Delray Community, Panola Co, TX

Vol B, Page 93, Deed Records


Sihon House - Deed Gift to Lemuel Herrin and Abner Herrin

State of Texas

County of Panola County

This indenture made this the fourth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight-hundred and forth eight between Sihon House of the one part and Lemuel Herrin and Abner Herrin such trustees of the Baptist Macedonia Church of the other part, both parties citizens of the State and County aforesaid. Witness that the said Sihon House for and in consideration from benevolent motives and the promotion of God's Holy Religion at and before the sealing and delivering hereof the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have given, granted and aligned and confirmed and of these presents do give, grant and align and confirm unto the said Lemuel and Abner Herrin, Trustees of the said Church Macedonia and their successors three acres of land for the benefit of the said Church commencing at a certain point on the east boundary line of Catherine Lindsey's survey where it crosses the meeting house branch thence up the meandering of the branch for enough to make three acres of land by running due west to Catherine Lindsey's east boundary line. To have and to hold from me as my quit claim deed to the three acres of land as granted to the Trustees and their successors for the use and benefit of said Church so long as said church continues to be a church of worship and or when the church fails or falls through or ceases to be a church then the land so devised and granted shall revert back to the proper owner. In Testimony thereof I hereto set my hand and seal the seal being a scrawl, the date and year above written.

Sihon House

Attest: A.G. Wall and M.H. Johns

NOTE: This deed covers the area now known as Old Macedonia Cemetery on Panola County Road 225. Although there is no longer a church building at that location, the deed remains in effect because Macedonia Church still exists in its location on U.S. Hwy 79S. In the legal sense a church is a body of people, not a structure.