Texas became the 28th state on December 29, 1845
Capital - Austin
Motto - Friendship
Nickname - Lone Star
StateSong - Texas, Our Texas
Flower - Bluebonnet
Tree- Pecan
Bird - Mockingbird

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Laredo, Webb County, Texas, Apr 15 - The people of this section are hilarious with joy over the splendid rain that fell here today.  It is reported to have been a general rain in this immediate vicinity, the first rain of any consequence that has fallen in this section since last November. (The Houston Daily Post, Houston, Tex, Apr 16, 1899)
Encinal, Webb county, Texas, April 15 - One of the hardest rains that has visited this section in years; tanks and waterholes all full; first rain since last June. (The Houston Daily Post, Houston, Tex, Apr 16, 1899)




Laredo, Texas, Sept 29 - Yellow fever seems to be on the increase in this city, despite the efforts being made to stamp it out.  Two deaths and twelve new cases were reported Monday.
    Dr. Guiteras, in his house to house canvass, saw many cases of fever and at the conclusion of his day's examination made the announcement that 12 of the cases were genuine yellow fever.  Laredo presents a dead appearance , all those who could get away having departed for points north of the state of Texas and for points south.  It is estimated that nearly 4000 people have fled from here since the scare began.
   The city is now quarantined against in all directions of the state and no person can get beyond the limits of Webb county.  Other Texas counties have established a shotgun quarantine and are turning back all who are endeavoring to get away in coaches, buggies, and carts.
    The quarantine applies to all persons, freight, baggage, express, mail or other matter originating in the city of Laredo, or points south, the only person having authority to leave the authority to leave the corporation limits being the health officers of the state of Texas and the United States.  The work of placing the city in a thoroughly sanitary condition is being carried on under the direct supervision of Dr. Guiteras and a corps of expert assistants. (Columbia Courier, Kennewick, Wash. Oct 2, 1903)







Chinaman Deported
Laredo, Tex, March 11 – A Chinaman giving the name of Ga Hom was arrested this side of the coal mines yesterday and was today ordered to be deported by Commissioner Foster. (Austin American-Statesman, Austin, Tex, Mar 12, 1905)


      Mrs. J. G. Duncan of San Antonio is the guest of Dr. and Mrs. Hamilton of Fort McIntosh this week.
      Mr. and Mrs. Herbert B. Linscott and daughter, Helen, of San Antonio, are the guests of I. N. Frazure at the home of Fred Thomas.
      Miss Belle Westbrook entertained the Young Ladies Bridge Club in her home Thursday afternoon in honor of her cousin, Miss Lida Clinton, who is visiting the city from Waco.  A delightful time was spent at cards.
      Mr. and Mrs. D. Remick of Littleton, N. H., left Friday morning for San Antonio, after visiting Mrs. C. C. Pierce of this city for several days.  (San Antonio Express, San Antonio, Tex., Feb 26, 1911 - vm)

Laredo - Monday afternoon Mrs. Lott Taylor was hostess to a number of her friends at an auction bridge party given in her home.  For the occasion the rooms utilized to accommodate the guests were decorated in Halloween effect. An interesting game of auction bridge was played and awards made, the tallies being used on this occasion consisting of boards with appropriate designs.  Refreshments were served and a most delightful time spent by all, and Mrs. Taylor proved herself a fine hostess.
    Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Shutt and baby of Darwin spent a few days in Laredo this week while en route to Logansport, Ind., where the family got o make their future home.
     Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Hamilton and Judge Hal Greer were among the Laredo people who spent a few days in San Antonio last week.
    Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Potts returned to their home in this city last week after a months visit to points in Alabama.
    Mrs. Robert McComb and Mrs. L. J. Christen returned to their homes in Laredo last week after a pleasant visit to friends in San Antonio.
    Mrs. Jennie Devine left last week for El Paso where she will remain for some time visiting relatives.
    Mrs. J. O. Buenz returned home last week from San Antonio, to which place she had accompanied her husband.
    Mrs. Atlee McCampbell of Hebbronville spent a few days in Laredo last week visiting friends and relatives.
    Mrs. Alex MacDonald and children, who have been spending the summer in Minnesota, returned to their home here last week. (Source: San Antonio Express, San Antonio, Tex., Nov. 9, 1913)



Four frame buildings at Colombia, Mexico, owned by Sheriff Sanchez, of Webb county, Texas were burned yesterday by rebels. (El Paso Herald, El Paso, Tex, June 6, 1913)


Mrs. Jesus Carranza, wife of Gen. Jesus Carranza, brother of Gen. Venustiano Carranza, purchased a residence at Laredo, Tex, and, with her married daughter, will make her home in this country. (The Spanish American, Roy, Mora Co, NM, Dec 12, 1914)