Texas became the 28th state on December 29, 1845
Capital - Austin
Motto - Friendship
Nickname - Lone Star
StateSong - Texas, Our Texas
Flower - Bluebonnet
Tree- Pecan
Bird - Mockingbird

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Towns & Communities of Webb County

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County Formation Maps


Cities El Cenizo Laredo (county seat) Rio Bravo  
Census-designated places Aguilares Bonanza Hills Botines Bruni
Colorado Acres Four Points Hillside Acres La Coma La Presa
Laredo Ranchettes Laredo Ranchettes West Las Haciendas Las Pilas Los Altos
Los Arcos Los Centenarios Los Corralitos Los Fresnos Los Huisaches
Los Minerales Los Nopalitos Los Veteranos I Los Veteranos II Mirando City
Oilton Pueblo East Pueblo Nuevo Ranchitos East Ranchitos Las Lomas
Ranchos Penitas West San Carlos I San Carlos II Sunset Acres Tanquecitos South Acres
Tanquecitos South Acres II Valle Verde      
Other unincorporated communities Cactus Callaghan D-5 Acres Colonia Darwin
East Gate Acres Colonia La Moca Ranch Colonia Las Tiendas Minera Old Milwaukee East
Old Milwaukee West Palafox Ranchitos los Mesquites Colonia Ranchitos los Veteranos Colonia San Pablo
San Ramon Village East Colonia Webb    
Ghost towns Islitas Los Ojuelos Pescadito Santo Tomas





  • Aguilares--On State Highway 359, 24 East of Laredo. It is named for the settlers of the 1870s
  • Bruni--named after Antonio Bruni
  • Cactus--The settlement began around 1881 as a shipping point
  • Callaghan/Callahan--established in 1881
  • The Callaghan Ranch--The ranch was started after the Civil War as an
  •   eighty-acre homestead south of old Fort Ewell on which Charles Callaghan, a young veteran of the Confederate Army, undertook to raise sheep.
  • Darwin--named for David Darwin Davis, superintendent of Cannel Coal Co.
  • El Cenizo--Small town-pop.approx. 1700
  • Fort McIntosh--near Laredo, was established in the aftermath of the Mexican War
  • Islitas--In 1882, it was a station & coal shipping point on the Rio Grande and Pecos Valley Railroad
  • Laredo--County Seat; this town was the last established under the authority of Escandón; Current day Laredo
  • Las Minas--
  • Leyendecker--named for John Z. Leyendecker, early postmaster of Laredo
  • Los Ojuelos--Centuries before Spanish settlers arrived, Indians camped on the site
  • Minera--located on the banks of the Rio Grande about two miles upriver from what is today the Laredo-Colombia Solidarity Bridge
  • Mirando City--on land originally granted to Nicolás Mirando
  • Nye--named for Thomas C. Nye
  • Oilton--called Torrecillas ("little towers") for 2 limestone rock formations nearby
  • Palafox Villa--an unsuccessful settlement on land that the Spanish crown granted
  •   to Mexican settlers during the early nineteenth century
  • Ranchería Grande--used by Spanish expeditions to designate any unusually large temporary settlement or encampment of Indians.
  • Rio Bravo--Small town south of Laredo--pop. approx. 4000
  • Webb--was established as a shipping point on the International-Great Northern Railroad in 1881







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