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Black Mountain Cemetery


 Location:  The site is located 3 miles south of Daingerfield on US 259 and then west on CR 2202 for .9 mile to a gravel road.  Then .3 mile on this road to a locked steel gate.  Cemetery was .8 mile beyond this gate.  This is property of Lone Star Steel, permission must be gained to enter.

No markers remain in what was possibly a family cemetery.   At one time some markers could be read with the dates of 1710, 1715, May 10, 1725, 1804 and one with “Killed with an arrow” and one “Killed with a TOMHAWK.”  There was one grave covered with stones and an “Indian” grave at the edge of the cemetery.

The only names that were seen in the cemetery before it was destroyed either by Lone Star Steel mining operations or by vandals were those of “W O Gilmore” and “Lewis”.  There were also stones with these initials, “S A L”, “L E C”, and “E A C”.

This site was surveyed several times by many people, including Bob Turner, an archeologist of Pittsburg, Texas, Timothy K Perttula, PhD. from Austin, Texas and Carrol W Moore of Daingerfield, Texas.

Carrol Moore made an effort to have the site declared an historical site by the Texas Historical Commission in 1991.  His petition was denied.  He also wanted the site preserved in some way as it could have been the side of a trading post.  Mr. Moore’s petition to the Historical Commission stated in part that the property had been granted to John V Cherry on February 2, 1858.

This information was copied from the MORRIS COUNTY CEMETERY BOOK – SOUTHERN SECTION of 1999 which was Compiled by the Cass County Genealogical Society in cooperation with the Morris County Historical Commission.

February 23, 2007

Janette Tigert Cook


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