Site of Hussey & Logan's Mill and Gin Factory - Daingerfield, Morris County, Texas
Address: N. Coffey St.
Directions: next to cemetery
Marker #: 5343007848
Year Dedicated: 1965
Size, type: 18" x 28"
Last reported condition: Poor; Refinish
Site of Hussey & Logan's Mill and Gin Factory - Made machinery to process most important crops in Texas: gin saws to take seeds from cotton, for cloth-making; grist mills to grind corn into meal for bread. During Civil War, when mills or parts could not be imported, gave vital aid to Texas in the handling of cotton-- the only cash crop, called "money of the Confederacy," as it was traded in Mexico to obtain ammunition, medicines and other goods. Other wartime plants in Texas made wagons, guns, powder, shoes, hospital supplies, kettles, pot, leather goods, clothes. One item was 1,712,328 yards of cloth.
Decimal degrees:  N 33.034950   W -94.722177
Degrees, minutes: N 33 02.097   W 094 43.331
UTM: Zone 15, Easting 339175, Northing 3656479
Site of Hussey and Logan Mill and Gin Factory
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