Rogers Cemetery - Daingerfield, Morris County, Texas
Directions: private property - not accessible
Marker #: 5343007854
Year Dedicated: 1971
Size, type:
Last reported condition: not surveyed - private property
Rogers Cemetery - A plantation family burial ground. Established by planter-stagecoach owner-area leader Edwin Green Rogers (1800-70?) and wife Nancy (Tuggle) on their home grounds, a Republic of Texas grant to Nancy's mother, Mrs. Sarah Mercer. A daughter, Lizzie Rogers (Mrs. Tom) Urey, chose site and was first person buried here. This became a community cemetery. Marker Sponsors: Mrs. Harry E. Simpson (Ethel Chadick); Mrs. James C. Crouch (Era Mae Chadick); Isaac Mars Chadick; T. C. Chadick; Ralph Jack Chadick
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