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Rogers Cemetery

Hughes Springs

The Rogers Cemetery is located on the old Hughes Springs – Daingerfield road just over the Morris County line.  It adjoins the Morris and Cass County line which passes through the Sarah Mercer Survey which is partly in both counties.  The Republic of Texas granted Edwin Green Rogers, his wife, Nancy, and Nancy’s mother, Sarah Mercer, tracts of land in 1840 that include the side of the Rogers Cemetery.  Land records indicate they were among the very earliest settlers in present-day Morris and Cass Counties.


Outside the fenced area is a large memorial with the following names engraved:


Leta Stevens                                                   Edwin Rice

J. T. William’s Infant Son                              Sarah Lilley   

Morris Welch’s Infant Son                            Mary Elizabeth Lilley           

Lila Mae Stevens                                            Will Lilley     

Jenny Stevens                                                 Sarah Gilstrap

Stevens Infant                                                 Tom Gilstrap 

Claude Stevens                                               Madison Gilstrap

Bun Stevens                                                    Jim Gilstrap

E. G. Rogers                                                   Bill Martin’s Infant

Nancy Rogers                                                 Charlie McMillan

Tom Urey                                                       Willie Irvin

Lizzie Urey                                                     Clara Irvin

Stevens Infant Son                                          Mrs. Smith

Woodie Rice                                                   Elizabeth Burrow *

Junie Rice                                                       Ida Reed

Anna Rice                                                       Mattie Donley & Baby


The fenced area is about 12 feet square, and contains only one tombstone which reads:




E. G. Rogers and wife, Nancy Rogers, who lie in this family cemetery with their daughter, Lizzie Urey, and numerous relatives.  The Rogers Family were the first white settlers in this vicinity, having moved here from Georgia in the early 1840s.


*Burrow, Sallie Elizabeth SCOTT

                w/o Rufus; ch Banks Edward Burrow; ggrm/o Barbara SMITH Murphy; unmarked    


The following Historical Marker is also on the premises:





(A Plantation Family Burial Ground)


Established by Planter-Stagecoach owner – Area Leader Edwin Green Rogers (1800 – 1870 ?) and wife Nancy Tuggle on their home grounds, a Republic of Texas Grant to Nancy’s mother, Mrs. Sarah Mercer.  A daughter, Mrs. Lizzie Rogers (Mrs. Tom) Urey, chose site and was first person buried here 1871.  This became a community cemetery.


This cemetery is located on private property of Mrs. Norma Chavey.


This cemetery was read Jul 19, 1995 by Audrey Rankin.  Extra information sent in by Louaine Wallace.



This information was copied from the MORRIS COUNTY CEMETERY BOOK – SOUTHERN

SECTION of 1999 which was compiled by the Cass County Genealogical Society in cooperation with the Morris County Historical Commission. 


Janette Tigert Cook

May 19, 2008

Submitted by Janette Tigert Cook


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