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Deaths - 1973

Allen, Thomas J 26-Oct-1973 M Single
Amox, Oscar D 04-Mar-1973 M Single
Anderson, Hazel I 02-Mar-1973 F Widowed
Anthony, Emma V 13-Aug-1973 F Widowed
Archer, Maryanna K 17-Sep-1973 F Widowed
Bailey, Alberta N 20-Dec-1973 F Widowed
Banks, Norman L 18-Jul-1973 M Single
Barbee, Oscar J 19-Aug-1973 M Single
Barber, Mary I 25-Aug-1973 F Widowed
Barton, Virginia S 10-Sep-1973 F Married
Body, Durie09-Nov-1973 M Single
Bonner, Issie C 02-Oct-1973 F Widowed
Boone, Willie 03-Dec-1973 F Married
Boozer, Dora E 15-May-1973 F Married
Brown, Willie H 27-Jun-1973 M Separ/divorced
Brown, Willie J Inf Of28-Jul-1973 M Married
Bunce, Hattie L 06-May-1973 F Widowed
Bunger, Susie M 04-Oct-1973 F Widowed
Buster, Snow 04-Oct-1973 F Single
Cabler, Elbert W05-Apr-1973 M Single
Capps, Eva W 14-Nov-1973 F Widowed
Carr, James M 13-Feb-1973 M Single
Carr, Walter M 29-Nov-1973 M Single
Carter, Clemmie L 20-Feb-1973 F Widowed
Carter, Bobby W 01-Aug-1973 M Married
Carter, Barnard W 01-Aug-1973 M Married
Cato, Patricia A23-Oct-1973 F Married
Coffman, Annie L26-Jul-1973 F Widowed
Coker, Lillie P 04-Jun-1973 F Widowed
Cole, Homer C 26-Sep-1973 M Single
Collins, Lou E 01-Mar-1973 F Widowed
Connor, Kate N 09-Jul-1973 F Widowed
Cope, Walter 13-Jan-1973 M Single
Cornett, Bessie R 27-Jul-1973 F Single
Covington, Ruthie T18-Nov-1973 F Widowed
Danlin, Maggie L02-Nov-1973 F Widowed
Davis, Ida M 16-Jan-1973 F Widowed
Derrick, Clara B30-Jan-1973 F Single
Derrick, John H 22-Oct-1973 M Widowed
Dodson, Francis N 08-Dec-1973 M Widowed
Donaldson, Oran T 12-Nov-1973 M Single
Doss, Betty G 20-Apr-1973 F Single
Driggers, Millard E23-Jun-1973 M Single
Durham, Elem O 06-Jul-1973 M Single
Edwards, Russell L 17-Apr-1973 M Single
Evans, Sluane 10-Mar-1973 F Single
Evans, Lillie 11-Mar-1973 F Widowed
Evans, Lurline 30-Jun-1973 F Single
Ford, Edward 04-May-1973 M Single
Ford, Marcelle 06-Sep-1973 M Widowed
Ford, Louise 22-Sep-1973 F Widowed
Forsythe, William L13-Jun-1973 M Single
Frazier, Charlie16-Apr-1973 M Single
Frazier, Julia G02-May-1973 F Widowed
Frazier, Lottie M 16-May-1973 F Widowed
Garner, Edd30-May-1973 M Widowed
Garrett, Ezekie L 17-Aug-1973 M Single
Gentry, Ether L 18-Feb-1973 F Widowed
Godsey, Alma O 03-Jul-1973 F Widowed
Graham, Willie M10-Aug-1973 F Widowed
Gray, Leland A 08-Jun-1973 M Single
Hadwin, Joseph L15-Oct-1973 M Widowed
Hall, Lucy A 22-Nov-1973 F Widowed
Hall, Eugene, III 18-Dec-1973 M Married
Hall, Loyd 27-Dec-1973 M Single
Hardin, James D 15-May-1973 M Single
Hargett, Henry H08-Apr-1973 M Single
Harrison, Bessie L 14-Jan-1973 F Single
Harrison, Willie M 05-Mar-1973 F Single
Hart, Minerva 10-Mar-1973 F Widowed
Hart, Opal I 17-Apr-1973 F Widowed
Hatfield, Eva M 04-May-1973 F Single
Hawkins, Joe E 07-Feb-1973 M Widowed
Hayes, James C 19-Sep-1973 M Single
Hefley, Claude L15-Jan-1973 M Widowed
Hicks, James H 29-May-1973 M Single
Hill, Matthew W 15-Dec-1973 M Widowed
Hillis, Dan02-Feb-1973 M Widowed
Hines, Walter 24-Apr-1973 M Widowed
Holloman, John W23-Aug-1973 M Widowed
Hooper, Alton P 24-Aug-1973 M Widowed
Hooper, Gracie E24-Aug-1973 F Widowed
Hooton, Ruby R 02-Sep-1973 F Widowed
Hooton, James R 19-Sep-1973 M Single
Hooton, Abner M 15-Nov-1973 M Single
Ingersoll, Charles H 10-Dec-1973 M Single
Jacobs, Melburn R 14-Mar-1973 M Single
Johnson, Willie M 29-Jan-1973 F Widowed
Johnson, Thomas J 07-Jul-1973 M Single
Jones, Mary E 29-Jun-1973 F Widowed
Jones, Debra S 03-Aug-1973 F Married
Jordan, Earlie 30-Sep-1973 F Widowed
Keasler, Hattie V 07-Jan-1973 F Widowed
Kirkley, Donnie L 19-Aug-1973 F Single
Knox, Edna M 17-Mar-1973 F Widowed
Lane, Ollie M 25-Jun-1973 F Widowed
Latham, Virgie I15-Aug-1973 F Widowed
Lawson, Lucy M 22-Sep-1973 F Single
Leftwich, Ben 16-Feb-1973 M Single
Leggett, Ada D 15-Jun-1973 F Widowed
Lewis, Ida M 17-Jul-1973 F Widowed
Lewis, Stella B 25-Aug-1973 F Widowed
Lilley, Audie D 07-Jun-1973 M Single
Luckey, Mardella02-Oct-1973 F Married
Marshall, Rutha F 25-May-1973 F Single
Mathney, Pearl 02-Nov-1973 F Widowed
Mccain, Alice 05-Jan-1973 F Single
Mcclain, Joseph D 03-Aug-1973 M Single
Mccoy, Carrie E 03-Jun-1973 F Widowed
Mcdaniel, Mattie M 24-Sep-1973 F Widowed
Menefee, Iola 24-Aug-1973 F Widowed
Miller, Peggy L 20-Jun-1973 F Single
Mills, Clifton 20-Jun-1973 M Single
Mitchell, Billy S 14-Oct-1973 M Married
Morris, Rose L 08-Sep-1973 F Widowed
Morse, Lula V 29-Jul-1973 F Single
Mulvihill, Helen W 26-May-1973 F Married
Parker, Nancy 18-Oct-1973 F Widowed
Pate, Joseph E 23-May-1973 M Single
Pate, Nellie B 11-Oct-1973 F Widowed
Patrick, Mattie L 06-Jan-1973 F Widowed
Pierce, Grace M 13-Sep-1973 F Widowed
Raleigh, Evie L 09-Jun-1973 F Widowed
Richardson, Maranda A29-Aug-1973 F Widowed
Roach, George A 09-Aug-1973 F Single
Roach, Ira I 02-Nov-1973 M Single
Robison, Pearl T26-May-1973 F Single
Rockwell, Sharon A Inf Of09-Oct-1973 F Married
Rodgers, James E23-Jul-1973 M Married
Roney, Carl C 24-Mar-1973 M Single
Royal, Mollie 25-Jun-1973 F Widowed
Rutland, Thomas A 22-Jan-1973 F Widowed
Sellers, Ernest L 10-Jul-1973 M Separ/divorced
Sherrill, Harvey B 22-Dec-1973 M Single
Skelton, Thomas A 06-Aug-1973 M Widowed
Skidmore, Alice W 22-Apr-1973 F Widowed
Skipper, Elvin B28-May-1973 M Single
Smith, Fred L 07-Mar-1973 M Single
Smith, Thomas M, SR31-Jul-1973 M Single
Smith, Velma O 02-Aug-1973 F Single
Smith, Harry R 17-Aug-1973 M Single
Smith, Thelma E 05-Sep-1973 F Single
Smith, Eva L 03-Dec-1973 F Single
Smith, Alton B 23-Dec-1973 M Single
Smith, Mae D 24-Dec-1973 F Single
Smith, Robert L 26-Dec-1973 M Single
Sprouse, Elijah C 22-Feb-1973 M Single
Stevenson, Bobby V 14-Mar-1973 M Single
Stubbs, Walter J30-Sep-1973 M Single
Summerlin, Lillian M 05-Jan-1973 F Single
Summerlin, Wiley W 18-May-1973 M Widowed
Sutton, Edward G14-Jun-1973 M Single
Taylor, Sarah L 10-Feb-1973 F Widowed
Taylor, Katherine 17-Oct-1973


