The Malone Family

Submitted by Shirley Hanks

Name Birth Place  Death Buried
Thomas Wesley Malone June 3, 1864 Texas Sept. 15, 1927 Carthage, Panola County, TX
Mollie Susan Rayburn April 28, 1871 Louisiana March 5, 1942 Carthage, Panola County, TX


Place of marriage: Columbia Co., Arkansas
Date:   June 20, 1888
Preacher:  Brother Scott, J.R
Witnessess:  Allie Hanson, Fred Gremite, Layfets Robinson
Mollie Susan Rayburn was the daughter of Joseph Rayburn (Born in Mississippi) and Lizzie Rayburn (Born in Georgia).

Thomas Wesley Rayburn was put out on the side of the road in Arkansas with one dime by his stepfather. His father was born in Virginia and his mother was born in Texas. Thomas Wesley was listed in the Arkansas 1900 Census as a skidway builder


E. L. (Luther) Malone Born: October 15, 1889 Died: June 18, 1950 married to Hattie Rackley on March 29, 1911 in Comanche Co., Texas 
N.V. (Oler)? (Viola) Malone  Born: March 21, 1892 Died: married J.C. (Arlin) Mangum February 27, 1910 
W.A. Malone  Born: July 6, 1894 Died: January 18, 1914
Bessie Malone Born: June 17, 1897 Died: October 9, 1937 Cause of Death Childbirth Married: Eddie Murry on December, 14, 1919 in Carthage, Texas Children: Elvin Murry, Billy, Kelly Sue, ? After the death of Bessie, Kelly Sue was given to a family and was adopted by them.
Jessie Malone   Born: June 17, 1897 Died: September 11, 1898
Gracie Malone   Born: September 20, 1899 Died: December 20, 1979 Married Webster Denton  on December 21, 1919 in Carthage, Texas
John Daley or Dailey Malone Born: January 19, 1902 Died May 28, 1982 Birthplace: Columbia Co., Arkansas Married Luna Jewel (Morton) on December 21, 1919 in Carthage, Texas Children: Helen Sue, Benjamen Thomas, Gene, Norma, Dorathy Mae, Annie Josephine, Bonnie Sue, Vallie Ruth, Wanda Louise, Evelyn.

* Double wedding ceremony with Gracie and Webster Denton

C.B. Malone  Born: June 30, 1904 Died: June 26, 1906
Infant Born: August 13, 1906 Died: August 13, 1906
M.P.(Pearl) Malone Born: February 19, 1909 Died: July 27, 1909
C.C. Malone Born: June 30, 1910 Died: October 12, 1978
Infant   Born: July 20, 1914 Died: July 20, 1914