The Family Land Heritage Program honors farms and ranches that have been in continuous agricultural operation by the same family for 100 years or more. The program is designed to recognize and chronicle the unique history of Texas agriculture and the men and women who settled this great state and continue the tradition today.

Since the program started in 1974, the Texas Department of Agriculture has recognized more than 4,200 farms and ranches in 232 counties across Texas. Fayette County has the most Family Land Heritage honorees with 129 properties, Houston County is next with 86 properties, Austin, Medina and DeWitt counties are tied with 84 properties each and Gillespie County has 83 properties.

In 2000, the Family Land Heritage Program started recognizing families who have kept their farm or ranch in agricultural production for 150 and 200 years. Since then, five ranches have been recognized for 200 years and 80 farms and ranches for 150 years of operation.

Each year a ceremony is held to recognize the farms and ranches accepted into the Family Land Heritage Program. Participants whose farm or ranch qualifies receive a certificate of honor in the name of the farm or ranch. They can also obtain a Texas Century Farm or Ranch sign to proudly display on their property and the family's agricultural history is documented in the Family Land Heritage Registry.

For more information go to the website of the TX Department of Agriculture at,1987,1848_5409_7671_0,00.html?channelId=5409




Name of Property                               Year established    Year honored


Allison Farm I                                    1853                      1975

Allison Farm II                                   1853                      1975

Allison’s Hereford Ranch                   1853                      1975

Allivern Farm                                     1853                      1975

Buckner Creek Ranch                         1861                      1974

Burgess Farm                                     1851                      1998

Chadwick 2C Farm & Ranch              1875                      1975

Collins – Porter Farm                         1895                      2003

Conrad Allison Farm                          1853                      1975

Grace Farm & Ranch                         1864                      1974

Holland Cattle Farm                            1849                      1974

Holland Ranch                                   1849                      1974

J.S. Baldwin Farm                              1853                      1975

Joe G. Allison Ranch                          1853                      1980

Johnson Place – Hanson Farm            1854                      1975

MSB Ranch                                       1869                      1974

Metcalf Ranch                                    1869                      1976

Metcalf-Dorman Farm                        1881                      2006

Page Ranch                                        1860                      1975

Parker Farm                                       1889                      1991

Roberts’ Farm                                   1884                      2001

Simmons Farm                                   1853                      1975

Summer Hill Farm                              1864                      1975

Thomas Farm