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Cockrell Grave

This is the burial site of one man, John A Cockrell, who lived in a tenant house in the Sheppard bottom land field near the old Naples tram line. He was found dead by Fred Vissering and buried on the site by Mr. Vissering, Morris County Sheriff Brice Ponder, Hugh Whitecotton, and Gus Scaff. Mr. Cockrell had been dead for some time so Sheriff Ponder provided a gallon of whiskey to fortify the burial detail. An empty strychnine bottle was found near the man’s shoes and neatly folded coat. Mr. Cockrell was born near Rose Bud in Conway County AR to Allen, a carpenter born ca 1812 in NC, and Sarah Cockrell, born ca 1815. John was the brother of Ann, Sarah, Ben F., Alex, James, Osella, Rich and Mary. He married Alice Pope who was born May 1868. They had two daughters: Pearl, born February 1890, and Myrtle, born March 1896. John Cockrell was in Franklin County in 1900 and by 1910 the family was in Fisher County in West Texas. It is not known when he returned to East Texas or what became of his family.

Information from Pat Tomberlain, Gladys Paine, Morris Co. Clerk’s Office and US census records.

s/o = Son of             h/o = Husbnad of              d/o = Daughter of             w/o = Wife of

COCKRELL, John A. Jan 5, 1858 May 8, 1931 H/O Alice POPE; ch Pearl and Myrtle

This information was copied from the MORRIS COUNTY CEMETERY BOOK – NORTHERN SECTION of 1999 which was Compiled by the Cass County Genealogical Society in cooperation with the Morris County Historical Commission.

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