Descendant Charts

Family Name Submitter
Bryant/Saulter Family Nancy Vick
Crawford, Chester Marylee Knight/Margaret Crawford
Denton, Eli Angela Weaver
Heaton, Thomas Martin, Jr. Sallie Kay Bell
Edge Family Plus Wiley Alston Jarrell
Garland Family Marylee Knight
Hartley, Henry Clinton Angela Weaver
Hartley, William Angela Weaver
Hill, Thomas Angela Weaver
Hull, Edwin Sealy Family Jamie Brinkoeter
Kyle Family Marylee Knight
Lawless, James Howard Hal Stephen Lawless
Malone Family
Martin Family
Morton Family
Neal Family
Ramage, Joseph Angela Weaver
Rowe, Rhonda Minerva Shelley Lynch
Shivers, Jonas Marylee Knight/Margaret Crawford
Sipes, Johann Angela Weaver
Slade, A. E. Barbara Bonner
Waits, J. B. Edna Crawford Coleman  
Wills, Lavonia Ann Margaret Crawford
Woolworth Family

Family Group Sheets

Bellamy, James Rubin
Craig, William Wallace
Dial, Nathanel Green
Grantham, Jefferson
Kuykendall, John William
Newton, James Ebenezer

Family Histories

Bryant/Saulter Family

John King Graves Family

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Thomas Jefferson Miller (and related families of Barnes, Secrest, Gipson)
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