Richard Moore Cemetery - Daingerfield, Morris County, Texas
Directions: private property
Marker #: - 5343007850
Year Dedicated: - 1990
Size, type: - 18" x 28"
Last reported condition: - not surveyed
Richard Moore Cemetery - - Brothers Richard and Burrell Moore and their families came to Texas in 1840. Richard, his wife Sarah, and their children moved to this area in 1846. Sarah died soon after the move and is believed to be buried here in an unmarked grave. Although the oldest marked grave dates to 1894, there is evidence of a number of earlier burials. Richard Moore (1817-1904) and his second wife, Nancy (1844-1904), are buried here, as are four generations of their family. A slave cemetery is located to the southeast of the family graveyard on part of the Moore farmstead.
Coordinates: - - No decimal coordinates available.
Richard Moore Cemetery Historical Marker
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