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Rosewood Occupations & Map

Map - drawn by James Clifton "Cliff" Langford in 1967 as he remembered it in 1916.

A list of occupations and names of the people who held them in Rosewood from 1910 to 1920 from the Census rolls.  Submitted by Ron Wade
Also see more Rosewood businesses & names as remembered by Harvey S Wade.

General Merchandise Merchant
Tom Cook 1888 Texas, 1910 Census

J. Lynch McKinney 1872 Oklahoma, 1920 Census
E. J. (Fell) Floyd 1870 Texas, 1920 Census

Drygoods Merchant
Joseph P. Carter 1857 Tennessee, 1910 Census
(was listed as Banker in 1920 Census)

Sales Lady
Frankie King (Female) 1885 Texas, 1920 Census

Dry Goods Salesman
James W. Carter 1856 Tennessee, 1910 Census
Rellon/Reddon J. Loyless 1881 Texas, 1910 Census
Roy Cook, 1892 Texas, 1910 Census
James L. Covin, 1873 Texas, 1910 Census

Blacksmith/General Repair
James P. McDonald 1872 Texas, 1910 Census

Joseph A. Carson 1855 Texas, 1890, 1900, 1910, 1920 Census
P. D. Reynolds 1876 Texas, 1920 Census

Rural Mail Carrier
T. A. Loyless 1887 Texas, 1920 Census

Public School Teacher
Lessie J. Carson 1889 Texas, 1910 Census (Dr. Carson’s daughter)
Frankie Guthrie 1900 Texas, 1920 Census
Maurice J. Pig 1898 Texas, 1920 Census
Mary Phillips 1901 Texas, 1920 Census
Kertie Solome 1890 Texas, 1920 Census

Drug Store Salesman
James L. Covin 1873 Texas, 1910 Census

Restaurant Manager
J. T. Darden 1890 Texas, 1920 Census

Boarding House Operator
Mrs. Caroline V. King 1847 North Carolina, 1920 Census

Elisha McCoy 1850 Mississippi, 1910 Census

Lending Money
Mrs. Vallie Rogers 1884 Texas, 1920 Census

Grocery Store Clerk
Golden Belt 1902 Texas, 1920 Census
G. L. Pool 1890 North Carolina, 1920 Census

M. R. Turner 1895 Texas, 1920 Census

James W. Petty 1884 Texas, 1920 Census

Railroad Station Agent
Patrick H. Snow 1874 Texas, 1910 Census

Telephone Exchange Operator
Louis D. Moore 1889 Texas, 1910 Census


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