Terrell County, Texas | Death Records

Last modified: 14 AUG 2009

WWII Casualties

Terrell County Death Records, 1964-1970, 1972-1999

Birth and Wedding Announcements, and Obituaries
from the Terrell County News Leader beginning January 2006

from past issues of The Sanderson Times compiled by the Rev. William Perhealth


Death Index 1964 to 1974

Last First Middle Title DeathDate Sex MaritalStatus
Banner Cyrus Wilson 07-Feb-69 M SINGLE
Barbee Willis Beall 13-Apr-69 M SINGLE
Barrera Elida 11-Jun-65 UNKNOWN
Barron Magdalena 04-Aug-64 F WIDOWED
Barron Frank Jr 11-Jun-65 M UNKNOWN
Bernhard Frank Cody 13-Mar-67 M SINGLE
Bravo Atilano R 26-May-70 M SINGLE
Briggs Jessie 16-May-73 F WIDOWED
Brown Barney 19-May-67 M SINGLE
Browning Walton C 22-Jul-66 M SINGLE
Bustos Juan T 14-May-72 UNKNOWN
Cardenas Dario SR 19-Aug-64 M WIDOWED
Carrasco Juan E 12-Nov-72 UNKNOWN
Carrasco Juan E 12-Nov-72 M SINGLE
Carroll C D III 13-Jul-68 M SINGLE
Castillo Juan R 11-Feb-74 M SINGLE
Chavez Frank Blanco 17-Feb-64 M SEPAR/DIVORCED
Coker J R 12-Nov-69 UNKNOWN
Corrie Violet M 28-Mar-67 F WIDOWED
Dott Roman Frank JR 18-Aug-64 M MARRIED
Dowden Annie A 23-Jul-68 F SINGLE
Escamilla Alejandro B 13-Feb-68 M SINGLE
Falcon Ricardo 11-Jun-65 M UNKNOWN
Falcon Honorato M 05-Mar-67 M SINGLE
Falcon Mario 11-Jun-65 M UNKNOWN
Falcon Manuel 11-Jun-65 M UNKNOWN
Falcon Jose 11-Jun-65 M UNKNOWN
Falcon Eloisa 11-Jun-65 F UNKNOWN
Farley Beverly Carter 14-Jan-64 M WIDOWED
Flores Jose Cerda 17-Apr-67 M MARRIED
Flores Francisco 20-Aug-64 M SINGLE
Flores Nicolas 11-Jun-65 M UNKNOWN
Flores Sabas A 26-May-72 UNKNOWN
Fred Jessie Green 03-Jul-64 F WIDOWED
Garcia Luisica F 29-Nov-68 F WIDOWED
Garcia Sotera A 21-Apr-68 F WIDOWED
Glowinski Theodore W 22-May-68 M MARRIED
Guadarama Juan P 19-Sep-72 M MARRIED
Guadarama Juan P 19-Sep-72 M MARRIED
Hanson Eddie J 16-Jan-74 M SINGLE
Harkins Harry Hale 06-Aug-64 M MARRIED
Hasty Iva E 28-Feb-67 F SINGLE
Hawkins J C 06-Aug-67 M SINGLE
Haynes William A 16-Jan-74 M SINGLE
Hays Richard S 02-Dec-69 UNKNOWN
Higgins Clyde 29-Apr-64 M SINGLE
Jimenez Bernardino 08-Jun-68 M SINGLE
Johnson Paul Daniel 11-Jun-65 M UNKNOWN
Johnson David Neal 11-Jun-65 M UNKNOWN
Johnson Jo Ann 11-Jun-65 M UNKNOWN
Johnson Lou Ann 11-Jun-65 F UNKNOWN
Johnson Rose Ann 11-Jun-65 F UNKNOWN
Johnson Ethel 11-Jun-65 F UNKNOWN
Lopez Francisco 11-Jun-65 M UNKNOWN
Lopez Tomas 11-Jun-65 M UNKNOWN
Lopez Martha 11-Jun-65 F UNKNOWN
Lopez Jaime 11-Jun-65 M UNKNOWN
Lopez Rosa 12-Aug-69 UNKNOWN
Mathias Grover Cleveland 10-Jan-64 M WIDOWED
Mcdonald John Bennett 21-Mar-64 M SINGLE
Moreno Antonia Rodriguez 10-Aug-67 F SINGLE
Moreno Reyes 10-Aug-67 F MARRIED
Moreno Aurelio M 10-Aug-67 M SINGLE
Ochoa Pablo Adame 02-Sep-64 M SINGLE
Ochoa Lucinda Gonzalez 12-Feb-67 F SEPAR/DIVORCED
Quezada Lydia 19-Jun-64 F MARRIED
Reyna Raul E 14-Aug-70 M MARRIED
Rust Frances 13-Jul-70 F WIDOWED
Schmidt Josephine 14-Apr-68 F SEPAR/DIVORCED
Scott Alfred Floyd 11-Jun-65 M WIDOWED
Sellers Frankie 11-Jun-65 F UNKNOWN
Sellers Jerry 11-Jun-65 M UNKNOWN
Sellers Kenneth 11-Jun-65 M UNKNOWN
Sellers Debra 11-Jun-65 F UNKNOWN
Sharp Elbert Louis 23-May-68 M SINGLE
Shoemaker Walter Earnest 13-Jul-68 M MARRIED
Silvas Faustino H 22-Mar-66 M SINGLE
Smith Carl Thomas 18-Aug-64 M MARRIED
Speed Lee J 19-Feb-73 F SINGLE
Stauffer Horace A 15-Aug-70 M MARRIED
Stutes Linda Kay 10-Mar-68 F MARRIED
Thorn Walter T 27-Feb-74 M SINGLE
Trujillo Rebecca 05-Feb-73 F MARRIED
Veliz Dionicia R 07-Nov-69 UNKNOWN
Villarreal Refugia T 29-Oct-72 F WIDOWED
Villarreal Thomas F 26-Nov-74 M WIDOWED
Whistler Clyde Louis 13-Jul-68 M SINGLE
Whistler Jack Ross 13-Jul-68 M MARRIED
Wood George 11-Jun-65 M UNKNOWN
Word James D SR 09-Apr-73 M SINGLE

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