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Deaths - 1964

Abernathy, Gary Steven5-3-1964 M Married
Addy, James Henry 9-13-1964 M Single
Barnard, John Thomas10-2-1964 M Single
Bearden, Walter Columbus5-20-1964 M Married
Black, Sam 9-3-1964 M Single
Bowman, Thomas Zachariah5-17-1964 M Single
Bozell, Herschel Marion 3-26-1964 M Single
Brock, Ruie Stringer12-29-1964 F Single
Brown, Mattie Marie 10-8-1964 F Married
Campbell, Alexander Sr11-25-1964 M Single
Cason, William Anthony9-1-1964 M Married
Cato, Charles R10-4-1964 M Married
Charlton, Joe E 3-8-1964 M Single
Clark, William Calvin4-6-1964 M Single
Cobb, Julie Edline6-23-1964 F Single
Cobb, Norris Weldon 3-10-1964 M Married
Collins, Randall Earl9-27-1964 M Married
Connor, Curtis Graham8-31-1964 M Widowed
Connor, Ellie Willie5-24-1964 M Single
Crockett, Maggie Bell8-23-1964 F Single
Crow, Cooper Cableigh3-14-1964 M Single
Day, John Daniel 8-26-1964 M Separ/Divorced
Duke, Maggie Elizabeth 8-31-1964 F Widowed
Duncan, Othis Mazelle12-6-1964 F Single
Duncan, Randy Harl12-6-1964 M Married
Easley, James Ollie 3-27-1964 M Single
Elkins, Lawrence Jenkins3-25-1964 M Single
Elrod, Era Moore 12-10-1964 F Widowed
Elrod, Julia Ann 7-21-1964 F Widowed
Foster, Kate Kathrian7-22-1964 F Widowed
Freeman, Maggie Ozella2-7-1964 F Single
Fuller, Monroe M 1-13-1964 M Single
Gholston, Jimmie 11-25-1964 M Single
Gilstrap, Shellie 8-4-1964 F Widowed
Griffin, Joseph Thomas 8-31-1964 M Single
Hammonds, William Coy8-8-1964 M Married
Hampton, Claud 1-26-1964 M Single
Hampton, Francis Janie3-8-1964 F Widowed
Hare, Verna Lee 5-5-1964 F Widowed
Harris, Ella Mae7-6-1964 F Single
Hazelwood, Wesley John 4-27-1964 M Single
Hicks, Mary3-3-1964 F Widowed
Hindsman, Romie Lee10-25-1964 F Widowed
Irvin, Mary Elizabeth8-22-1964 F Widowed
Irvin, Mary Etta 2-28-1964 F Widowed
Jacobs, Mary Cade 6-7-1964 F Single
Joiner, Eva Kate9-1-1964 F Married
Kelly, Jim Floyd 9-16-1964 M Single
Kirkham, Terry Thomas6-13-1964 M Single
Kruse, Harm Bent 1-30-1964 M Widowed
Landrum, William 12-5-1964 M Separ/Divorced
Laney, Joseph Edgar 8-12-1964 M Single
Lee, Jim 6-16-1964 M Widowed
Mars, Alonzo Berry 9-1-1964 M Single
Mason, Sheila Margarette10-27-1964 F Married
Mccain, Robert Ivy 11-27-1964 M Single
Mccasland, Mattie Maud 1-10-1964 F Widowed
Mccoy, Rhoda B 5-17-1964 F Widowed
Mckey, Green 6-19-1964 M Widowed
Miller, Fiburn Franklin 5-4-1964 M Married
Miller, James Loyd7-17-1964 M Single
Mimms, Curlee 1-4-1964 M Widowed
Mims, Huldia 11-28-1964 F Widowed
Moon, Thomas Lundy Sr2-14-1964 M Single
Moore, Emily Jessie 7-26-1964 F Widowed
Morgan, William Horace 10-29-1964 M Single
Morris, Burrell3-24-1964 M Single
Moulton, Lillie Frances 2-22-1964 F Widowed
Murphy, Minnie Grace12-30-1964 F Single
Parris, Claude Berten3-16-1964 M Single
Penny, William Morris7-5-1964 M Single
Peters, Felecia 3-6-1964 F Married
Pitts, Alvie Roy7-6-1964 M Single
Pomeroy, Willis Wesley 11-3-1964 M Widowed
Poteet, Jimmy Dale12-8-1964 M Single
Rampley, Virgle Eugene 5-15-1964 M Single
Rea, Maude2-26-1964 F Widowed
Rhodes, Ronald Lynn5-9-1964 M Married
Robinson, Charles Henry10-19-1964 M Married
Rogers, Ollie 9-14-1964 F Widowed
Rogers, Robert Calvin1-15-1964 M Single
Roush, Oral George 3-3-1964 M Single
Royal, John Wes 10-23-1964 M Widowed
Russell, James Thomas 12-15-1964 M Widowed
Sellers, John Arther1-28-1964 M Married
Shelton, Julia Mae6-28-1964 F Single
Smith, Fred William10-27-1964 M Single
Smith, Jewel 5-17-1964 F Widowed
Smith, Samuel Barney 8-2-1964 M Separ/Divorced
Spencer, James Monroe9-7-1964 M Single
Starrett, Frances Elnora4-11-1964 F Widowed
Stell, Cal8-20-1964 F Widowed
Stephenson, James Arthur 9-9-1964 M Widowed
Storm, Russell Earl4-1-1964 M Single
Taylor, James Robert9-24-1964 M Single
Thigpen, Kenneth Leslie 2-13-1964 M Single
Tittle, Jesse Chapman3-24-1964 M Single
Truitt, Laurence L2-28-1964 M Single
Tucker, Claude Thomas 12-29-1964 M Single
Turner, Maggie L 7-30-1964 F Single
Vaughn, Ollie Mae 9-23-1964 F Single
Vickers, Joseph Lehman 6-19-1964 M Single
Wallace, Thomas4-17-1964 M Single
Washington, Roxie Anna7-8-1964 F Widowed
Watkins, Mitchell 12-5-1964 M Single
Watson, Annie Bell 1-8-1964 F Widowed
Webb, Annie Lou 12-21-1964 F Widowed
Williams, James Monroe 12-21-1964 M Single
Wright, John Thomas 7-13-1964 M Single
Yancey, Samuel 12-6-1964 M Separ/Divorced

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