Carthage Chapter # 28 Royal Arch Masons

Panola County Deed Records

Volume E, page 158


Sihon House, et al

To: Deed

Carthage Chapter No 28


Filed Aug 26th at 9 o'clock AM, J. Hadley Anderson Co Clk

The State of Texas, Panola County


Know all men by these presents that we Sihon House as Worshipful Master and Samuel B. Darnall as Senior Warden and Wm. P. Anderson as Junior Warden of Carthage Lodge No. 76 on the part of said Lodge and for said Lodge for and in Consideration of the sum of four hundred dollars paid to said Lodge by Carthage Chapter No. 28 of Royal Arch Chapter Masons, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, have this day and do by these presents bargain, sell, alien and Convey unto Nathan Davis, as Most Excellent High Priest and H.P.C. Dulany as Excellent King and J.M. Parker as Excellent Scribe and their successors in office for the use of said Chapter, an undivided half of the upper story of the Masonic Hall in the town of Carthage, to be held by said Davis, Dulany and Parker as aforesaid and their successors for the use of said Chapter, free from interruption and molestation forever, hereby warranty the enjoyment of said undivided half of said House to the said Davis, Dulany and Parker as aforesaid to be used by them and their successors forever in Common with said Carthage Lodge.


Given under my hands and seal this May 17, 1855


                                                                        Sihon House   (seal)

                                                                        S.B. Darnall   (seal)

                                                                        Wm. P. Anderson   (seal)



            H. Fyke

            S.B. Lacy


State of Texas

Panola County


Personally appeared before the undersigned authority H. Fyke, one of the subscribing witnesses, the witnesses to the instrument of writing and by me duly sworn according to Law, deposes and says that he saw S. House, S.B. Darnall and Wm. P. Anderson, whose names appear to said instrument, that he and S.B. Lacy signed the same as witnesses at the said House, Darnall and Anderson.


Given under my hand and seal of office this August the 26th, 1855.

                                                                                    J. Hadley Anderson C Clk

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