County Line Baptist Church and Cemetery - Daingerfield, Morris County, Texas
Directions: 5.4 mi. E of Daingerfield on Fm 130; 1 mi. N on CR 4119 to CR 4104
Marker #: 5343012234
Year Dedicated: 2000
Size, type: 18" x 28"
Last reported condition: No report
County Line Baptist Church and Cemetery - County Line Baptist Church records date back to 1859, but the church is believed to have been in existence some years earlier. The cemetery probably was already in use prior to 1863, when the earliest marked headstone was placed on this site for three-year-old John C. Leftwich. From the 1890s to 1901, County Line Community School met in the log church. A new church building was erected in 1901. Age and storm damage necessitated a move to another facility in 1943. The congregation began to allow grass to grow on the formerly scraped-earth cemetery grounds about that time. A number of veterans of the U. S. Armed Forces and various military conflicts are interred here. A cemetery association was formed in 1976. Both church and cemetery are chronicles of Morris County history. (2000)
Coordinates: No decimal coordinates available.
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