Carthage Masonic Lodge # 77

Panola County Deed Records

Volume B, page 517 - 519


Duncan, McNair, et al

Plan of House

Article of Agreement                                                       


Filed June 6, 1851 at 10 o'clock AM

The State of Texas, County of Panola


This article of agreement entered into this the 7th day of May AD 1851 between D. McNair of the one part and W. W. McCartney, S.B. Darnall, A.B. Davis, A.D. Irwin and John M. Parker building committee constructing on the part and for Carthage Lodge # 77 of the other part witnesseth that the said McNair on his part ________________ and agrees to furnish all the materials to wit - hewn timbers, sawed lumber, shingles, nails, __________ and build, construct and erect a House in the Town of Carthage, on Lot # 117.  Said House to be constructed according to a plan or specification hereto annexed and made part of this agreement.  The said McNair is also to furnish the said house with furniture as specified in same plan, the said house to be completed according to said plan or specification by the 25th day of December 1851.  In consideration of said services to be performed by the said McNair the said W.W. McCartney, S.B. Darnall, A.B. Davis, A.D. Davis and John Parker Committee constructing as aforesaid premises in their part to deliver over to the said McNair immediately a subcription which has been raised for the purpose of erecting said House amounting to five hundred and eight-two dollars, giving to the said McNair full and entire control over said subscription to collect the same and appropriate it to his own use with the understanding that it is to be so much money paid to him in past satisfaction of the above mentioned services the said Committee as aforesaid further promises to pay to the said McNair on the first day of June AD 1851 the sum of $125.00 and on the twenty fifth day of December AD 1851 the said Committee as aforesaid is to pay to the said McNair the sum of $118.50 dollars and on the 25th day of December AD 1852 the said Committee as aforesaid is to pay to the said McNair the further sum of $400.00 dollars amounting in all to $1,226.00 which said sum of twelve hundred and twenty-six dollars to be paid at the time and in the manner above specified is to be in entire satisfaction for the above mentioned services to be performed by the said McNair.


Witness our hands and seals using scrawls for seals this day and year above written


                                                                        Duncan McNair

                                                                        W.W. McCartney

                                                                        S.B. Darnall

                                                                        John M. Parker

                                                                        A.B. Davis


The State of Texas

County of Panola County

Personally appeared before the undersigned authority D. McNair, W.W. McCartney, S.B. Darnall, John M. Parker and A.B. Davis all parties to the within article agreement and whose names appear signed, thereto and acknowledged that they signed sealed and delivered the same for the uses and purposes therein Contained.


Given under my hand and seal of office this the 29th day of May AD 1851

                                                                        J. Hadley Anderson, Clerk


Plan of Masonic Hall


To be 28 feet long and 26 feet wide,

3 heart pine sills 48 feet long, 12 inches square

2 dozen pine sills 26 feel long, 12 inches square

46 Sleepers 13 feet long, 3 by 10 inches to be sawed

32 Scantling 12 feet long,  4 by 6 inches

3 Scantling  12  feet long,  2 by 4  inches

32  Scantling 11 feet long,   4 by 6  inches

32  Scantling   11  feet long,   2 by 4  inches

50 rafters  16  feet long,   3 by 4   inches

15 pieces    16  feet long,   4 by 6 inches

11 Corner Posts 24 feet long, 12 by 12 inches

8 Pieces 24 feet long   4 by 10 inches

2 Pieces 26 feet long  4 by 10 inches

2 Pieces  24 feet long  4 by 10 inches

1 Piece 48 feet long  8 by 10 inches

50 Posts 13 feet long  2 by 10 inches

4 plates 26 feel long 4 by 6inches

25 Joists 28 feet long 4 by 6inches

To be sheeted with plank  (solid)

To covered with cypress shingles 18 inches to show five inches


Window frames to be made of 2 inch lumber cased on the inside and twenty eight in number to be completed.


Two doors in front below formed like the windows to be 4-1/2 feet wide, nine feet long, to be closed with folding panel shutters, Shutters to be 7 feet long with transoms above one door frame 3-1/3 feet wide, 7 feet high to be placed on the south side near the S.W. corner to be closed with panel shutters, said doors to be fastened with substantial knob locks, weather boarding to be dressed and put on in a workman-like manner.


 Boxing to be plain with bed mould.


Lower floor to be laid with 1-1/2 inch plank kiln dried and tongued and grooved.


____ columns in the ________ to extend from the floor to the girder,


Said lower room to be furnished with a temporary pulpit and twenty seats 12 feet long,


one flight of Stairs to commence at the ground on the outside to pass through a door at the South West corner and extend up to the second floor. 


The upper floor to be laid with 1-1/2 inch plank kiln dried dressed tongued and grooved


One partition to run across the West  angle and cutting of ten feet.  The doors in said partition 3-1/3 feet by 6-1/2 feel to be closed with panel shutters and fastened with knob latches. 


One partition cutting off ten feet forming a room ten feet square in the North West corner with one door 3-1/3 feet - 6-1/2 closed with a panel door fastened with a knob latch. 


Said rooms to be furnished with three stands.  One stand to be three steps high with two columns with an arch.  2nd 2 steps high.  The 3rd one step high.  Said stands to be worked with panel work in front.  The first stand to be six by four feet - 2nd and 3rd four feet square.


I do certify that the foregoing is a true copy of the plans of the Masonic Hall as on file in my office this the 11th day of June AD 1851


                                                                        J. Hadley Anderson, Cle


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