Confederate Pension Applications from Schleicher County, Texas

Texas Confederate Pension Applications

This information came from the Texas State Electronic Library , which is a good place to check for Texas information. The Home Page has good, concise instructions for navigating the areas, and the results are worth the trip.

The pension applications contain a great deal of family information, such as how long in the state, where born, when married, and in some cases, the witnesses will usually be relatives. As I say they are worth the trip. The site will provide ordering instructions, and from experience, the information is sent before you forget you have ordered it. I have found a great deal of missing data in my research from the applications. Good luck and good hunting.


Claimant Name Application Number County


Husband's Application Number

Bates, Finis C., Sr. 03609 Schleicher    
Benton, William Franklin 24896 Schleicher    
Brooks, R. L. rej Schleicher    
Farrington, S. N. 18372 Schleicher    
Garvin, David Johnson 36382 Schleicher    
Garvin, Sarah F. 37303 Schleicher

Garvin, David Johnson

Green, J. P. 23945 Schleicher    
Hobbs, C. O. 18371 Schleicher    
McCartney, Delaney H. (Mrs) 08787 Schleicher McCartney, J. B. F.  
McCormack, John H. 20274 Schleicher    
McCormick, Philip H. 46502 Schleicher    
Smith, S. E. (Mrs) rej Schleicher

Smith, J. M.

Thurmond, Ruth 19371 Schleicher

Thurmond, William David

Whitley, John Andrew 33978 Schleicher    
Whitley, Tilithia 35640 Schleicher

Whitley, John Andrew



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