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Butler, Judeth

BUTLER, JUDETH                                                                                        August 22, 1824 April 23, 1916

 Grand Ma Butler Dead

     Judeth Hayes was born in North Carolina in August 1824 and later moved to Tennessee where she was married to Philip Butler when a young lady.  They moved to Texas in 1846 and settled near Concord after camping in a tent for a while at the Concord spring.

   They raised a family of five children; two girls and three boys, all of whom, except C. C. Butler of our town, with her husband preceded her in death.

   She lived to a ripe old age and had enjoyed many of the pleasures as well as many of the hardships of life, and for more than forty years had been faithful in her belief and following of the consoling Christ who died to redeem the lost, as she was devout and faithful member of the Christian Church.

   Since the death of her husband she has spent her time with her grandchildren; and her son, C. C. Butler, at whose home she was finally stricken and died about 8 o'clock last Saturday morning more of a wornout lie than otherwise having been quite feeble the last three years.

   Her remains were interred in Concord cemetery Sunday morning surrounded by many relatives, down to the fourth generation, and a host of loving acquaintances with funeral services conducted by Elder Edd Duncan of Argo and a few thoughts by Rev. C. W. Smith.

   The Breeze can "but weep with those that weep", yet would say to the one living son and one sister; along with the many relatives that survive her, weep not, for "Aunt Judie" has only attained to the glory for which she has so long and faithfully strived.  (Row 8 NW)

The above obituary was printed on the front page in the April 26, 1916, issue of the OMAHA BREEZE at Omaha, Morris County, TX.  


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