William A. MAKAMSON, a Southerner is not to be confused with the famous Northern MAKEMSON family...
(Both families became True Texans)
....William Knight MAKEMSON born in Illinois to Samuel Makemson and in Williamson County, TX with his parents and siblings at a young age and in the Texas Handbook on-line.
On the 1880 TEXAS Somerville Census...
54     55   Wm. Markamsom      Head          W       M       44      M      Ms       Sc       Sc     Farm Laborer
                        Rebecca Markamson  Wife          W       F       41      M      Tn       Ms       Nc     Keeping House
                        James Markamson    Son           W       M       12      S      Tx       Ms       Tn     At School
                        Nancy Markamson    Dau           W       F       7       S      Tx
William Markamsom was listed on the 1870 Hood County, Texas  census as W.A. Mccampson with his family and listed on a Military name
index in Johnson County, TX as being a Civil War Soldier--
(I think the Hood County Boundaries changed and the reason the family was on the 1880 Somerville County Census)
William was on the 1860 Colorado County, Texas census as Mackamson living with a George McKinnon family listed as single and a carpenter.
Makamson was on an 1890's tax list in San Saba County, Texas
William A. Makamson was born in Mississippi to James M. Makamson Junior of Irish decent (parents and/or grandparents from Ireland)
born in S.C. ca. 1802 and mother was Nancy Nash of Pickens, Alabama of English descent (on Rootsweb.com)
James M. Makamson junior and Nancy Nash Makamson had 3 children:
1. William A. Makamson born 1836 married a Rebecca unknown ca. 1860 in TX and was in the Civil War and had 3 girls and a boy.
1860 Colorado County, Texas Census
1870 Hood County, Texas Census
1880 Somerville County, Texas Census
died unknown date and place..possibly in TX
  Children of William A. Makamson and Rebecca unknown:
      a. Mary E. Makamson born 1862 TX married William Slaughter and eventually moved to Oklahoma and buried in Enid.
      b. Lucy Makamson born 1864 TX married unknown died unknown.
      c. James M. Makamson born 1868 TX married Alice Hughett Clay
      d. Nancy born 1872 TX married unknown died unknown.
2. Martin J. (changed his name to James M. the third)  moved to ARK and married a Mahala unknown and had 3 daughters.
James M. died at an early age and the three girls were raised by relatives and friends in ARK. Johnson County.
Mahala married a Rev. McMillion...she died soon afterwards within a year or two.
3. Mary E. Makamson married George Fielding ca. 1851 in Mississippi and had several offspring and moved to Texas unknown county before 1880 died unknown.
Any help on the above would be appreciated!
Thank you again.
Jeanne B.

Surnames: ADAMS
Submitted by: Jim Adams   --  Email address: jcadams@alltel.net
21 JUL 2006

Looking  for any information on AJ Adams and Mary Allen know to be in Somervell co.  in 1914. AJ was a teacher in 1900 in young co. Mary is the wife of CH Allen. I can't  seem to find them on a census record after 1900 but have them on a deed in Mississippi  in 1914 selling there share of their fathers farm and they list Somervell county as where they are living. Any suggestion for finding anything on them. AJ had 4 daughters and it is said in the family that some of them moved back to NE Mississippi after he died but have not been able to get a lead on when that was. any suggestion.
Surnames: BRYANT
Submitted by: Pauline[Bryan]Davis   --  Email address: zoom@arkansas.net
21 JUL 2006

Query:   Am searching for death, grave or any information on Rigman Bryant that was killed by  Indians in 1864,,he lived at Squaw Creek. He had a couple of sons am wondering what happen
to his family?  I have the story if you don't on his killing..
He was a brother to my ggggrandfather Lewis Bryant..
anything will be appreciated,,census or etc?
Surnames: POWELL
Submitted by: Helen Smith   --   Email address: helensm@hot.rr.com
26 JAN 2006

My grandfather, Dr. William H. Powell lived in Glen Rose for some years.  His grandfather
was Green Powell who had come first to Smith Co, then Hill County Tx near Towash where he
built a rock house on the Brazos River. In Bosque County he built the first corn, wheat and
cotton mill with overshot water wheel. Adam Benson was one of Green's sons. He married Louise
Dyer in 1859. They had Frank Powell and Cash Powell and well as J. Z. Doc Powell whose old letter
contains all this information. Now, awhile back, in the Waco newspaper there was this article about a
Group fishing for the Lake Whitney mill wheel.  Chris Dyer as well as Lem and Vivian Young of Lake
Whitney  were diving for the old mill wheel which article says was brought from France in 1854 to power the Towash mill. Dyer's relatives included a man named Simpson Cash Dyer.  I feel certain that this is the same line as Adam Benson and Louise Dyer.  I have not heard if they ever did find it, but appears to be the same mill that Green Powell was said to have owned.  I was wondering if these people had made contact with your historical society.  I would love to contact them and share family lore, as I am very interested in genealogy and the Powells.  Perhaps if you might could lead me to some other historical group who might can answer my query.  I have not been able to find one for Lake Whitney. Also, I was wondering if the book on Somervell doctors had ever been published.
Surnames: POWELL
Submitted by: Kim Mitchmore   --   Email address: <starofkimmer@yahoo.com>
31 JAN 2006
There is a Samuel Joseph : nickname"Sammie Francis" Rives (born 1885) who lived in Somervell county:  died in Ft. Worth/buried Georges Creek, Glen Rose. I'm trying to
find any info on birth of Sammie Francis Rives: father of Sammie B Joseph Rives (b 1938) both of
Fort Worth, and see if they connect to Samuel Joseph of Glen Rose

Submitted by: Michelle Blakemore   --   Email address: blakemores@brightok.net
21 JUL 2006

I'm searching for a story of a former sheriff of Somervell.  The sheriff was a T. A Wilson
and was killed by an outlaw. A picture of him is suppose to hang in the court house.
Do you know where I can get a hold of the story?


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