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TXGenWeb Robertson County Books & Master's Thesis

A   H I S T O R Y   O F   R O B E R T S O N   C O U N T Y

By John Walter Baker
Sponsored By The Robertson County Historical Survey Committee
(c) 1970 By The Robertson County Historical Foundation
First Edition 1.1971, Second Edition 3.1971, Third Edition 4.1979, Fourth Edition 12.1988, Fifth Edition 12.1999


Table Of Contents

Chapter Number

Chapter Title


Chapter 1 Robertson County Geography  
Chapter 2 Historical Background  
Chapter 3 Settlement In The Nashville Colony  
Chapter 4 Sterling Clack Robertson  
Chapter 5 Life Among Early Settlers  
Chapter 6 The Period Of Texas Revolution  
Chapter 7 The Republic & Indian Troubles  
Chapter 8 The Changing Face Of Robertson County  
Chapter 9 Robertson County Created  
Chapter 10 Old Franklin, The County Seat  
Chapter 11 Wheelock, The County Seat  
Chapter 12 Planters & Slavery  
Chapter 13 Owensville 1856-1879  
Chapter 14 Civil War  
Chapter 15 Post War Conditions & Changes  
Chapter 16 Franklin, The County Seat  
Chapter 17 Cultural Development  
Chapter 18 Old Roads & Villages Tenoxtitlan, Nashville On The Brazos, Viesca At The Falls Of The Brazos, Port Sullivan
Chapter 19 Towns & Communities In Precinct Two Hearne, Mumford, Benchley
Chapter 20 Towns & Communities In Precinct Three Lake, Ridge, Coal Branch, Easterly, Englewood, New Baden
Chapter 21 Towns & Communities In Precinct Four Bremond, Wootan Wells, Hammond, Bald Prairie, Petteway, Other Settlements In North Robertson County
Chapter 22 Towns & Communities In Precinct One Sterling, Mount Vernon, Little Mississippi
Chapter 23 Calvert  


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State Coordinator: Shirley Cullum
Assistant State Coordinators: Carla Clifton, Jane Keppler

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