Terrell County, Texas | Cemeteries

Last modified: 26 MAR 2010

This is a partial listing of Terrell County Cemeteries. We will continue to add them as they are made known to us. If you know of a cemetery not listed here, please send us the name and location so that we may post it here. If the cemetery name is hyper linked, click on it and it will take you to the compilation done on that cemetery. If you have done a compilation of a cemetery and would like to share it, please send it to so that we may also post that here.

Cemetery | Maps Listings County/State Latitude Longitude Location
Cedar Grove Cemetery 707 Terrell, TX 300754N 1022309W Sanderson
Sanderson Cemetery 16 Terrell, TX 300754N 1022309W Sanderson
Santa Rita Cemetery 534 Terrell, TX 300759N 1022312W Sanderson

Sanderson Cemetery
Barron Jose 19 MAR 1890 9 SEP 1965
Befinio 7 APR 1928 16 JUN 1928
Castro Manuel unknown 2007
Cox Harmon 30 DEC 1872 8 JUN 1952
Dugger Chester Albert 24 SEP 1908 19 SEP 1969
Galvan Paul 31 JUL 1950 31 JUL 1950
Happle James Wilson 5 FEB 1875 17 JAN 1959
Perez Paula Pena 25 JAN 1902 26 FEB 1955
Sanchez Jose Maria 1873 6 JUN 1923
Savage James Walter 31 OCT 1849 12 NOV 1935
Savage Margaret Closner 28 AUG 1855 26 MAR 1938
Savage Roxanah 17 JAN 1899 17 SEP 1901
Taylor John R. 9 SEP 1869 29 NOV 1933
Wilkinson Ima Crozier unknown 9 FEB 2007
Wolff Mary Jane 6 OCT 1873 25 NOV 1959
Wolff Joseph W. 18 FEB 1866 19 SEP 1938

The Sanderson Cemetery was moved to, and is now a part of, Cedar Grove Cemetery. According to Arthur Soule, at TexasExcapes.com write, "The Sanderson Cemetery contains the headstone erected by the Terrell County Historical Society to mark the resting-place of Ben Kilpatrick, AKA the Tall Texan and partner Ole Hobek, who attempted to rob the train at Baxter's Curve, just east of Sanderson in 1912. The actual bodies may have been washed away in a flash flood, some years ago."