Woolworth Family History

as found in the Panola County History Book

Biography #328, page 311

Submitted by Frances H. Tiller


S.S. “Sid” Baker, born in 1854 in Panola County, died in 1925.  His parents were Benjamin H. and Eliza Greer Baker of Russell County, Alabama.  He married Elizabeth Beck, born in 1849 and died in 1922.  Both are buried in Carthage Cemetery.  Their children were:

 1) Ola Baker, born 1880, died October 10, 1967, married James G. “Jim” Woolworth who was born 1874 and died 1936.  He was a lawyer and a brother to Dr. Joe Woolworth of Shreveport.  Judge and Mrs. Jim Woolworth are buried in Carthage Cemetery.

2) Benjamin Moberly “B” Baker, born in 1883 and died in 1935, was a lawyer and he married Ollie May Forrest.  Their only child was Melba Baker, born in 1909 and died in 1940.

3) Ruth Baker, born January 15, 1885, married Shelby George Turner, who was born in 1878 and died in 1940.  His parents were George and Hettie Turner of Arkansas.  Shelby Turner was an early teacher in Panola County schools.  Their only child was Sid Baker Turner, born in 1908 and died in 1961.  He was buried in Carthage Cemetery.  He married Norma Weatherby and their only child is Teressa Turner, born around 1948.  Sid Baker Turner served for several years on the board of the Carthage Independent School District.


S.S. “Sid” Baker was a brother of Benjamin Moberly Baker, husband of Emily Ann Hull-Baker, daughter of Colonel and Mrs. Edwin Sealey Hull.  He was a bookkeeper for the Alsup and Thompson store in Carthage for several years.  He was a Texas State Representative for ten years and Panola County Clerk for eighteen years.  When he died, he was representing Governor Ferguson in New Orleans, Louisiana and died in his hotel room.

(NOTE:  Although Miss Tiller says that Elizabeth Beck married S.S. Baker, the marriage records of Panola County show that on 14 Aug 1881, Sidney Baker married Elizabeth F. Garrison.  Ola, listed above as the child of S.S. and Elizabeth, undoubtedly was Elizabeth’s child by a previous marriage, as Ola married under the name of Ola Garrison.)


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On November 4, 1902, J.C. Woolworth was elected County Judge.  His Sheriff was J.P. Forsyth and Commissioners were J.A. Heaton, J.W. Bowen, G.A. Westmoreland and C.E. Johnson.

Judge Woolworth was re-elected on November 8, 1904.  Upon the retirement of Judge Woolworth in 1906, Judge J.H. Long was elected.

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