Researched by Leila B. LaGrone

Additional research by Marylee W. Knight



(Mt. Zion United Methodist Church – CR 328)

Vol. B, p 259

From: Crenshaw

To:  Mt. Zion Methodist Episcopal Church South


(Campground ME Church South – later moved and became Pisgah Church on SH 149)

Vol. C, p 410, Deed dated Oct. 4, 1852, filed Oct. 27, 1852.

From: Sihon House – 12 acres in Sihon House Headright

To: John W. Williams, Henry J. Thompson, Terrell Henson, David White, James Slaughter, Trustees


(First Methodist – Carthage)

Vol. D, p 479, Deed dated Aug. 24, 1854, Filed Aug. 24, 1854

From: Stephen L. Davis and wife, Huldah Davis – Lot #12 of town site

To: John Parker, William Wall, Sandford Snider, James B. Armstrong, Henry Thompson, Terrell Henson, Isaac Taylor, James Rowe and James Heffner, Trustees


(First Methodist – Carthage)

Vol. E, p 140  Deed dated May 8, 1855, Filed July 23, 1855

From: John M. Parker and wife, Mary E. Parker – Lot #109 of town site

To: H.P.C. Dulaney, Noble Grand of Eureka Lodge # 34 of the I.O.O.F. and William S. Wall, Sandford Snider, James B. Armstrong, Terrell Henson, Willis Matthews, Isaac Taylor, Stephen L. Davis, James Heffner and James Rowe, Church Trustees


(Old Macedonia/Ebenezer)

Vol. F, p 185  Deed dated July 27, 1858, Filed Sept. 24, 1858

From:  James H. Bruster – Tract of land in the Sihon House Headright

To:  John H. Davidson and Isaac Taylor,  Church Trustees


Vol. L, p 472  Deed dated Oct. 1873, Filed Oct. 10, 1873

From: Wm. B. Cooker – 4-1/4 acres in William English Headright

To: I.L. Stephen, W.R. Downs, William B. Cooker, F.E. Timmons, B.D. Holland, J.B. Woodrum, L.M. Horton, J.M. Trosper and Joseph Smith, Trustees, Elysian Fields Circuit, Marshall District, East Texas Conference, Methodist Episcopal Church South.


(Bellary Chapel, CR 322 not far north of FM 123, near Centennial Cemetery)

Vol. N, p 308   Deed dated Sept. 13, 1877, Filed Nov. 15, 1877

From Isabella Secrist – 1 acre in Bowman Survey

To: J.B. Armstrong, Samuel Tomlison, John W. Bruce, Thomas J. Fleming and John R. Fleming, Trustees of Bellary Chapel M.E. Church South.


(Rehobeth United Methodist Church – U.S. Hwy 59 N at CR 207)

Vol N, p 369   Deed dated Jan. 9, 1878, Filed Jan. 9, 1878

From:  J.W. Biggs – 3 acres   (G.B. Roberts Headright)

To:  J.W. Biggs, A.W. Smith and John Chadwick, Church Trustees


(Bethel C.M.E. Church – Old site on FM 124 E, east of Beckville)

Vol. N, p 381   Deed dated Feb. 13, 1875, Filed Jan. 19, 1878

From: T.W. Langley and wife, Zillah A. Langley – 2 acres in E. Smith Headright

To:  Levi Booth and Panola Carter, Church Stewards


(Deberry, area near CR 322)

Vol. P, p 118   Deed dated Nov. 20, 1880, Filed Nov. 22, 1880

From:  James G. Ramsey and wife, Mary Ramsey – 1 acre of J.H. Anderson Headright

To: East Texas Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church South


(Woods United Methodist Churc – CR 425)

Vol. R, p 236   Deed dated Nov. 29, 1876, Filed Nov. 22, 1880

From: E.S. Hull – Tract of land in James B. Anderson Headright

To: J. Fleming, Thomas F. Knight, William F. Walker, John E. Parker and Martin Smith, Church Trustees


(Concord in Woods Community)

Vol. R, p 237   Deed dated July 27, 1883, Filed July 26, 1884

From: W.H. Knight and wife, R.B. Knight – 20 acres of Thomas Kelly Headright

To: A.B. Knight, W.F. Walker, S.M. Tomlinson, Giles Bowers and Cob Burton

Purpose:  Aid in erecting a Preacher’s House for use and occupancy of the preachers of the Methodist Episcopal Church South


