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Crossland Family

LOCATION: About 2.2 miles from Naples on Hughes Springs Rd. in Morris County off Hwy 161 in pasture of the Crossland home place. Cemetery is on Morris Jacobs home place.

The cemetery was read in 1971 by a relative of the family. Information given by Albert and Annie Hampton Crossland May 1, 1998

s/o = Son of             h/o = Husband of              d/o = Daughter of             w/o = Wife of

CROSSLAND, George Allen, Sr. 1821 Mar 2, 1894 B in GA; kn/ch George A., Jr., Andrew, Richard, Tom, John, James  and Eliza Ann
CROSSLAND, Matilda 1822 Aug 16, 1895  
CROSSLAND, Elizabeth M 1801 1883 Nn “Becky”; kn/ch George A., Sr.; dates hard to read, death date could be 1888
CROSSLAND, Ginna (Jinna) Dec 4, 1891 Sep 9, 1897 D/o George A., Jr., “Bud” and Alabama BRANSON Crossland; only marked grave
CROSSLAND, George A., Jr. 1856 Only Date Unmarked grave
CROSSLAND, Alabama “Bama” No Dates   Mn BRANSON; unmarked grave; kn/ch Minnie Ola b Mar 19, 1888; d/o Matilda Jane GOLDEN Branson
CAVITT, Gore A. Sep 23, 1873 Sep 4, 1884 S/o Dick and Eliza Ann CROSSLAND
CAVITT, R. D. Only date Oct 6, 1890 S/o Dick and Eliza Ann CROSSLAND
CAVITT, R. D. “Dick” Only date 1890 H/o Eliza Ann CROSSLAND; unmarked grave
CAVITT, Eliza Ann CROSSLAND No Dates   Unmarked grave; d/o George A., Sr. and Matilda; b in AL
CAVETT, Tom No Dates   UNKNOWN LOCATION; h/o Morie Cox; Tom died young and his wife Morie moved to CA
CROSSLAND, George Allen, Sr. No Dates   UNKNOWN LOCATION; 1880 census has his age as 62 years
CROSSLAND, Matilda No Dates   UNKNOWN Location; 1880 census has her age as 52 years

The above 4 CAVITT surnames could be spelled CAVETT. There are probably more persons buried here. There is known to be at least 14 graves.

This information was copied from the MORRIS COUNTY CEMETERY BOOK – NORTHERN SECTION of 1999 which was Compiled by the Cass County Genealogical Society in cooperation with the Morris County Historical Commission.

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