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Nestled in the Northeast corner of Morris County, Texas lies a small town that continues to thrive after more than 115 years. Omaha, population 960, was established in the late 1870's when the St. Louis, Arkansas, and Texas railroad veered off a deer trail and developed a narrow gauge railroad. Still used today for rail transit, residents may receive freight shipments and perhaps even a few curious stares from Amtrak passengers as trains pass daily through this small earthly community.

Gone are the cotton mills, gins, blacksmith shops and saloons from yesteryear - replaced with modern businesses of the 90's. Still a bustling farming area where farmers once shipped Irish potatoes, peaches, plants, and watermelons to market - Omaha now produces primarily watermelons, plants and peanuts for shipment throughout the continental United States.

Residents also profited as the Northeast Texas oil boom provided means of employment for the majority of Morris County for years. Even though the flagging Texas economy has hindered many industries, Omaha citizens continue to prosper. Perhaps the determination to remain in a clean, healthy environment and bask in the wooded scenery, lakes and hillsides cause residents to overcome any hardships that the oil decline may have brought.

The downtown area, sporting a Southwest theme, attracts city dwellers to the "small town atmosphere". Omaha has continuously welcomed growth and improvements to their city. Don't be surprised to see a few cowboys roaming around town, as a 45,000 acre ranching and wildlife operation is located just outside the city limits.

Broseco Ranch provides campsites and day hunts for avid hunters of white tail buck, feral hogs, and fowl. If water sports is of interest, take a short two minute drive out to "Laguna Pacifico" - a national premier water ski facility, home to world ranked championship skiers.

Omaha also has several churches that date back to the town's beginning. The founding members of the First Baptist and Methodist churches may have well remembered sharing a facility until separate structures could be constructed. Present day Omaha has several denominations represented, including Baptist, Methodist, and Church of Christ faiths.

The town feels rich in heritage, and takes time out annually to celebrate with the Omaha Fall Festival. Held in mid-October, an entire day of family fun brings out the "kid" in everyone. A 5k fun run, games, food, crafts, talent show, music, a ski and air show are just a few of the events scheduled each season. The Fall Festival gets bigger each year and certainly a highlight that can't be missed!


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