(Bethlehem  - In vicinity of FM 31 South and CR 447)

Vol. R, p 264   Deed dated Feb. 16, 1884, Filed Aug. 23, 1884

From:  Henry McKen and wife, Caroline McKen – 6 acres in James T. Kelly Headright

To:  Bethlehem Church


(Mt. Zion C.M.E. Church, in Socagee bottom, west from dead end of CR 330)

Vol. R, p 576   Deed dated Dec. 6, 1881, Filed Dec. 8, 1881

From:  Allen H. Baker – 2 acres in George Goodwin Headright

To:  Mt. Zion M.E.S. Church


Vol. T, p 31   Deed dated Jan. 21, 1887, Filed Apr. 27, 1887

From:  M.Y. Calhoun

To: F.B. Timmins, Joseph Everett and James A. Westmoreland, Trustees for Methodist Episcopal Church South


(Beckville United Methodist Church)

Vol. T, p 599   Deed dated March 31, 1881, Filed June 6, 1888

From Cyrus Marshall and wife, Margaret Marshall – Lot #169 in town site

To:  E.T. Crawford, J.M. Langley, J.A. Jordan, Napoleon Parker, Wiley Yarborough and F.M. Copeland, Church Trustees

Purpose:  Site for church parsonage


(Bethlehem  - In vicinity of FM 31 South and CR 447)

Vol. U, p 58   Deed dated Feb. 16, 1888, Filed Aug. 15, 1888

From:  Henri Meken and wife, Caroline Meken - 6-1/2 acres in James T. Kelly Headright

To:  Bethlehem Church


(Colored Methodist Episcopal Church South – in vicinity of end of CR 330)

Vol. V, p 217   Deed dated Dec. 27, 1889, Filed Dec. 27, 1889

From:  Sam S. Adams and wife, Iola R. Adams – Ύ acres in George Goodwin Headright

To:  Dennis Frazer, Annon McLemore and Clabe Johnson, Trustees of “Colored Methodist Episcopal Church South”


(Beckville United Methodist Church)

Vol. W, p 413   Deed dated June 23, 1891, Filed June 28, 1891

From:  J.E. Biggs and wife, M.E. Biggs – Ύ acres situated in the Town of Beckville

To: J.A. Crawford, J.E. Biggs, N. Parker and J.T. Allison, Church Trustees


(Bethel United Methodist Church – Elysian Fields, where CR 3122 enters Harrison Co)

Vol. X, p 428   Deed dated Nov. 13, 1879, Filed Oct. 19, 1892

From:  F.E. Timmins, F.B. Timmins, M.J. Calhoun and Manerva Anderson

6 and 52/160 acres of land in the John Finley Survey

To:  W.R. Downs, J.M. Trosper, T.M. Norton, F.E. Timmins and B.D. Holland, Trustees for Elysian Fields M.E. Church South (Bethel)


(Pleasant Ridge C.M.E. – on CR 426)

Vol. X, p 606   Deed dated Feb. 4, 1893, Filed Feb. 4, 1893

From:  A.H. Baker, Sr. and wife, Jane A. Baker – 1 ½ acres in Matthew Paine Headright

To: Gregg Anderson, J.S. Capps and J.R. Baker, Trustees of Pleasant Ridge school and church.

Purpose:  Church and school purposes to be used by two denominations, viz, Methodist and Missionary Baptist.


(Tabernacle C.M.E. – West of Deberry, in vicinity of U.S. Hwy 79 N)

Vol. Y, p 59   Deed dated March 18, 1893, Filed Apr. 24, 1893

From:  J.W. Stroud – 2 acres in Hancock Smith Headright

To: “Tabernacle Methodist Episcopal Church (Colored)”, Ed Coward, Sam Childers and S.S. Gale, Trustees


(Jumbo Community – Vicinity of CR 163, CR 164 and CR 165)

Vol. Y, p 500   Deed dated July 30, 1891, Filed Apr. 24, 1894

From:  W.D. Smith – 1 acre in the E. White Headright

To:  Trustees of M.E. Church South at Jumbo


(Bethel, Mt. Zion and State Line churches – west of FM 31 N, near end of CR 3122)

