Cumberland Presbyterian Church - Daingerfield, Morris County, Texas
Address: 307 Broadnax Street
Marker #: 5343007846
Year Dedicated: 1991
Size, type: 18" x 28"
Last reported condition: Good
Cumberland Presbyterian Church - Congregation traces its history to 1849, when area Presbyterians formally organized and began holding worship services in private homes. From 1852 to 1880, services were held in the Chapel Hill College building at this site. The congregation has since met here in its own church structure, known for a period as the "Union Church" because Baptists also worshiped there. A declining population led the Presbyterians to deactivate in 1925, but in 1950 they reorganized and resumed worshiping at their historic locale.
Decimal degrees:  N 32.955048   W -94.635323
Degrees, minutes: N 32 57.303   W 094 38.119
UTM: Zone 15, Easting 347149, Northing 3647490
Cumberland Presbyterian Church
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