Naples Cemetery - Naples, Morris County, Texas
Address: 3rd Street and Pine Ave.
Marker #: 5343012235
Year Dedicated: 2000
Size, type: 18" x 28"
Last reported condition: No report
Naples Cemetery - The earliest recorded burial on this site was that of Elizabeth A. Baker, who died on April 26, 1883. Pattie D. Baker, who died in October of that year, is one of several people reported to have been reinterred here from the local school grounds. In 1892, J. H. Mathews sold about an acre including this site to trustees of the Belden Public School for $12.50 for use as a cemetery. In 1895 when the town of Belden was renamed Naples, the Belden Cemetery was renamed accordingly. Among those interred here are a Texas state representative, as well as Amanda Sheppard, the mother and grandmother of two U. S. congressmen. Members of the Watts family were reinterred here from the Wheatville graveyard northeast of Naples. Now encompassing two acres, Naples Cemetery is a chronicle of Morris County. (2000) Incise on base: Glenda Brown Scarborough
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Naples Cemetery
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