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Barfield Cemetery


Location:  east of Daingerfield.  Take Highway 49 from Daingerfield for 2.8 miles and turn right on CR 2100. At 1.4 miles, just over the railroad turn left on a rough dirt road.  The cemetery in on the right at .1 miles on an embankment with the chainlink fence visitble.  This is private property owned by Lone Star Steel.

There is only one tombstone in this small, fenced cemetery, although there was at one time at least three others.  This one tombstone is a Confederate military marker.

One of the readers for this cemetery, Nancy Aycock Peterson says that the first wife of John T Barfield and two of their children are buried here.  John Barfield was Nancy’s grandfather.  Mr. Tom Byrd recalls that another young Barfield was buried here.

This cemetery is known to be predominantly white and was read Feb 14, 1996 by Audrey Rankin and Nancy Aycock Peterson.

SURNAME    GIVEN NAME          BIRTH            DEATH

BARFIELD    John T                         No Dates

                        Sgt Co A 54th Georgia Inf CSA

This information was copied from the MORRIS COUNTY CEMETERY BOOK – SOUTHERN SECTION of 1999 which was Compiled by the Cass County Genealogical Society in cooperation with the Morris County Historical Commission.

February 23, 2007

Janette Tigert Cook


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