The W. T. and T. C. Connor Buildings - Daingerfield, Morris County, Texas
Address: 205 Linda Dr.
Marker #: 5343007845
Year Dedicated: 1976
Size, type: 18" x 28"
Last reported condition: missing - CHC possession
The W. T. and T. C. Connor Buildings - W. T. Connor (d. 1920) opened a mercantile business in 1866 in Daingerfield. In the 1880s, he and his contractor son, T. C. Connor, erected adjacent storehouses on this site, with his son doing the construction. Although T.C. Connor sold his building in 1890, the family regained ownership in 1938, to be retained until 1968. Occupants have included doctors, merchants, and various public agencies. The McKellar Company bought this property in 1974, combining the structures, which are rare examples of Victorian business buildings still in use.
Coordinates: No decimal coordinates available.
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