Terrell County, Texas | Family Histories

Last modified: 27 MAR 2010


Dr. P. F. Robertson

Turk Ranch
by Mike and Rhonda Turk, with history and photographs.

Sanderson, Texas, by Helen F. Tiseth & Denise C. Tiseth

TARVER lineages
James Lafayetter Tarver, 1836-1914

George Hamilton Brittain family history.

James Dale Family
"James DALE (b. 1852 in Jefferson Co., Illinois) and wife Louisa Eliza (nee ESTES), along with her parents, John and Abigail Estes, traveled circa 1872/1873 by covered wagon from Jefferson Co., Illinois to a farm south of San Antonio, Texas.

At some point during the mid 1880s, James Dale was shot and killed in a dispute at a water well in Sanderson, Texas.

James had two children: Ellie Dale and John William Dale. In 1891, John William, sister Ellie, and mother Lousia left Texas for New Mexico."

Please contact Deborah Dale if you have any more information about this family that you might share.


Frederick Achterberg - Anna Theis

Pablo Adame - Filomena Ochoa

7D George Adams

Ruel Adams

Donald Sam Allen - Billie Louise Smith

Sheriff Jack J. Allen

Robert N. Allen - Anna Elizabeth Lee

Robert N. Allen Jr. - Ruth Allene Brooks

Sheriff D. L. "Doc" Anderson - Margaret Fitzmaurice

Praxedis Villarreal Arredondo - Virginia Ortiz Martinez

Tommy Lynn Arthur - Pixie Lynne Mansfield

Cecil H. Arvin - Josephine Corder

William Alexander Banner - Blanche Dean Thomas

William Jacob Banner - Maggie C. Musgrave

Wiley Jones Barksdale - Lydia Rachel Sheley

Willis Lee Barler

Fred J. Barrett - Alma Crawford

San Juan Adame - Francisca Escobedo

Dee Bosworth - Dee Trimble McConaughey

Joe Bradford - Emma Chalk

Ignacio Bravo - Monica Rivas - Refugio Menjares

Allen DeWitt Brown - Lillie Christina Andersen

Ben H. Brown - Bertha Stavley

Herbert Brown - Marjorie "Chich" Canon

Joe F. Brown - Lula Mae Shurley

Joe Neil Brown - Goldie Childs Fisher

Austin M. Buck - Nannie Brightman

Johnny Burris - Bebe Hurley

Eligio Bustos - Guadalupe Gonzales

Rev. John W. Byrd - Helen Beyerly

Ray Caldwell - Jess Jones

Isidoro Calzada - Elena Arredondo

Jesus Calzada - Francisca Gonzalez

Leopoldo G. Polo Calzada - Maria Sandoval

Antonio G. Tony Calzada - Edelmira Coronado

Bustin Canon - Lula Mae Hicks

W. C. Cargile - Alta Lane

Henry C. Carmichael, Sr. - Lillian Clark

Will Tom Carpenter - Mattie Christensen

Pablo Carrasco

John William Carruthers - Tennessee Elizabeth Roberts

Odell "Pinky" Carruthers - Joy Raye Rose

George Holt Carter, Jr. - Clella Marie Rodgers

James Elihu Carter - Margaret Tennessee O'Hair

Charles O. "Charlie" Cash - Frankie Louise Shelander

Pedro Castillo

Herbert Grayson Cates - Johnnie Lawson

Ben and Louise Causey

Melvin A. Cavender - Loneta Moore

Charles Albert Chandler - Minerva Jane O'Bryant

Graham Hugh Childress - Marion Lois Ward

Austin Carroll Chriesman - Dorothy Christine Stephenson

John Clark - Vera Parker

Ruel Robert Clark - Gladys Camilla Arrant Hayes

Arthur Charles Clatfelter - Irene ?