The Building of the Rabb Ranch

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 “The Cattle Queen of Texas”

John William Rabb married Martha A. Reagan on May 23, 1848 in Fayette County, Texas.  And in 1857 they moved to Nueces County to start the Rabb

ranch with the brand of Bow and Arrow. He was at that time called a “range pirate” meaning he was open range grazing. John builds a ranch house for the

family in Banquete area and another in Corpus Christi. It being on the bluff so his children could attend school. When the war comes to Texas he was drafted

on July, 1863 for six months. In 1872 he died and left Martha with 10,000 head of cattle and no much land. She took over at a dangerous time. The open

range was vulnerable to rustlers and hide thieves. The increasing violence led many cattlemen to sell out. As they sold she was buying. Within a year she

owned 43,000 acres. She begins to be called, “The Cattle Queen of Texas”. She then fenced 30 miles of main pasture land.  In 1884 she met and married Rev.

Curran M. Rogers, a Methodist minister.  The Rev. Rogers had six children and Martha had six children. They all moved in to the Magnolia Mansion in Corpus

Christi. Later they sold the Magnolia Mansion and moved to Austin until 1901 when Martha died at the age of 75.



                                           “The Cattle Queen of Texas” 



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