Templeton, Larry D 15-Jun-1973 M Married
Terrell, Leslie C 26-Oct-1973 M Single
Terry, Irene 30-Apr-1973 F Widowed
Thames, Annie M 01-Jan-1973 F Widowed
Thigpen, Lan 28-Nov-1973 M Single
Thomas, George H25-Jun-1973 M Married
Tigert, Fred K 19-Nov-1973 M Single
Traylor, Herbert H 24-Jan-1973 M Separ/divorced
Turner, Roberta 15-Aug-1973 F Married
Vaughan, Cecil 02-Feb-1973 M Single
Walker, Samuel 29-Apr-1973 M Single
Walker, Fannie 24-May-1973 F Married
Walker, Albert M01-Jun-1973 M Single
Walker, Mary 24-Jun-1973 F Widowed
Warren, Andy G 01-Feb-1973 M Single
Welsh, Lela I 05-Feb-1973 F Widowed
Westbrook, Eula S 19-Jun-1973 F Widowed
Wicker, Alice R 29-Sep-1973 F Widowed
Williams, Mamie L 16-Nov-1973 F Widowed
Wilson, Emma R 01-May-1973 F Widowed
Woods, Pearl 20-Feb-1973 F Widowed
Wright, Clifton 16-Jan-1973 M Single
Wright, Rayford E 26-May-1973 M Separ/divorced
Wright, Alvin 18-Jul-1973 M Married

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