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Last modified: 31 MAY 2008

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Terrell County, Texas, Its past, Its People : a compilation, pictures of and writings by or about people, places, and events in Terrell County,
published by the Terrell County Heritage Commission, 1978
Don Brownlee or Ken Short.

1910, 1920, 1930 Federal Censuses and WWI Draft Registrations
Teresa Stewart Sitz

Copies of Terrell County, Texas - Its Past - Its People are now available for $65.00 postage paid from:

Terrell County Historical Commission
PO Box 7
Sanderson, Texas 79848

This 748 page book includes almost 500 pages of family histories.

Also available is a compilation of articles from past issues of The Sanderson Times, 1922 to 1998 entitled "ONCE UPON THE TIMES." For more information, contact former Sanderson Times editor Albert Gilbreath at 432-345-2442 or 432-345-2428.

compiled by Edna Cecilia Sullivan, 7111 Hunt Lane, Rockwall TX 75087 or call 972-771-7350.

SANDERSON, TEXAS MAIN STREET USA 1900-1930 - Census records, 1930, the residential sequence of households has families in context with their neighborhood. $36.00

MIS PADRES LA FAMILIA ADAME - Vol. 1 - Full Color Photos - $89.00

MIS PADRES LA FAMILIA ADAME - Vol. 1 - Xerox Copy Photos - $54.00

MIS PADRES LA FAMILIA ADAME - Genealogy Vol. 2 - $34.00

MIS PADRES LA FAMILIA ADAME - DVD or Video - 702 photos - 8 lines - $15.00

NOTE: Prices may have changed.

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