Panola County Historical Commission

2003 – 2004


Chairman – Marylee W. Knight

P.O. Box 576, Carthage, TX  75633-0576

PHONE: 903-693-9100 FAX: 903-693-9618



Current Membership

Becky Austin

Leila B. LaGrone  (deceased)

Don Austin

Billy Langford

Barbara Bonner

Kay Mauritzen

Jeanette Bounds

James McDaniel

M.M. “Dal” Bounds

Kathy Nicks

Geraldine Graves

Sue Oliphant

Elinor Humphries

Pat Porter

Marsha Ivey

Weldon Soape

Inez Jones

Robbie Sutlive

Marylee W. Knight

Jo Wedgeworth


The members of the Historical Commission are appointed by the Commissioners Court of Panola County.  The Court also designates one member of the Commission to serve as Chairman.  These appointments are made pursuant to Section 318.02, Local Government Code:


(a) The commission must be composed of at least seven residents of the county.  Members of the commission must be individuals who broadly reflect the age, ethnic and geographic diversity of the county.


(b)  The members of the commission shall be appointed during the month of January of odd-numbered years and are appointed for a term of two years.  The Commissioners Court shall fill a vacancy on the commission for the remainder of the unexpired term.


(c)  Each commission member must have an interest in historic preservation and an understanding of local history and resources.  

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