Vol. Y, p 507   Deed dated Apr. 10, 1894,  Filed May 24, 1894

From:  C. Coyle and wife, Julia A. Coyle – 2 acres in Dan Tuttle, Sr. Headright


(Rehobeth United Methodist Church – U.S. Hwy 59 N at CR 207)

Vol. Z, p 566   Deed dated Aug. 15, 1895, Filed Nov. 27, 1895

From:  Dan Chadwick, Jr. and wife Annie Chadwick – 1 acre in J.B. Roberts Headright

To: J.N. Whitaker, E. Williford and Robert Sims, Trustees


(Church in vicinity of CR 310 or CR 311)

Vol. 1, p 320   Deed signed Feb. 29, 1896, Filed June 23, 1896

From:  N.T. Hill – 2 acres in the Henry Roberts Headright

To:  Jake Collier and Wesley Williams, Trustees


(Church in vicinity of CR 3122 and Harrison County line)

Vol. 1, p 454   Deed dated Sept. 21, 1896, Filed Sept. 28, 1896

From:  A.M. Gimsey – 2 acres in the Dan Tuttle, Sr. Headright

To: J.A. Harkrider and J.A. Everett, Trustees of Methodist Episcopal Church South (Arleston Circuit – Marshall District, East TX Conference)


(Midyett church and school – CR 326)

Vol. 1, p 456   Deed dated Sept. 4, 1896, Filed Oct. 1, 1896

From:  J.M. Trosper and wife Anne L. Trosper – 1 ½ acres in the Wm. English Headright

To: S. Midyett and R.L. Davidson, Trustees for church and school


(First Methodist – Carthage – Land in area of NE Loop and CR 301)

Vol. 2, p 446   Deed dated Nov. 11, 1899, Filed Nov. 12, 1899

From:  W.J. Blanton, Grand Master of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows of Texas 46/100 acres in the W.B. Thompson Headright

To: E.S. Hull, T.L. Anderson, W.L. Walker, J.H. Long, E.A. Hull, H.C. Jordan and H.C. Nelson, Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, Carthage Circuit, San Augustine District, East Texas Annual Conference.


(Bethel C.M.E. Church – 2nd location, within the town of Beckville)

Vol. 4, p 4   Deed dated Jan. 19, 1899, Filed Jan. 21, 1899

From:  M.D. Sterrett – 4/5 acre in Edwin Smith Headright

To: Daniel Jones, Ike Smith and Larkin Booty, Trustees


(Church located in vicinity of CR 108)

Vol. 4, p 316   Deed dated June 17, 1899, Filed July 26, 1899

From:  J.D. Duke – 1 acre in the William Hooper Headright

To:  Stewards of the Methodist Church.


(Bethany United Methodist Church – U.S. Hwy 79 N at State Line)

Vol. 4, p 431   Deed dated Sept. 18, 1899, Filed Sept. 22, 1899

From:  J.M. Trosper and wife, Anna Trosper – 1 – 11/100 acres in Town of Bethany

To:  J.M. Mitchell, J.A. Everett, J.A. Westmoreland, J.M. Midyett and Claud Adams, Trustees


(Ebenezer United Methodist Church – CR 227)

Vol. 5, p 598   Deed dated Jan. 6, 1900, Filed Oct. 26, 1900

From:  G.T. Ross and Ross Heirs: D.B. Ross, A.J. Kyle, Estelle Steger, Sallie Duke, Annie Lockwood, N.J. Kyle and R.A. Ross – 1 64/100 acres

To:  J.N. Watson and D.B. Ross, Trustees

Note:  This parcel of land was deeded to M.E. Church South by John N. Ross, Sr., about 1872.  Said deed being lost and same not of record; hence land had to be surveyed for field notes and to make a new deed.


(Methodist Church – Gary)

Vol. 5, p 596   Deed dated June 19, 1899, Filed Oct. 26, 1900

From:  T.J. Hull and wife, N.A. Hull – 1 acre, more or less

To:  R.H. Nash, G.H. Hall and G.E. Ramsey, Trustees of Methodist Church at Gary, Texas)

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