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Concord Cemetery

Omaha, Texas

Concord Cemetery Obituary Index
Submitted by Connie Caldwell
Transcribed by Janette Tigert Cook
Concord Cemetery Photographs
Submitted by Mona Hart-Tucker
Concord Chronicles
Submitted by Janette Tigert Cook

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The Concord Cemetery, predominantly white, is located west of Omaha between US 67 and FM 144. From Omaha, travel west on US 67 for 3.4 miles to the cemetery sign on the left. Turn left on CR 3211 for 1.7 miles then left on CR 3306 for .9 miles. The original portion of the cemetery is on the left (North) and a new section has been added on the right (South).

On April 8, 1857, the deed for the land on which the Concord Church and the original cemetery is located was filed with the Morris County Clerk. The deed made by Brinton Coffey “to the surrounding community” was found by Dee W. Tigert among old papers filed in the State Bank of Omaha. Mrs. Joe Richey, who worked in Daingerfield at the time, had previously looked through the old records and had found no record of the deed. The deed was made before Morris became a separate county from Titus, and although many records had been transferred from Titus to Morris, the deed from Brinton Coffey was not registered among them. Additional land for the cemetery has been generously given by the James (Jim) Talley Family. Many pioneers are buried there.

This listing is a combination of information from the Concord Cemetery Association Book of 1980,the Morris County Cemetery Book - Northern Section of 1999, obituaries provided by Connie Caldwell, Maydell Talley, Reggie Talley and Janette Cook, and memories of many individuals. The cemetery was read beginning with the first row being nearest the fence between the church and the cemetery and to the east fence. The section – Concord South – was then read from the west side to the east side.  Row and section information is APPROXIMATE and is given ONLY to assist in locating graves.

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