1960 Crane City Directory
Surnames, L

Lakin, Doyle R. 307 22nd St. - Box 578 U. S. Air Force
Lakin, S. F. 307 22nd St. - Box 578 Gulf Oil Corporation
Lamb, George William 1301 S. Mary St. Kewanee Oil Co.
Lambley, J. C. 702 23rd St. Retired
Lancaster, G. R. 1013 S. Gaston St. Rocket Service
Lancaster, R. C. 804 S. Virginia St. J. R. Todd
Landis, J. O. 1014 S. Alford St. City of Crane
Lane, Armouda 106 Elizabeth St.  
Lane, Jack 109 S. Crane St. Stell Motor Co.
Laney, James 205 23rd St. - Box 603 Gulf Oil
Lange, H. C. 1101 S. Elizabeth St. Atlantic
Lascaro, S. 107 W. Seventh St. Russell - Thomas
Latham, John W. 1121 S. Virginia St. C. R. Anthony
Lauderback, J. C. 309 S. Mary St. Durham Drilling Co.
Laurence, Arthur 1200 S. Gaston St.  
Lawrence, Rena 1300 S. Dorothea St.  
Layfield, N. A. 407 22nd St. - Box 393 Gulf Oil Corporation
Leaman, Izzy 112 Lena Dr. Self
Leaman, Max 108 S. Vivian St. Self
Leaman's Dept. Store 506-508 S. Gaston St. Isadore & Max Leaman
Lear, M. E. 714 1/2 W. 7th St. - Box 693 Rancher
LeBoeuf, Luba 401 W. 10th St. Gulf Oil Corp.
LeClaire, Claude 821 S. Dorothea St. Atlantic
Ledford, Don 1825 S. McElroy St. Milwhite Mud Sales
Lee, Dee A. 114 West Sixth St. Neely Hotel, Manager
Lee, J. K. 914 S. Virginia St. National Supply
Lee, J. N. 100 S. Sue St. Roughneck
Lee, Edmond 400 21st St. - Box 904 Gulf Oil
Lewis, J. D. 104 Lena Drive - Box 285 Gulf
Lewis, James 511 20th St. - Box 213 Gulf Oil
Lewis, Mrs. Lula 608 West 7th St.  
Lewis, R. W. 1106 S. Virginia St.- Box 202 Halliburton
Lewis, Robert 608 West 7th St. Crane Co.
Lewis, Robert K. 1005 S. Mary St.- Box 666 Atlantic Refining Co.
Lewis, W. E. (Buck) 301 W. 13th St. Gulf Oil Co.
Lewis, William N. 1011 S. Elizabeth St. Magnolia
Lightfoot, C. C. 1216 Adams Road Gulf Oil Co.
Liles, Clarence G. 308 23rd St. - Box 595 Gulf Oil
Liles, Mrs. Susie 308 23rd St. - Box 595  
Lilley, Ray D. 406 W. 14th St. John's Pharmacy
Lindberg, H. A. 206 20th St. - Box 1277 Retired from Gulf
Lindsey, Ernest 508 22nd St. - 102 W. 5th St. Western Music Co.
Lindsey, Mrs. Mamie 1001 S. McElroy St. - Box 621 Part Time
Lipscomb, S. C., Jr. 1905 S. McElroy St. Gulf Refining Co.
Littlefield, Ray 1210 S. Gaston St. Well Service Co. of Crane
Littlefield, W. H. 300 S. Adams Rd. - Box 1264 Russell - Thomas
Lively, Dan 503 24th St. - Box 344 Gulf Oil Corp.
Lively, James W. 514 West 8th St. Atlantic Refining Co.
Liverman, Mrs. Ruby 102 S. Alford St. Housewife
Livingson, M. E. 910 S. Alford St. Contract Driller
Lockhart, D. K. 112 W. Tenth St. Self
Logan, Harlis 713 21st St. - Box 922 El Paso Natural Gas
Lois & Johnnie's Cafe 107 East Sixth St. J. H. Loyless, Owner
Looney, K. O. 510 S. Vivian St. Self
Looney, K. P. 414 S. Vivian St. Self
Lopez, John 608 S. Adams Road City
Lovelace, Charles C. 504 E. 20th St. Texas Company
Lovelace, G. L. 407 E. 21st St. Gulf
Lovelace, Pete 206 E. 6th St. Self
Lowe, Elmer 310 S. Dorothea St. Roughneck
Lowe, Paul 1206 S. Alford St. - Box 125 Stell Motor
Loyless, J. G. 906 S. Katherine St. Gulf
Lusk, Al 101 N. Mary St. Self
Lyles, S. B. 306 S. Virginia St. Kewanee

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