Texas became the 28th state on December 29, 1845
Capital - Austin
Motto - Friendship
Nickname - Lone Star
StateSong - Texas, Our Texas
Flower - Bluebonnet
Tree- Pecan
Bird - Mockingbird

In memory of
Malcom Luther "Mike" Basham 
First TXGenWeb State Coordinator
25 May 1942
15 September 1997

Adjacent Counties:

 Maverick, TX - NW
 Dimmit, TX - N
 La Salle, TX - N
 McMullen, TX - NE
 Duval, TX - E
 Jim Hogg, TX - SE
 Zapata, TX - S
 Mexico, WorldGenWeb - W

TXGenWeb County Listings

Towns & Communities of Zapata County Texas

Bruni, Zapata, Texas

Los Ojuelos, Zapata, Texas

Mirando City, Zapata, Texas

Oilton, Zapata, Texas




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  • Aguilares--On State Highway 359, 24 East of Laredo. It is named for the settlers of the 1870s
  • Bruni--named after Antonio Bruni
  • Cactus--The settlement began around 1881 as a shipping point
  • Callaghan/Callahan--established in 1881
  • The Callaghan Ranch--The ranch was started after the Civil War as an
  •   eighty-acre homestead south of old Fort Ewell on which Charles Callaghan, a young veteran of the Confederate Army, undertook to raise sheep.
  • Darwin--named for David Darwin Davis, superintendent of Cannel Coal Co.
  • El Cenizo--Small town-pop.approx. 1700
  • Fort McIntosh--near Laredo, was established in the aftermath of the Mexican War
  • Islitas--In 1882, it was a station & coal shipping point on the Rio Grande and Pecos Valley Railroad
  • Laredo--County Seat; this town was the last established under the authority of Escandón; Current day Laredo
  • Las Minas--
  • Leyendecker--named for John Z. Leyendecker, early postmaster of Laredo
  • Los Ojuelos--Centuries before Spanish settlers arrived, Indians camped on the site
  • Minera--located on the banks of the Rio Grande about two miles upriver from what is today the Laredo-Colombia Solidarity Bridge
  • Mirando City--on land originally granted to Nicolás Mirando
  • Nye--named for Thomas C. Nye
  • Oilton--called Torrecillas ("little towers") for 2 limestone rock formations nearby
  • Palafox Villa--an unsuccessful settlement on land that the Spanish crown granted
  •   to Mexican settlers during the early nineteenth century
  • Ranchería Grande--used by Spanish expeditions to designate any unusually large temporary settlement or encampment of Indians.
  • Rio Bravo--Small town south of Laredo--pop. approx. 4000
  • Webb--was established as a shipping point on the International-Great Northern Railroad in 1881




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