.  Owner: Beth Walker

Amanda Arminda Yarbrough Walker

Mandy Walker was born October 20, 1846 in Crockett, Houston Co, Texas, daughter of John Swanson & Francis Yarbrough, and died on December 20, 1929 in Christine, Atascosa County, and buried in Hill Top Cemetery, McMullen County.  She married Joseph W. Walker.  Owner: Beth Walker

Martha Jane, James Hemphill & Mary Elizabeth Walker

Martha Jane (1844 - 1864), James Hemphill (born 1850) and Mary Elizabeth (born 1859) are children of Joseph W. and Mary Walker.  Martha married Aaron Van Buren Oden.  James Hemphill married Sophronia Morris.  Sophronia was first married to Martin Luther Taylor.   Elizabeth married Cebrun Martin on October 08, 1874 in Live Oak County. Owner: James Richards

Alonzo Van Oden & Fellow Texas Rangers

Lon Oden was born March 17, 1863 in Dog Town, McMullen County, son of Mary Jane Walker and Aaron Van Buren Oden, and died on August 11, 1910 in Marfa, TX.  He enlisted in Captain Frank Jones’s Company D, Frontier Battalion, of the Texas Rangers on March 1, 1891. Owner: James Richards

Alonzo Van Oden & Annie Oden

Lon Oden married Laura Hay on January 17, 1897 in El Paso County.  Their daughter Annie Oden was born circa 1902 in Marfa, TX.  Owner: James Richards

Alonzo Van Oden & Texas Rangers

L-R: Bob Speeks, Lon Oden, Jim Putnam, & Captain John Hughes.  Taken in Shafter, Texas 1892 a silver-mining town in the Chinati Mountains of southwestern Presidio County.  Owner: James Richards

Jay Martin & Alonzo Van Oden

Owner: James Richards

Tennessee Althea White Sevey Winters

Tennie was born September 13, 1863 in Live Oak County, daughter of Headley Coburn White and Lydia J. Wright, first married Arno W. Sevey on May 02, 1878 in Atascosa County and married 2nd Oran Lemon Winters circa 1889, son of Benjamin Winters and Sylvania Cude. 

Thomas Elwood Wright & Mary Ann Tope

Thomas Elwood Wright (b. circa 1837 Iowa) married Mary Ann "Polly" Tope (b. circa 1838 AR) on February 14, 1867 in Live Oak County.  Polly was the daughter of Francis and her first husband Mr. Tope and step daughter of John Swanson Yarbrough.  Polly's first marriage was to Albert Garthredge on April 26, 1851 in Gonzales County.  Owner: Michael Tope

Benjamin Franklin Winters and Sylvania Adeline Cude

Benjamin Franklin Winters (1820 TN - 1910 Frio Co.) married Sylvania Adeline Cude (1825 AL - 1906 Frio Co.) March 26, 1840 in Montgomery County.  Lived in both Live Oak and McMullen Counties.

Rhoda Ellen Winters Moore & Family

Rhoda Ellen Winters Moore (1846 - 1930 Runnels Co), daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Sylvania Winters, married John M. Moore on October 24, 1865 in Live Oak County.  John M. Moore (b. 1842 AR) was the son of Francis and her 2nd husband Mr. Moore and step son of John Swanson Yarbrough.  Pictured are Rhoda with her daughter Drucilla Moore Reed and grandchildren Frank & Rhoda May Reed. 

John M. Moore & Family

John M. Moore with three of his children.  Seated are his mother &  father n law, Benjamin Franklin and Sylvania Cude Winters.  John M. Moore was born 1842 in Arkansas, the son of Francis (Unknown) Coker Moore.  John came to McMullen county with his mother and step father, John Swanson Yarbrough, circa 1858.  He served in Company K of the 2nd Texas Cavalry during the Civil war and married Rhoda Ellen Winters on October 24, 1865 in Live Oak County.  The family lived in McMullen County until the late 1800s.  Owner: Michael Tope

Christopher Columbus Davis & James William Yarbrough

Christopher Columbus Davis (1851 TX - 1915 Dimmit Co., TX) and James William "Bill" Yarbrough (1856? McMullen Co., TX - 1934 Los Angeles Co., CA) maybe half brothers.  It is thought that C. C. Davis is the son of Caroline Ethyl Dodd.  Bill is the son of Alfred and Caroline Ethyl Yarbrough.  Whatever the connection maybe between the Davis and Yarbrough family it is through Caroline.  Received from Joan Bigbee




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