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Barrier Cemetery

Boggy Creek

LOCATION: This small family cemetery is located west of Omaha and just south of CR 3317. This is private property with a locked gate. Permission must be gained before entering. There are seven marked graves and evidence that others were buried here.

Cemetery was read in 1996 by Charles Steger.

Barrier, Georgiann December 22, 1871 January 17, 1884  
Barrier, Manda E. March 8, 1875 December 24, 1875  
Barrier, Charlie E. September 19, 1886 March 5, 1887  
Barrier, Mildred P. November 9, 1894 November 16, 1894  
The above are all the children of John T., a blacksmith, and Nancy A. WITT Barrier; grandchildren of William and Elizabeth HAYES Witt; great-grandchildren of Nathaniel and Mary CATE Witt and Solomon and Mildred HESTER Hayes.
Price, Mary J. April 8, 1856 October 9, 1876 Marker reads “Her and her infant”
Brown, B. A. 1830 18-- A carved rock lined grave with worn lettering
Brown, (No first name) August 15, 185? Only date Only date which could be birth or death. This is also a carved rock lined grave with worn lettering.

This information was copied from the MORRIS COUNTY CEMETERY BOOK – NORTHERN SECTION of 1999 which was Compiled by the Cass County Genealogical Society in cooperation with the Morris County Historical Commission.

Janette Tigert Cook


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