Omaha City

Omaha, Texas

LOCATION:   In Omaha south from US 67, turn left on Hwy 144 over the railroad tracks.  Immediately turn back right onto South Main Street.  Cemetery is on the left at .6 miles.


The first burials were probably before 1850.  The Omaha Cemetery was begun by David Elliott and laid out as “one acre in a square surrounding a grave yard so that the grave of Richard E. Elliott shall lie in the center”.  This grave is unmarked.  This acre was eventually increased to six acres with five of those set aside for the Union Church.  In 1873 all of this became the property of the David Elliott Lodge.  By 1920 the cemetery was increased to ten acres and by 1970 to twelve acres.  The Omaha Cemetery Memorial Trust was established in 1976.


This listing is a combination of information from: the Omaha Cemetery Memorial Trust; the Morris County Cemetery Book - Northern Section of 1999; the History of Morris County, Volume I, the Public Cemetery of Omaha, TX, 1982, published by James Reggie Talley; obituaries, and memories of many individuals. The cemetery was read north to south starting in the northwest corner by Charles Steger, Gerald Hammock, Melba Tims, Connie Draper, Kathryn McAlexander and Irene Powell on October 15, 1998.  It was updated by Charles Steger August 23, 1999. ( NOTE:  The initials CSA stand for the Confederate States of America, a league of eleven southern States that seceded from the United States during the period from December, 1860 to May, 1861. Many Confederate veterans are buried in this cemetery.)  Section and row information is APPROXIMATE and is given ONLY to assist in locating graves.  This cemetery is known to be predominantly white with the M Section to be black.  In the newest sections, J, K, and L, Row 1 is not being used at this time, thus the rows will be numbered 2–10.

*Denotes oldest know marked grave: A-Row 6

PENTON, William S.                    February 13, 1844                             May 10, 1853

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